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Hi friends! hi, hi, hi! Today we have gone to relax, walk in the mountains and decided to stop on our way in our remarkable city Banff, a tourist place.

Many people have probably already known about it.

In fact, it is one of the most popular destinations in all Canada because it is a beautiful city with beautiful ancient architecture in alpine style surrounded by mountains.

There is a beautiful river flowing and besides, this place is very popular here.

Except for Banff, you can visit a plenty of wonderful lakes: the lake Louise, the Peyto lake, the Emerald lake.

Today in our episode you will see all beauty of these lakes and I am sure that you will want to visit them yourselves.

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And turn on the bell.

Enjoy! [music] [applause] Guys, just a few words.

Banff, who doesn’t know about it yet, is a tourist city, a resort, people especially come here to relax, do some kind of active sports, ride bicycles, go hiking, go to the mountains, go rafting, I don’t know, go horse riding, so there are lots of activities and everything in this place is done for relaxation, for pleasant pastime.

Many people come here not only from Canada, but also from other countries, a lot of people come from the USA.

I even know several guys from London, England, they come here in summertime, when it is not so cold here and they combine work and sport.

So in the daytime they work or vice versa in the evening they work and in the afternoon relax, go hiking, ride bicycles, enjoy the beauty of lakes and so they probably receive some kind of summer practice.

I know that in Banff there is sometimes a lack of workforce and there are a lot of advertisements that they are hiring people, and they are always hiring, so this is a wonderful place if you are a student, you can arrive and apply for work.

However, for us I will just say that to come from Calgary, the southernmost point of the city, it takes only half an hour and we are happy that for an hour and a half it is possible to come to such beauty and enjoy the weekend.

Besides, it is not necessarily to stay in the hotels because if we talk about hotels, then prices vary, I would say, $100 -$150 for one night and these are old hotels, which are probably more that 100 years, but all in all innovation doesn’t take place there.

However, in a high season, right now, in summer, hotels are really expensive $200-$300 per night.

Nevertheless, a lot of people come here and besides, Banff is quite a popular destination for holding weddings.

People from New York come specifically to Banff, pay tens of thousands of dollars to hold their wedding here and have memories for whole life and people, who work in the wedding industry: photographers, videographers, they certainly adore working here, because they don’t need any decorations: the best decoration is the city itself and the mountains around it.

I would add several words about the hotel that the price is definitely quite high on Friday-Saturday period, on Sunday the price goes lower and in weekdays the price goes lower, too, but also varies if any festivals or conventions are held particularly in Banff.

Well, we will walk here and show you all the beauty.

What I like in Banff is that there are a lot of parking places here and especially a lot of free parking places for tourists and this one is the central parking, it has several floors: three or four floors are absolutely free, so if there are free places, and as I know, it has about 400 places, it is possible to park your car and walk.

In my opinion, it is possible to park from 4pm to 6pm.

[music] To get to one of the most beautiful lakes, which I’ve ever seen, you need to do a small trail, so a 10-minute path to get to the lake.

Olesya walks ahead of me, I can’t keep up with her.

I am burning calories after a sweet dessert.

Yeah, we'll be there soon.

Well, guys, we have finally got here.

Last time we were here four years ago, when we had just moved and till now haven’t come here, actually, this lake, which is called the Peyto lake, is one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada and why is it so beautiful? Why water is so turquoise? You will soon see.

Because glacial flour goes down from glaciers, and thereby, it stains water in such an emerald, turquoise color, with a little milk I suppose.

So are you ready? Because it is really beautiful, I warn you, be careful if you are not ready, it is better to move away from the computer.

Well, look at this color, it is so amazing.

[music] a [music] Guys, those who have never been to national parks of Canada, they don't know how to throw garbage and carry it everywhere with them, because this box is not easy to open, you need to press the button and then it opens.

This is specifically for protection against bears which come and take the garbage.

By the way, the bear is coming.

Let’s get out from here.

Olesya, let's see who will be the first to reach the top.



I’m the first.

Olesya has almost won.

Almost, Gleb actually caught up with me, even though he waited, until I ran away first.

Honestly, I hate running.

Why? Any kind of sport: cycle, burn class, heat, anything, but I hate running.

Why? Because at school we were made to run five kilometers, ten kilometers and our PE teacher told me that because I was running well and basically won competitions, and he told me: OK, you will run at all olympiads and I will give you good grades.

And since then I hate running.

I hate this, too, but it is just a matter of training.

We have arrived at another really beautiful lake and also very popular, it is called Emerald lake, it translates as emerald lake.

It is incredible in size, very big and really beautiful: people here of course mostly spend time canoeing, and we love canoeing as well and next time when we have more time we will go canoeing for sure.

The cost of one hour for canoeing is 70 dollars.

For 3 people.

[music] [music] [music] [applause] Guys, it's not for me, honestly, this is for Gleb.

Yes, guys, we decided to do that specifically for you, just shoot how we are trying this national sweetness for the first time.

It is a beavertail, which we have spoken about right now.

There are 400 calories, They tell that there are 400, it seems to me that a lot more , so this is just a deep-fried dough in oil, so to speak, and here they put such a filling.

We chose half of this and half of that, so we will taste them now and tell how these taste.

Olesya decided to refuse this dirty affair, but I can’t, so we’re trying.

Very sweet, because here is nutella and also white chocolate, I don’t like it, very sweet.

But I can say that it’s delicious, yeah.

So if you take it as a dessert, of course it turns really sweet.

Olesya says that the chocolate is smeared on me, but this is normal when consuming such products, it’s delicious, however, but, as parents told me in my childhood: your buttocks can stick together, I have an impression that they will start sticking now.

We finally arrived at the lake, which we really wanted to visit for a long time but it didn’t work out, we have never been here and this lake, which you have probably known and seen because, it is one of the most popular and world famous Canadian lakes It is called the Moraine lake and now we will come closer to it and see.

Actually, it is really difficult to get here in summer, because of a huge influx of tourists and the road is just closed, it is impossible to drive in, but today we got luck: just before we left, the road was opened, and we were able to call in here.

But the road is open to shuttle buses, so you can park and take a bus, just lay more time, because it takes 20 minutes at least.

Honestly, I really want to see it already with our own eyes, and now we have almost come.

So, we’re approaching, there are not so many people here and here it is, here it is, this lake.


[music] а And of course, the final destination of our today’s review of the most popular lakes here is definitely famous in wide circles the lake Louise.

Well, and we have come here.

Different Olympic skiing competitions are held here, it seems to me that Gleb’s mom always knows what and when holds here, she always tells us.

We don’t follow this news, but at the same time we know that a lot is going on here.

And look, you expect to see a beautiful lake.

And what do we see? Yes, there are crowds of people, everyone comes here to see it, but especially for you we will choose a point where there are no people and shoot the lake beautifully.

A special decoration of all this area and this lake is this beautiful hotel which is called Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

It was built, maybe, about 150 years ago, in such a castle style, very beautiful, really interesting inside.

And very expensive.

And very expensive and you will be very lucky if you you find a room for $300 a night, but usually it's $600, 700, 800 per night.

Moreover, they are very popular and usually in winter, especially for Christmas they are all sold out.

Yes, again, many couples come here to hold weddings and wedding ceremonies and newlyweds spend their first night.

Guys, we hope you have enjoyed this video, actually, the places which we showed you, how Olesya correctly said: these are the top 5 places that you need to visit if you came to Calgary, because this all is located just in two hours drive from Calgary and these are really the most beautiful places here, from our point of view.

Maybe someone thinks differently.

So if you know more beautiful places, then write to us in the comments.

I just want to add that if you have more time than one day, it is preferably to separate these lakes and not to mix everything in one day.

Because in fact you will not enjoy, you will be just in a hurry and move from one lake to another, look for a parking place and do not have time just to sit and look at such beautiful views.

Yes, if you liked the video, rate it, thank us, we tried to show you all our favorite places, they are also the most popular, but they are popular precisely because it is very beautiful here.

Guys, we will stop here.

See you soon.


[music] [music].

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