In this episode I'm going to share myfive tips about what to do when you face crisis or some kind of a breakdown whiletraveling Hi everyone! This is Justyna welcome to my channel where I tell thewhole story about my 9-month solo journey in India and if you're new hereconsider subscribing If you travel for so long especially if you travel by yourself there is 100 percent of a chance that you that you will face multiple challenges and have to deal with some kind of a crisis.

Like I did hence this video I was going through a major travel crisis when I arrived in Hampi To be honest I'm not having fun.

I haven't been having fun recently, I'm not in a mood i It was so major that after I wentthrough it nothing like that ever happened again during the remaining sixmonths that I spent in India.

Not even a minor thing everything changed for goodafter this one Imagine you're exploring your dreamcountry, walking around the ancient ruins tasting new cuisine, meeting new people, being far from regular daily life problems Basically living your dreambecause that's what it was for me and yet somehow not being able to enjoy it AT ALL With tears in your eyes not even being able to comprehend why it feels sobad That was me in hampi but something magical happens there, something thatcured me from this situation and I'm going to share what by the end of thisvideo so make sure to stay with me but now let's jump into the five tips that Ihave for you about what to do when you face a situation like this Tip number oneDon't beat yourself up Don't beat yourself up for feeling theway you feel.

Also yourself to be in a bad mood, be kind to yourself, be yourbest friend especially if you travel by yourself I remember I was hard on myself.

How can I not enjoy my time here? How can I be so ungrateful? I am blessed to behere.

While all my friends leaving their regular lives I am living my dream.

Howcan I be depressed? What's wrong with me? This kind of attitude won't help and itdidn't.

It only gives you one more reason to feel down.

It's okay to feel this way.

There's always a reason why you feel a certain way.

It's your job to recognize it Tip number two: Eliminate your basichuman needs Have a rest, get a good sleep in a comfortable bed.

Have a good meal, drink water, breathe deeply go on a walk.

Eliminate all the basic needs Maybe you're just exhausted.

Ask yourselfthese simple questions: am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Am I sleepy? Am I comfortable? Am I lonely? Do I need to move more? When I arrived in Hampi I was exhausted physically and mentally even more.

It had been the firstmonth of travelling after I left my apartment in New Delhi so the wholesituation was new to me I was still adjusting as I was a bad thing andchoosing the cheapest options I wasn't able to have a proper rest in acomfortable bed, I was having only cold showers in those shacksI gave up on all those self body care rituals and literally all I dreamedabout and I have it written, I have it written in my journal, that all I dreamedabout at that time was to spend a couple of days in my comfortable bed with mylaptop doing just nothing and maybe a couple of hours in spa.

That was all Idreamed about Who knows maybe a healthy meal and themassage is all you need Once you meet your basic needs and you're stillfeeling down then you can start getting to the core cause of your crisis Tip number three: Take it easy Take this traveling thing easy.

Reducethe pressure if that's your issue You've planned your perfect itinerary andyou're supposed to arrive in a point A at a certain time otherwise you won'tmake it to the point B Chill.

Relax, you won't enjoy it anyway.

What is thepurpose of your travel? Is it to go to and see as many places as possible or isit to enjoy while you're trying to do it? Because sometimes it's impossible tohave both, so it's better to give up on that next location.

You wouldn't enjoy it Tip number four: Find a way to express your feelings/travel emotions This one is very important and it is crucial if you're a solo traveler Travel experiences might be so overwhelming if you don't have a way to express your feelings or share them with someone I looked up to my journal and I can clearly see that Ididn't have time to express my emotions write about it during that time andthat's because most of the time I spend with other people.

From some Goa to Gokarna to the Indian wedding I didn't have a space for 'me time', for 'alone time'when when I could write and express my emotions though I felt like I reallyneeded it You need to have your way to express your feelings, store your memories, to digest your experiences For me it was writing and I recommend it.

Foryou it might be something else Maybe talking to another travelers, callingyour loved ones, writing a poem, creating music making videos, posting on socialmedia.

Whatever works for you Tip number five Surrender Make space for receiving your answer All I said so far relates tothis one.

It kind of prepares for this Make space for the answer or the relief to come.

Accept what is and be open to whatever is going to come Apart from all the obvious and rational reasons why I felt so bad I knew there was somethingmore that I couldn't recognize If you feel this way, if you can't see a goodreason why you feel so bad then ask yourself this question: what is it reallyabout? And I mean it, ask this question say out loud, write it down, think it, butask it.

Once you have a question you' ll most probably get the answer.

If you don'thave a question the answer will not come and I'm serious.

So when I was passing bythose ancient temples all the tears Wtf? I begged.

I was begging the Universe for help, for answer, for some kind of a sign I begged for solution and I let it go andletting go is also important So the next day I went on a motorbike ride withanother traveler.

I made the previous video about it.

And I wasn't dwelling onmy moo, on my questions and answer I was just, I kept myself still and thatwas when the Universe responded so make space for the answer to come This brings me to the story that I promised to tell you At the place where I was stayingit was very easy to socialize with other travelers We were hanging out at the restaurant, sitting on the pillows and talking And there was this guy who seemedvery spiritual, he was meditating a lot he was holding his crystal ballsin his hands or something, but it wasn't weird at all because in India there aremany people on their spiritual journeys I didn't realize yet that was one ofthem.

Well he had those tarot cards which I randomly asked him about and he asked me if I wanted to try I sure did.

I don't remember if I had tohave a question before I picked the cards but if I.



yeah if I had a questionthen you might guess what it was about So I picked the first three cards andthen two more which he helped me to.



like interpret, he helped me.



he explainedwhat they might mean I couldn't make any sense of those cards but once he did it was mind blowing, it was.



it just blew my mind It was incredibleSo I was trying to memorize the cards that I picked but he told me not to dothat, like he knew I was trying to do that He told me not to do that becauseall of that was already in my subconsciousness or in my higher consciousness I would say To give you like a little bit more information whereI really was at at that time I had this idea of this time in India, of thisjourney, that it had to be life changing Before India I wasn't in a very good place, I was confused, I didn't know what to do with my life I didn't know what is my purpose, what is the meaning, which way I should go My biggest fear about this journey was for it to be just an awesome adventure after which I would just goback to the same confused life with no exciting goals and plans for the future So I wanted to make sure that it wouldn't happen that was when I came upwith an idea of creating a YouTube channel this was my idea of how I canmake the journey more by taking deliberate and consciousaction, like taking the control of it But life doesn't really work this way andsometimes if you have an idea of something that is best for you, you mightmiss something that life gives you that is really best for you So I was, I wantedto make those videos while traveling and when I started to realize that it'simpossible, that I could just film but it was impossible to put it together andliterally do it all while traveling but I still couldn't let it go, it made somuch pressure on me So that's on top of that overwhelming experiences of theprevious month brought me to the point of total helplessness and the breakdown and the crisis As ridiculous as it might seem that tarot cards made me out ofthis crisis, of this situation I truly believe, I actually know that itwas the message from the Universe that the Universe responded to my questionYeah it's just I know it was it Only I know, only I knew what it really meantfor me, it was just exactly what I needed and I felt.



I immediately felt connected.

I sat there in cross-legged position with my eyes closed, I was crying, my spinestraightened up and it kept on straightening up and up and up.

Therewere people, around I was like crying I didn't care, they didn't care and I feltso connected.

I felt connected to the Spirit, to the Universe, today I would sayto my Higher Consciousness and I felt so relieved.

It was almostlike I was intoxicated in the feeling of relief and I felt like I comprehended everything.

I understood everything and I mean everything.

Like I can't explainwhat I mean by everything and I wouldn't back then and even today but everythingmade so much sense and I knew that everything will be okay, good and betterafter this.

It was such a relief, it was.



it was it was a real spiritualexperience and it really changed everything The next two days were mybest days in Hampi I rented a motorbike which I wanted to do fora few days but I didn't have enough confidence Yeah I can't wait to tell you about the next two days in Hampi in the upcoming videos So I don't know if anyof you would find those tips useful but I hope you at least enjoyed the story I'm all about trusting and surrendering to the Universe this story was one of myfirst realizations and first steps on my spiritual journey that continues untilnow and will never end If you are still here, if you're still watching I want youto know that I really appreciate you I really enjoy reading and answering the comments so make sure to leave one let me know what you think Put a thumbs up if you would like to see more videos like this Don't forget to subscribe ifyou haven't already and I hope to see you next time, bye! You will find that intensity that youare searching for in simple things and it is going to be like a breakthrough, but you have to let go completely first and trust your higher consciousness These are just words, they might mean nothing to you but they meant everything for me at that moment it was the exact message that I needed exact.

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