hey everybody as a love you know if you follow me on social media or if you can sing any of my recent videos you know just got back from Thailand I'm now in New Zealand and as usual I thought I would run through the expenses of Thailand now

I always say how expensive is Thailand and the title when Dinkley for these kind countries I should probably write how cheap is Thailand it's probably a bit more fitting we'll start off with my favourite topic food and drink in Thailand you're not gonna go hungry trust me there

are street vendors absolutely everywhere they are lining the streets just waiting for you to come back and smell the amazing like dumplings and wontons and hanging up ducks or they fly in your face I don't know what I'm talking about I've had a very weird morning and I

would 100% recommend you eating off the streets than 99% of your meals because it's just where you get the best food and for something like pad thai or pork and noodle soup or blood-red pork soup which is really famous in Thailand then you'll be looking at paying around

30 to 50 bars and just a conversion 50 baht is about a pound not too shabby it comes to water you'll be paying 10 baht for a small bottle and 20 baht for a large so I mean it's just pennies and for all you beer drinkers out there

if you go to a bar you'll be looking at spending between 70 and 120 baht per pint depending on where you go it is a very touristy area you are gonna pay more and it's going to be practically the same prices as it is in England so food

and drink is so super cheap but what about the big one the one thing that drains your budget accommodation we stayed in three different kind of places in Thailand and three very different prices so when we first got to Bangkok we booked in an Airbnb apartment it was

absolutely amazing we had our own kitchen bathroom living area huge double bed huge balcony on the top floor overlooking Bangkok and that came in at around 17 pound and night but that's for both of you of course you can get cheaper if you want to stay in a

dorm room in ko saing Road then you'll be paying a few pounds a night but I'm over hostels at this point in my life I really over them I did them in Australia I did them through Europe I'm over them I meet BioSpace and especially because I work

from home I need quiet and an area and Wi-Fi which isn't being used by 500 other people then one got to Chiangmai we just went and we heard by this guesthouse we just arrived and when I find the guesthouse and it was amazing for a fan room double

bed it came in a 450 but which is nine pounds that's four pound fifty each if you want to go for a aircon room then I believe there are around 650 700 baht so only an extra four pounds two pants each to add on top per night if

you want aircon and we were lying in bed the first night sweating with this fan just blowing hot air on us thinking was this really worth saving four pounds for I would like no no it's not and then when we went back for a night in Bangkok we

stayed in a hotel just cheap hotel we only had half a day there before we caught our flight over to Auckland this hotel came in at over just over 20 pound a night but this hotel did have a massive like infinity style pool on the roof so I

suppose this kind of worth it I wouldn't do a long-term hotels for me don't really offer much character I like guest houses or Airbnb places if you wanna check out hostels go on to hostel WorldCom and hostels are so so cheap but be prepared for bedbugs but that's

a whole nother video transportation okay gang round you've got a lot of options taxi tuk-tuk train bus walk or you can hire your own car or scooter and go through the madness which is a Bangkok at rush hour Bangkok taxi prices are some of the lowest taxi prices

in the world make sure it is metered taxi drivers understand it's as soon as you open the door before you even sit down say meter just say meter if they say no you might not close the door they are going to rip you off taxi drivers in Bangkok

they know they're expected to put their meter on most of them like yep cool meter and you'll see them put it on me to start at 35 baht and you have to go quite a long way for it to go up to anything extravagant you normally get around

the city from temple to the next or something like that will cost you about a pound trains in Bangkok are really cool as well and we're paying between 30 and 70 baht per ride depending on how far you were going so I can't actually give you a price

but it's around a pound one pound fifty absolutely maximum if you're going one under the line to the other buses are also super cheap coming in at nine baths and it doesn't matter how far you go but that's only on the non-air-conditioned ones the air-conditioned ones they charge

you for your distance whereas non aircon jump our lady comes around you pay a you know March gives you a ticket you as far as one on my line and finally the infamous tuk tuks now if you plan on getting a tuk tuk you have to haggle there's

no meters and tuk tuks so really haggle hard for Chiang Mai I can tell you you should never pay more than 150 baht in a tuk-tuk I think that's what we were told that was our guideline never more than 150 but anywhere which is three pounds though normally

we were paying between fifty and a hundred baths to go different places or they also have these huge like bus taxis where you jump in the back of the van and he'll take you around and that's super cheap as well and finally attractions obviously Thailand is absolutely full

of temples and a lot of them are free win-win some you may have to pay for for example when you go and see the reclining Buddha that's not free and these kind of more touristy temples the bigger temples the bigger attractions when they have a lot of golden

Buddha's will be looking to pay between 50 and 150 baths the most expensive tourist attraction probably knowns a man in Thailand is located in Bangkok and there's the royal palace we didn't go because we were on a really strict budget and it is 500 bar which is 10

pounds and after you spent so long paying 80 pence for your dinner and then Sean says do you want to go into this palace for 10 pounds you like excuse me ten pound lasts me a day however I really wish we hadn't done it and I'll definitely be

doing you when we go back to Bangkok apparently the reviews are just out of this world for the royal palace so there you go your I hope you can use those guidelines and kind of sort our budget for yourself we didn't end up not much when you're paying

50 baht a meal and you eat I three times a day and bowls of water which is what you're going to be drinking mainly it's only ten baht 20 bar as you can see you're not spending a lot accommodation I'll see will always be the most expensive thing

you're putting your money to but our guest house like I said was 450 bar and it was an amazing guest house and you can get cheaper if you want but we kind of like a bit of comfort I don't mind paying an extra two three pounds a night

because that is the only difference in these kind of things when you think of heard it like that I prefer to pay somewhere they's clean comfortable great staff got great food and a swimming pool for example on great Wi-Fi so you can really enjoy and relax then save

yourself to pound a day and stay somewhere where it's full of bedbugs and it's dirty and it's noisy and it's falling apart and the internet doesn't work and all this kind of stuff so just keep that in mind be realistic is it going to break your bank to

have a little extra comfort okay I've been rambling enough now we're gonna go out and explore some of the west coast here in Auckland and I will see you Friday get bad view then don't be you can't subscribe give up today with all my channels and get some

advice as well there is also a Facebook Twitter Instagram and snapchat all acts like a traveller but the links are down below and I will see you on Friday my little psychos love you

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