[Travel ThaiLand] China Town,Bangkok- Quán hải sản cực ngon & rẻ!

– Well we're gonna catch a cabto China Town, a downtown.



– Hurry up.

– .



like District 5 of Sai Gon (Viet Nam).

Ok, get in.

Now we move to China Town.

Every country has its China Town, because of the immigration of the Chinese.

This is Platinum Fashion Mall, – The King.

– and.



he is the current Thai king.







(whispering) Shanghai We have many ways to reach China Town.

From Pratunam, first, we can spend about 120 baht for taxi.

Or you can save money with bus, or getting on BTS then transfer to MRT and walk 900m to get here.

It's easier to catch a taxi.

If you go with a group, taxi is the best choice.

The fare is just about 120 baht, and you'll be standing here.

Now it's 9pm, it seems quiet at welcome gate.

In contrast, the street food night market is so crowded and lively.

Let's go.

– Sawasdee kha.

– Sawasdee khap.

– Kop khun kha.

– Kop khun khap.

– Let's go to China Town.

Stand up.

Let me take you to China Town.

What are you doing? Get down.

2, 3, jump.

Hug me.

Sawasdee kha.

Konbanwa? Japanese? This is China Town.

So tired from going by taxi.

It barely moves because of traffic jam.

China Town is full of lights at night.

Many big signs.

So many vendors, right? Wanna drink orange juice? Entering here, you can see the red seafood restaurant.

And the green one.

Which one is the good choice? Green, right? Recommend the green, the green store is better.

Grilled shrimps and crabs.

Sawasdee kha.


We're at China Town in Bangkok, Thailand.

When getting here by taxi I was amazed by colorful neon signs.

Chinese culture is so obvious.

When being here, don't forget to enjoy delicious cuisines here.

Shops and stores are all over the place.

Chinese cuisine is awesome, no need to argue.

We should enjoy ourselves.

Actor Huu Chau recommended our family that we should try this restaurant.

He said, just a short distance when you pass the gate, you will see, on one side is the red restaurant, the green one is on the other side.

You should come to the green one.

Good and cheap.

Its name is T&K seafood.

Please remember.

It's true, we find the price so low.

We bring a lot of money to be able to eat seafood, however we're shocked.

What you wanna say, say it.

Ah, orange pulp? No interesting.



A plate of blood cockle, a small plate, is 35, 000 VND more or less.

How surprised! A big plate is 120 baht, 120 baht is nearly 90, 000 VND.

I will give a review once done eating.

Here, is oyster sallad.

It seems spicy.

Hmm, delicious.

– Baby oysters, are so fresh and good.

– They are not babies.



– Really? So yummy.

And well cooked, a little bit raw.



If they are overcooked, not this yummy.

This sauce is spicy, but not too much.

Here is the extra sause, for those who like extreme spicy.

They know not every traveler can eat spicy.

So they give extra sauce for those who need.

Green and red chillies, let's try a little bit.

So yummy.

You can it this? Why? So delicious Suri.

The salad is good.

Well done.

And this is raw giant tiger prawns.

They don't eat with mustard and soy sauce.

But with fish sauce and chillies.

Husband and I like to eat prawns with mustard and soy sauce.

Don't know how it tasre when eating this way.

Like raw tiger prawns sallad.

Its sauce is like Vietnamese sauce.

Many garlics, lemongrass, chillies, and other vegetables.

– Mum, it may have meat.



– Uh you're right Rather good.

They cooked with tamarind sauce.

– I taste the tamarind.




– Sweet and sour sauce right?- Uh sweet and sour, tamarind sour, and spicy.



The specific spicy taste of Thai.

Is it good? How many marks you give to your dish? – 100.

– So you give the highest score to everything delicious.

You're easy-going.

With 10 marks, I give oyster sallad 10/10.

And this raw prawns, it's not my taste.

So 6/10.

And you give rice 100 marks? I'll give it only 80/100.

And this dish I'll give 8.


Sweet and sour taste is good.

– Blood cockle dish is 120 baht, eat it son.

– It's bitter.

– Is it good?- Good.

– But I don't find it as good as the one we had at Ha Long Bay.

– Bitter.

– They overcooked it.

– Not bitter, it's sweet.

– The blood cockles are so small.

– The shells are too big.

I don't bite the shell, just lick.

– They are overcooked.

A little raw is better.

When they are chubby, they contain water, they're more delicious.

They are overcooked here.

Let me help you.

Blood cockle at Ha Long Bay is better, best of Vietnam.

There each dish is 250, 000 VND.

This one is only 120 baht.

– 100 VND.

– Not that much, about 90, 000 VND.

– I will give this dish.



– Eat it with sauce, I forgot.

– I only give it 2 marks.

– Only 2? – A little bit bitter, I don't like bitter.

– Uhm, they're bitter when overcooked.

– Only 2?- But still good.

– Mediocre right? Your mouth has something.



– They were fresh and good.

– Vietnamese blood cockles? Yes, and these ones are so tough, and bitter.

– Because of overcooked.

– Otherwise I'll give a higher mark.

– So a low mark for bitter taste? Say again how many marks? Only 2? Although 2/10 you finish all.

You're holding the last blood cockle in your hand.

Although the dish is not good, the last blood cockle is yours.

So much passion.

– If the cooks see, they will feel displeasure.

– Ah, if we don't finish all, they won't be happy.

Love you.

– I will give 10/10 for this dish.

– You mean the sweet and sour dish? It's good, especially the sauce.

Good seasoning, sour and spicy, but not too spicy.

So I recommend you order oyster sallad, sweet and sour shrimps.

And crabs.

We don't like crabs so we didn't order.



but the crabs seem yummy.

Most customers order that dish.

What a chubby belly!Due to delicious meal? – No, because I am full.

– Full? – Ask if they discount for people in green t-shirt? – Why? Ah, look like their uniform! Wonder if they discount or not? She also wears green, like you.

– Their trousers have different color.

– You wear all green.

Like you're the face of this restaurant.

Shall we go around? Sweet soup, Chinese sweet soup.

Mango sticky rice.

Change your mind? Wanna eat ice-cream? Ice cream? You want popsicle or something else? – Ice cream cup.

– Ice cream cup? Take it.

Sweet soup, Chinese sweet soup.

See? We can eat it hot or cold.

Just like Ching Bo Leung (Cantonese Herb Soup).

Suri's got a big bowl of sweet soup.

China Town.

Still much traffic at this time.

Now it's 10pm, but it's so crowded.

So busy.

This town is restless overnight.

Long line of cars.

Next episode, we will visit a cheap and good restaurant near BigC supermarket.

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