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business that specializes an awesome experience that's right good morning we are alive at Willow Creek Recreation Center here in Folsom this place is such an amazing treasure Rob Missy is pulling up on the paddleboard this morning flow world travel so got its start back in what year 2013

was the beginning of flow will travel okay so that was after you had spent more than a decade in that restaurant industry and and how did you decide okay I want to create something where we can travel the world adventuring together well it really started as always I've

had a passion for serving other people I did that a lot in the restaurant industry but I really wanted to ultimately do something that served myself better a little bit more health and wellness based so it started with an idea to start flow stand up paddle a local

company and from there we ventured out and started doing world travel so we're looking at video right now from one of your recent adventures to Thailand incredible video and really giving the perspective of you you pack everything in you're making sure that people are it's not just paddleboarding

it's a little bit of everything yes we're really transformed into more of an adventure vacation of course we're gonna stand up paddle everywhere we go but we do pack in a ton I mean one of the beautiful pieces about our trips is that we go years in advance

we meet all the local vendors we do all of the cool stuff weed out the stuff that isn't so great find the best locations and we package it up into one beautiful trip for you so every single day is a different amazing experience they'll never be a day

when you wish you would have done something else because we've packaged it all up for you what's incredible to me about this Rob is that you were really at the forefront on the leading edge of adventure travel before it was a thing before it was super popular you

were already taking people from the Northern California region and showing them the world from an adventure based platform how did you get that idea before anyone else was doing it maybe I just fell into it really I was just um ultimately was uh you know I just started

following my heart and and believing I didn't really know if the whole thing would pan out at the beginning but I believed that this was something fun and amazing and we could change people's lives and create transformational trips so we started with one little trip back in 2013

and now we have six trips around the world we've over 16 trips to different locations in that timeline so every year you're taking around six trips and you've got different point people in different places throughout the country who are able to lead these trips cuz you're married you

have a family you need to be based in Sacramento you can't always be traveling the world but you say that these trips have really served as a transformational point for the people who come along yeah that's often you know what happens and it's really like the ventures are

obviously awesome and the locations are amazing but that's really the the tool to bring people into a space where they can grow and evolve oftentimes we not oftentimes on every single trip we see transformations happening and whether that's experiencing something new or simple as hiking or or biking

or paddling or sunset yoga on the beach those things happen but also really people have breakthroughs we're a small group we do ten to twelve people on each vacation and it's really an opportunity for you to explore yourself and get connected we want people to come home with

a life-changing experience and it happens on every single trip amazing incredible I've got to give you a high five because I love that you had this vision before it was even a thing okay so coming up in the next hour we're gonna let you know how you have

an opportunity to meet up with Rob and hit the hit the water for a sunset paddle that's coming up this weekend he's got a couple more opportunities before the winter sets in it's gonna be a hundred degrees where are you talking about when I it's so nice out

here but we'll let you know about a couple opportunities to hit the water here locally to get your get your legs going and see if it might be something that you want to try because their next thailand trip is happening in January and and for me I gotta

hit the water so I'm I can't take this microphone can I tell you I've tried that it's not a good idea once you get your legs it's like riding a bike out there it's really fun

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