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so travel is to leave yourself behindand experience something worth seeing travelling is about getting lost andsimultaneously we're going to Thailand you guys so youwant to go to Thailand huh beautiful majestic culturally enriching Thailandmaybe you want a relaxing beachfront vacation or maybe you want to experiencethe incredible food maybe

you have a thing for ancient architecture orlooking for some exciting nightlife hi everyone it's me Adrian and today I'mtaking you with me on a breathtaking journey throughout Southeast Asia on theway we'll hit four major cities in Thailand and leave with countlessunforgettable memories for those of you who don't

know this is my second tripwith EF ultimate break and before we go any further yes it did exceedexpectations both this trip and last summer's 17-day ultimate Greek islandsadventure were full of culture friendship and fun over the years I havetraveled most of Europe but Thailand was unlike any place

I'd seen with the helpof my top five tips for traveling to Thailand you're sure to be set for yournext adventure tip number one travel with EF ultimate break like I said I'vetraveled a lot and there's nothing more stressful than spending majority of yourtrip planning the logistics such as

transportation and accommodations theideal trip for me combines having the freedom to do and see what I want whilenot having to think about any planning EF does exactly that every bit of thetrip is planned out to a tee and flows seamlessly your only job is showing upwhen and where

you're supposed to and having a great time this was especiallyuseful for travelling to Thailand a country very different from ours thelanguage barrier amongst other things would have made it difficult for me toplan a solo trip and I surely wouldn't have known which experiences to choosewithout a hefty amount

of research having a local guide who knows and loveshis country helped us to see the country like tourists but experience it likelocals as always you can use the ko adrián 100 for $100 off any EF ultimatebreak trip and I'll link the two that I have done in the

description below tipnumber two is to have an open mind to try new thingsI'm not gonna lie before my first EF trip I wasn't sure how I'd feel aboutspending two weeks day and night with 30 random strangers but I can genuinely saythat I loved possibility of creating lifelong friendships

but EF truly islike a family you've gone on a trip with them then you understand everyone shares a common passion fortravel and adventure and experiencing a life-changing trip with similar mindedpeople is magical in Greece I went with some of my bestfriends and made new best friends in Thailand

I went with my boyfriend andcame back with double dates already in the works if you're going to travel havean open mind take risks and try new things it's not so scary when you knowEF has your back for anything ever were to go wrong tip number 3 for Thailand

inparticular travel inland and to the islands as well we started off ourjourney in Bangkok a booming city rich with culture we spend time cruising themain river that flows through Bangkok and shopping at the floating marketsjust an hour south after that we traveled north to ChiangMai oh my god

a mountainous city and home to hundreds of buddhist temples we got the unique and incredibleopportunity to chat with a Buddhist monk and have a home hosted dinner after Chiang Mai we flew down to thebeautiful island of Phuket we're so excited for the beaded home to summitIsland's most beautiful

beaches and many seaside resorts spas and restaurantsnot to mention Phuket has a crazy nightlife one of my favorite days on thetrip was an all-day boat cruise through the Fiji Islands where we got to snorkelkayak explore island beaches I also opted for an optional excursionwith John Gray's sea canoe

where we explored sea caves and majestic lagoonsand got to make a flower kratong and sea spiritual and spectacular natural lightshows this seriously was one of the best experiences of my life though it can betempting to check into a five-star resort and spend an entire trip drinkingpina coladas by

the beach you'll miss so much of what makes Thailand unique andculturally astounding because this tour started inland and made its way to theislands we really got a full view of what Thailand has to offer tip numberfour try all the food but be careful you guys already know I

have a supersensitive stomach and if you do too this is not the place to mess around the foodis absolutely incredible and super cheap and you'll be missing out if you don'ttry everything so here's my advice to minimizing your chances of foodpoisoning or any sort of traveler's illness pay

attention to where your foodis being cooked if something has been sitting out for hours on end stay awayThailand has some of the most delicious Street food in the world but if you'renot watching someone cook it right in front of you you're taking a bit of arisk don't eat

fruits or veggies that don't have thick peels as they're moreprone to carrying bugs and don't ever ever drink the tap water even the localsdon't drink the tap water if you're really paranoid like me and don't wantto do so much as a risk anything then I recommend taking pepto-bismol

beforeevery meal it may seem excessive but honestly peptocoats your stomach and decreases the risk of illness by 60% I definitelythink this saved me a couple times tip number five is to leave room in yoursuitcase Thailand is inexpensive and because of that you're gonna want tobring back a lot

of souvenirs I recommend leaving room in your luggageor even packing an extra duffle if you can vendors at local night markets selleverything from belts to clothing to hand-drawn portraits and you're going towant it all I promise I'm cooler those all in all traveling to Thailand with EFultimate break

was an incredible experience and I look forward totraveling with them in the future I seriously wouldn't do it any other wayfeel free to leave any questions about the trip or EF in the comments below andI'll do my best to answer all of them you can also find me

on instagram atAdriene Finch and I'll also link my vlog channel down below where you can findtons of behind-the-scenes videos from both trips that I went on thank you guysso much for watching and thank you EF ultimate Break for sendingon yet another incredible adventure I cannot wait till next

time I'll see youguys in my next video love you so much bye

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