Top Things to Do in Thailand- Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket

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In this video I am going to tell you the top attractions activities andtheir prices in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

Starting with Bangkok guys.

Bangkok is famous for three things its history andculture, the amazing party that it hosts and the adult nightlife.

Talking abouthistory and culture, there are a number of halls and courts and temples insideBangkok to see but I'm gonna list here only top three.

The number one on thelist is the Grand Palace of Bangkok which is a huge complex, used to be thehome of the king and seat of the government but today it is a top touristdestination.

Guys the Grand Palace is huge and beautiful built with intricatedesigns.

whether you got a history fan or not art fan or not it should be a mustto do on your list.

the entry ticket to Grand Palace isabout 500 Bahts.

the ticket to Grand Palace also includes two complimentarytickets to a Vimanmek Mansion and the Abhishek dusit throne hall.

And if you havetime enough you can visit them also they are just a little far from theGrand Palace.

the grand palace has a strict dress code.

you cannot wearshortsor t-shirts, you have to wear full sleeve shirts and long pants.

you have to coveryour feet as well, you cannot walk bare feet or in flip-flops.

if you are wearingflip-flops you have to wear socks along with them.

Women you cannot let seethrough clothes no bare shoulder dresses no skirts.

The gist is you have tocover your body.

the number 2 on the list is the temple of wat pho which has ahuge statue of reclining buddha it is about 50 meters tall and 46 metres longit is really huge and all gold-plated you will be awestruck to look at that.

number 3 on the list is the chatuchak weekend market, though it is not reallya weekend market, it is there all the days it is guys the shopping hub of Bangkokit is a really huge market we should go there with the map otherwise we'll belost in the alleys.

Guys the prices are very reasonable and everything is on sale allthe time all kinds of qualities are available and just pick your qualitynegotiate and shop at chatuchak weekend market.

now in Bangkok it's timeto party Guys if you want to party in Bangkokthe best places is the khao san road.

there are a number of bars and pubs and clubsthroughout theKhao san road road where you can enjoy and have amazing parties.

there is another area that is sukumvit which is also known for adult nightlife, there also you can party but it's not as vibrant as the khao san road.

bangkok isknown for some craziest parties in the entire world and one such party is thebangkok pub crawl.

the bangkok pub crawl is organized by different backpackerhostels in Bangkok and what happens in a pub crawl is a group of travelers theygather around they drink they play games they party they dance as they crawl fromone pub to another on the khao san road it is an amazing experience it's a greatway to socialise and you must do it.

the prices are about 400 to 500 baht.

differentin different hostels in which you get a free t-shirt and a lot of free shots.

guysthe best hostels to do pub crawls and to stay in Bangkok is the mad monkeyhostel, the bodega hostel and the slumber party hoste.

l there are a coupleof others too, these were the top three now it's time to risk is the Bangkok snottylight line which is again very famous the center location for the adultnightlife is the stomach area and the hot spots are keen on applause and thesoy Cowboys there are a lot of other places too the whole area is filled withthis kind of stuff but there are lot of other clubsbars like music buzz offering something for all kinds of tourists so you mustexplore this place now let's head to Pattaya City guys but I stood he labeledis the hot spot of adult nightlife in Thailand but over a period of time ithas developed into a much bigger tourist destination then just being called anadult end like this tarnishing Pattaya now today caters to all kinds oftourists families backpackers obviously the people who are comingthere for the nightlife it hasn't be backed something for every month thenumber one on the list in Pattaya is the coral island dude coral island is anisland which is very close to Pattaya just a pedi away has white sand beachesand crystal-clear waters you will love to trail over there you could also dowater sports on this – water sports like see walking snorkeling parasailing andtwo or three more basic ones are available on this – you can just enjoythem in the package the package for the food is available at 350 bars per personincluding the lunch if you do not know what a sports with water sports it isgoing to cost you about 1, 600 bars guys if you want to do a water sports packageor you can be M it easily to buy one because the tube guide is going to temptyou on the tour then I won't recommend that you buy itbeforehand only from the agent because it will be available available at acheaper price 1600 bar and once you are on the tour it would be at least 2, 000baht on the tour and they're not going to negotiate with you they're the numbertwo on the list in Pattaya is the alcázar show guys alcázar show is one ofthe best cabaret shows in the entire worldit is performed by a group of genders which are known by the name oflady boys in Thailand it's a huge setting huge stage huge hole and lot ofperformers on the stage and it looks amazing it represents the culture ofThailand and there are multiple different performances in place so justenjoy it and it should be a must watch the price for the jungle seats is about480 parts you can also buy the front-row tickets the VIP tickets if you haveenough money guy is the number 3 on the list in Pattaya is the Russian fantasyshow as the name suggests this show will materialize and show you all your sexualfantasies on the stage a warning here nudity is involved in this show soviewer caution is advised but it is an amazing show for a group of friends orcouples or youngtravellers I would recommend any board and just watch thisshort won't be available anywhere else and it's amazing it's a one-off show theprice is about 600 guards to this show the number 4 on the list is an optionalhere is the Pattaya day 2 if you have enough time in Pattaya or if you want toexplore Pattaya more just go for a Pattaya day to the top attractions inPattaya are the floating market the big buddha statue the pattaya viewpoint artin paradise museum and the underwater world these five places are really goodand it is all worth it the I would recommend if you are going out with thestore I would recommend that you buy a package it could be available about 1500parts and it also depends upon you negotiation skills because the pricesthat agent will tell you is going to be really high how to call these fiveplaces if you are not doing this tour I would recommend that you must dofloating market in Thailand floating market is alsoBangkok as well as in Phuket so you could do it anywhere but out of thesefive I would definitely recommend because it's a unique experience wherethere's a whole market located and you were to be going inside it by a boatthat's all filled with water and then there are these boudin shopsyou can eat there you can shop there it's a good time cause last but not theleast is the Walking Street of Pattaya guy is this world famous for its undernightlife it is the center of all this activity in Pattayaor should I say entire Thailand there are multiple kinds of these adult barsover there along with there are various nightclubs and like music bars where youcan enjoy but it should be a must watch on the list you would be awestruck bythe level that this industry is operating at it is glittering organizedand really huge now it's time to head to the best destination in these three twodays Phuket guys is simply beautiful it has this white sand on its beaches withthis general blue and green waters it's amazing to chill out the number onething to do it pocket is defeat er and do guys our house nice and short ofwords to explain the Fiji are and do to you the entire experience is reallyamazing in this tool you are going to head to a couple of islands will beadded opened on a speedboat and this entire journey is so picturesque andbeautiful with these limestone structures are melting out of the sea itis really amazing guys you must do it there are there is noalternatives available if you are not doing this you are missing somethingyou could also scuba dive on this tool if you have never done it before itwould take not more than an hour it will cost three to four thousand bar for a 20meter drive and this place is really good for scuba diving because there is alot of corals available here the Fiji Island is going to cost you 1000 barswith a free lunch included in it different operators and agents are goingto tell you different prices but the just price is 1000 baht which is thecheapest different people will tell you 2000 2500 and even as you prostitute alot of people who have come on your trip would have paid different money the justprice is 1000 baht and remember at times the number two thing to do in Phuket isteaching for an island to which is a lot similar to the PPR in do because you'llbe Island hoping in the beautiful sea when it is yet much different from itand it should be a must to do if you have time enough in this to the maindestination Ireland is the james bond island which was featured in the JamesBond movie the number three thing to do in Phuket is to explore Phuketbeaches now is the patong beach is the center of all the craziness and is verylikely you are more of like a peace seeking person there are a lot of otherbeaches in Phuket that would suit your tastes just certain pick one and head toit as number four must do think doing Phuket is to explore Bangla Road whichis the small sister of walking Street in Pattaya also there are two major nightclubs onBangla Road which is insomnia and the tiger nightclub these are really amazingand partying till dawn in these two nightclubs two more things in Phuketworth exploring yet they are optional one is the Big Buddha statue which is abeautiful white huge statue and you would be amazed to see it and the secondis the phuket fantasea show which is a cabaret show performed by the lady boysin Phuket so guys that was all about the major attractions in these threedestinations obviously there are a lot of other destinations but as I saidbefore I have only covered it top destinations in these area which youmust not miss if you not watch my last video which was about how to plan a tripto Thailand just go and watch and it would definitely help you out right ifyou liked this video hit the like button and subscribe to my channel if you wantsuch informaiton videos from me take the bell icon if you do not want to miss avideo happy travelling.

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