Travel India: Experience Sacred India's Spiritual Secrets With Dr. Pillai 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to our call today.

We are talking about the 2016 India Trip with Dr.


Every year at the same time ofhis Birthday he takes a trip with very blessed people to sacred places in India, in whichthose locations are selected specifically by him so that we may have the most transformationalexperience of our lives.

[Mohini:] The experience now of being withDr.

Pillai at a power spot is way beyond anything on this earth plane, or anything really imaginable, that when you come on the trip, you don’t have a concept of how much you can dive intothe deepest realm within you, within the realm of the Gods, and Goddesses, have incredibleexperiences of very profound, and intimate contact with the Divine, of the revelationsthat come forward where for the first time you are able to talk to God directly, receivemessages, know exactly what a God has for you, be touched in an incredibly special way.

I’ve had people tell me about being transported to realms when they were sitting right infront of Dr.

Pillai in that power spot where they never felt that they would be able toenter a realm where it was literally Heaven itself.

So it has been indescribable for the past 6 months.

And especially and on the Birthdayof the Guru, that is the day decreed that out of any day in the year, if you are withthe Guru on the Birthday that’s when he can transmit the most powerful Blessings.

The fact that Dr.

Pillai said on this trip he wanted to give people intimate contactwith Shreem Brzee, The Goddess of Wealth, and he’s lately been giving new techniquesfor Shreem Brzee which have been tremendous.

And people, I was just in Singapore teachingone of the techniques that Dr.

Pillai gave, and people were weeping.

They were weeping, and weeping at the intimacy of having Goddess Lakshmi in their heart, and finally feelingher grace freeing them from the grips of poverty, and moving them into her consciousness ofabundance.

So he promised that that’s coming up on this trip.

So to me this trip sounds like the 200% Life Trip.

[Jai Radha:] Yeah, definitely.

And he also mentioned, yes, he mentioned the money, hementioned health, he mentioned karma, and he mentioned God, being with God, knowingGod, speaking with God 24/7, and how that will also be a theme on the trip, and givingspecial techniques of how to commune with a God.

[Jai Radha:]>> The trip starts on January 30th, – you arrive in India.

Then we go rightdown to Rameshwaram, which is Dr.

Pillai’s birth place, and you will be bathing in thesea, and receiving the water from the cleansing wells that are there, the 22 different wells, removing 22 different kinds of karma.

That will really start off the churning of thekarma removal, and then we move on to Kumbakonam which is the Temple capital really of India.

Where the power there vibrates with hundreds of Temples in this location, and one of Dr.

Pillai’s favorite places to be, and Mohini knows.

She’s been going down there in personalretreat at his personal resort there.

We’ll be going to Temples around that spot, andalso just being at that sacred space of the hotel is the blessing.

We’ll be in seminarsas well.

And Then we’ll move on to Tiruvanamalai, which is the location for the Mountain ofFire, where Lord Siva comes in the form of Fire, Arunanchala, and another one of Dr.

Pillai’s favorite places.

It is an immense power spot, and just peering at, just lookingat, the mountain removes karma, and shifts your consciousness.

So, that is the locationswe’ll go to, real quick.

So all of this is laid out on the Website, if you go to http://www.


com, and under Events, go to 2016, Dr.

Pillai’sIndia Trip, and the page lays out all of those details, and that’s where you also can register.

If you have any questions at all, or even would like to speak to someone who can helpyou through the process, help you understand if this is the right thing for you to do, then we are certainly happy to hook you up with one of our support people, and PillaiCenter Teachers, to help answer any questions you may have.

So please don’t hesitate tocontact us at office@pillaicenter.


It’s really a gift to yourself, and an investmentin your spiritual, and personal evolution.


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