Travel video #31 – Indonesia, living one week in a village on Lombok

[Music] sorry okay this is under hi I'm and are and this is my new brother from Italy thank you so tell everybody what to do um okay I have programs in Lombok it's like a volunteer program and I have this program I made from before everybody's here in

this village I hope everybody every children in this village can speak English so that's why I make this program that's your dream right yes that Madrid is traffic well and I hope many volunteers come yeah and it is a lot of English will be talk okay yeah okay

okay all right okay thank you [Music] we're on everybody's favorite this is my son hit wonder Oh Oh what is it [Music] okay so my name of my program is no more volunteers from space and the volunteer will stay with me and my family in my house yes

what you will get a our room a snow-bound room don't own room yes own room like you are yes yeah and input of course yes of course and of course yes so you get food and lodging and basically you live with a small family which is you and

gibran and your wife yeah and also with the big family which is the village yeah because around everybody everybody enjoys doing brother yes Father everybody's family is everybody's family Oh a big family even though it's bigger with yes menu brother always going yeah yeah yes always good yes

almost good okay short or this is unless courtyard that the house to be that the house and the mineralogical though well it's a place where everybody lives most of the time during today and those are the neighbors so let's cool and see how the rest of the village

looks like it's really small right it's tiny and I think it's just ten houses or something under told me if I think forty adults and probably maybe the same amount of kids so that little shop and that's it that's where it finishes those are the fields for cows

and goats okay so this is the room situation don't mind the mess there's a ventilator and you go out and that's the last thing on all right if you want to go to the bathroom hello that's the bathroom and these dish hours and they are my favorite and

oh yeah in that whole lives like a gigantic crab that comes out at night I was quite scared at first time and that's it Wow around another village you have really really nice places look at the water splendid alright go under don't fall I'm taking a video [Music]

yummy and those open a coconut for me ok ok now now yes and then water ok we're doing good yeah yeah haha oh yes it is [Music] Oh [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] fostering a badger yeah keep on laughing ha ha ah my gosh when I'm

doubled its come in there with a mop and [Music] all day long all night long always playing cards change our bank card bank hey 1 2 3 1 2 3 ha there's no escape you have what's the name of the brand's mother yeah no no what's name Gibran

you don't father is under and the mother hikmah it's my dundas wife Hey Dude ah if you da and I were the one who's crazy about jungles be Tariq you're very good at chess right she beat me three times out of three she beats everybody right you win

always always i win cards you insist yeah that's good that's the mosque this is the village mosque but somebody told them to build it instead of with iron with well it's not even bumbles it's like yeah some kind of data solemn yes mosque so instead of iron they

use this kind of wood and of course it's crumbled down so it's a miracle that nobody got injured because it fell down just after one of Hondas brothers came out of the mosque but yeah it still used people to come here to pray but it's very dangerous it

could fall every moment so yeah dangerous I guess they've been lucky until now I hope it keeps keeps being like that yeah but they are trying to knock it off and till the new one so they're collected some funds there we go all right going yes we sit

down this is nicer huh okay sit down I sit down there yes photo photo photo ah ah this is nice come down here wait yeah Wow like that did you put okay thank you Thank You Danny thank you I am being driven by a 12 year old on

a monstrous [Music] Oh we're here then Caputo J Brand hey Shyam good luck I'm glad

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