Travel to India from Canada! | Air Canada Flight from Toronto to Mumbai Travel Vlog

Hey guys, greetings from Toronto's PearsonInternational Airport.

And as you can notice oh my gosh I am by myself.

There is no Audrey.

Womp diddy womp womp.

I mean I'm so used to traveling with her thatit is so strange to be taking a trip by myself.

Anyways where am I going? I haven't even told you.

I am taking a trip to India and I'm goingto be meeting up with my friend David.

I'll tell you a little bit more about thatbut 1st.

First things first I need to get through security.

And this is the line now for the flight thatI'm going to be on.

I'm glad I came a little bit early.

Let me tell you.

Am I Gate E am I gate D? Let us see.

The ticket tells me I'm gate E.

I had been complaining about the lines tocheck in but actually when I went through security there was hardly anyone.

So I came at just the right time guys.

Glad to see that my flight is still on time.

So normally when Audrey and I come here tothe airport in Toronto we typically go to Tim Horton's for something just like cheapand quick.

Basically Canadian fast food.

But I'm actually going to see if they havesome Indian food in this airport.

I sure hope they do.

Well there is Vietnamese but I am not noticingIndian yet.

We've also got dim sum guys.

Oh that is very tempting.

Oh my gosh guys I think I'm in luck.

Check out this.

I think this is the one I can order some Indianfood from.

Maybe Marathi.

Rice and curry over here.

Down here I've got sides.

It looks like naan bread.

Oh man.

Check out this.

When you have the choice between plain naanand garlic naan that is a no brain-er.

And what to get with the garlic naan.

Let's check out the rice and curry section.

Oh wow.

Look at that guys.

Butter chicken.

Chicken Tikka Masala.

Paneer Matter Masala.

So like all of my favorites.

Aloo Gobi which I love.

Oh man.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I think I'm going to go with the paneer mattermasala.

Oh ho ho.

Add garlic naan for 2 bucks.

You better believe it.

So that means I can cancel my other order.

So it comes with cubed paneer cheese cookedin a mild curry made from chopped masala, cilantro, coriander and chili.

So in total with tax and gratuity that isgoing to be $17.

84 Canadian which is I'm not even sure in US dollars.

Probably like $13 or 14 dollars.

Okay guys so while I hurry up and wait forthe food I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about the trip.

So the person I'm going with David.

My good friend David Hoffmann.

He's been making videos even longer than us.

His channel is David's Been Here.

I'm going to put a little link up above.

Also I'm going to make sure to put his channelin the description box below.

I'm going to be teaming up with him and basicallytraveling all over India for 3 weeks.

This is uh a trip that he has designed himselfand it is a very fast paced.

I think we're going to six or seven cities.

I'll let you know the exact list after I'vehad a little bit of food.

But I'm so pumped it is going to be reallycool to collaborate with him.

I don't have a lot of experience collaboratingwith other Youtubers.

Also I've rarely filmed by myself.

And so this is going to be a really interestingnew challenge.

Like I'm not used to doing these little selfietalks into the camera.

And I feel like it is going to be a reallyinteresting um way for me to grow maybe as a filmmaker especially as a presenter.

I've been wanting to go back to India fora really long time and this is going to be my third trip there.

The first time I went was back in 2010 solobackpacking.

Ultra hardcore backpacking on a very shoestringbudget.

Um it was a wild adventure at the time.

The second time I went was I guess a yearand a half ago with my parents and Audrey.

It was a little more upscale.

So we were in first and second class seatson the train.

We had comfortable accommodations.

And so this time it is going to be even moredifferent.

It is going to be a faster pace.

Um I think we're going to be mostly stayingin airbnbs and yeah it is just going to be a really exciting experience to team up andtravel with David.

I can't wait.

I mean he's a excellent filmmaker and uh Ireally respect his work.

It is going to be so fun to do something together.

And I'm hoping we can create some really coolcontent in India.

Okay the food should be here in just a fewminutes but I will let you know the full schedule now.

Because I have it right in front of me.

So the many places that I'll be going to inIndia on this trip.

Over just 3 weeks.

So starting off in Mumbai and then headingto Pune, then Hyderabad.

And I apologize if I'm butchering any of thenames at the moment.

Then Amritsar, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkataand Ahmadabad to finish things off before going back to Mumbai for a couple of nights.

So it is an insane pace.

Basically we're moving cities every basicallytwo days.

Sometimes we're in a place for three daysand there is a couple of places where we actually visiting for less than 48 hours if you canbelieve that.

So it is going to be a very fast schedule.

Something else that is kind of interestingtoo that I thought I'd show you is this E-Visa.

I guess this has come into effect maybe just2 or three or four years ago.

I'm not entirely sure but the first time Iwent to India the process to get a tourist Visa was quite arduous.

Like it took a really long time.

I had to go visit a consulate, there was allkinds of red tape.

All kinds of documents.

So this E-Visa, which still takes a littletime to fill out, is so much easier and you get approved within like just a couple ofdays.

I think I had my E-Visa approved in 48 hours.

So it has made the process of going to Indiaso much easier than in the past.

Ho ho ho! Look at what just showed up.

My curry, my rice and my garlic naan.

Alright time to get after that.

So I'm going to put a little bit of currydirectly on the naan.

Oh man that looks awesome.


That is so good.

Oh my gosh that is so rich.

Spicy too.

And that naan is so garlic-y but also it isreally buttery too which I love.

I just can't stop dipping it in the sauceguys.

Look at that.




They just wished a passenger a happy flightand a spooky Halloween.

That is pretty funny.

And over here guys you can buy some Canadiansouvenirs.

I can't think of anything more Canadian thanthis.

Maple Smoked Salmon.

And you can also get pure Maple Syrup as well.

And in all kinds of different containers.

Check out the one down here.

That is my favorite.

So one of the interesting things about Canadiansouvenirs is that they are not the typical type of thing you'll find an actual Canadiangrocery store.

Like this for instance milk chocolate withMaple and Sea Salt.

I've never seen that in any Canadian grocerystore.

So guys I'm going to be flying with Air Canadatoday.

And one very unfortunate thing, on a longflight like this, I'd love to get an aisle seat.

I want to have access to the toilets.

I want to be able to stretch my legs and justget up.

I'll have to get over somebody but unfortunatelythis is the completely packed flight.

Literally every seat is full.

I couldn't get.

I mean I got here and asked early to ask fora seat change.

Absolutely nothing can be done.

So I will be in the middle which is the worst.

I'd rather actually get a window seat so Ican film outside but yeah it is what it is unfortunately nothing can be done this timebut my question for all of you is which seat do you prefer? Do you like aisle, middle or window? Does it change based on the length of theflight? Let me know.

Guys the ridiculous outfit of shorts, socks, shoes and a jacket.

Actually right now in Canada the temperatureis zero degrees and by the time I get to Mumbai it is going to be in the 30s so it is goingto be an incredible shocking change in temperature and I will be shedding the jacket, probablythe shoes, probably the socks and wearing mostly flips flops, t-shirts and shorts onthis trip.

Oh my gosh it is a bit like herding cats withall of those different zones.

I'm in zone 5.

But anyways we're finally boarding now.

And of my gosh the excitement is startingto build.

Like I'm going back to India guys.

I'm so excited for this.

So so excited for this.

I actually ended up with quite a bit of legroom.

Guys time for a much needed update.

I've made it to India! Mumbai.

The biggest city of India.

Wow! This is crazy.

Like I'm so tired but I feel like I've gotthis sudden jolt of adrenaline now that I'm here.

I'm so excited to be here.

And yeah it is basically just have to go throughImmigration, get my bag and then find a cab.

Guys Immigration was an absolute breeze.

Like I can't believe it.

The last time I came to Delhi it probablytook me over 2 hours to get through.

This time not even 5 minutes.

So I was basically first in line.

But I walked really quick out of the planeand that is my secret.

I kind of like catapulted ahead of all ofthe other passengers.

Guys I've arrived at the hotel.

And I have to say like I am completely knackered.

It is 2am in the morning.

It took a little while to actually arrangea cab, get some money.

Like none of the ATMs worked with my card.

And so I spent a half an hour doing that.

I waited in line for a cab for an hour.

Um I didn't have my hotel address plottedon Google Maps so it took about five different tries for my cab driver to find the hotel.

So I'm going to say goodbye for now and I'llhave more India travel and food videos coming for you really soon.


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