Travel around the world during Coronavirus. Philippines- Japan- Canada- USA (русские субтитры)

[Music] looks pretty quiet in the mouth not much people in the masks or something like that now actually there are some but looks not that bad how can we travel with the peak of kind of iris around the world so that what they do in the airport which is checking temperature every person who enters I'm in Davao Airport Philippines today is March 13 and I fly to Manila very very bad time to travel but completely international as for now the flight on time be going all over from the bow Airport I'm in Manila now local airport muscle terminal and everything looks fine so far so I'll get outside and we'll see what's going on there much Naya Manila and a UNC boy no more super Aki granado's Ross Korea CSU is the rola Vietnam immortal March 14 early born in streets of Manila no panic nothing Oh people laughing living their lives so tomorrow they're gonna shut it down looks to me like an existed thread coming up with the proof of this clapping I feel first a UTI poem skill I believe I'm in Japan I need to transfer between airports so the situation here is pretty okay not many people but it looks okay some people in the masks alright I'm in Japan Tokyo I have a transfer between airports so first of all here this is the airport pretty pretty empty I would say but flight still going not many people all wearing masks but nothing really like suspicions no panic or something like that but it looks pretty pretty empty I don't know maybe it's always like that but I'm first I'm first time in Japan and boarding the bus [Music] basically that's it everything went pretty smooth I learned it at one Airport in Tokyo and traveled to another the ticket was like $25 or something and pretty fast right shuttle bus and now I'm not in another airport so what can I say if you want to travel this time when we record on the wireless and in stuff the problem only your flight can be canceled at any time in any country and you can just stock somewhere the good thing there are no people here basically it's like empty everywhere so like any airport I go just like several people you know let's see they have a long flight 15 hours or something from Tokyo to Toronto all right see you there okay here we go we get back home to Toronto so here is the same situation pretty calm very few people in the airport but surprisingly people don't wear masks a lot just like only who we know get from the plane so pretty calm situation I don't see any problems March 14 so I'm back home to Toronto that's how train loops in downtown Toronto and star tonight it's the terminal station but anyway so two person three person the whole train all right guys I'm live in Canada the situation is getting more interesting around the world so they're looking up all the countries and I wanted to go on the bus from Toronto to New York again but the tickets this side actually go went offline today and I couldn't buy a ticket on the bus so I bought a chicken on the plane I just went through the u.


custom here in Toronto and you know like to me looks nothing really happening just like you know less people around so they saying they're gonna close the borders today or tomorrow between US and Canada that's it so in three hours I'm going to be in New York and we'll see what's going on there see you that's what happening right now State that's how big the lines [Music] today is March 21st I'm still in the United States in New York I came from Canada at March 17 something like that like four days ago already and I should leave today and continue my trip to Georgia but with this coronavirus train almost all flights cancelled all around the world and I'm stuck here fortunately I have my brother and his family they live here in New York State in Ireland so I'm staying at his home so my family in Georgia and I cannot connect them unfortunately as you know like almost all countries locked and I cannot go anywhere even if I want to go I really want to go and see my family my kids my wife but I cannot do that I tried to find a way but there are no flights nothing I have to cross the Atlantic Ocean and then whole Europe and it's just impossible I don't know what's gonna happen next or soon but at this point the whole world is basically shuts down every country on its own trying to fight this I still believe like non-existent current wires just like regular flu a little bit mutated maybe that's it so if it will be any updates I'll be in touch have a good day be safe.

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