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Is it safe? this is loosen, you have to tightit Can you breath? Emily, we are going to take off soon you have to fold this tableOK I want this one OREO and MIT OK What else do we have?Coffee Finally we go, yeah? Oh my god! Look at my T-shirt! What's that?I have Minion! Do you like my T-shirt? Welcome to Malaysia! This is Kuala Lumpur! Look, It's Malaysia! Do you need to go by train? To get the luggageGo, go , go! Mum, can you do the pole dance? No driver! You sure?That's KL International Airport Hey! Yo-yo-yo, everyone! This is Stefi and Emi Channel! It's a family Channel and today we're gonna make a tour around KL Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and we are staying right at the center of KL in Vortex apartment We got it through booking.

com If you wanna travel and if you want to get a discount – get that link in the description! We are staying on the 33d floor of the 60 or seventy something floor building And look at the view from here! This is amazing! You can see the Towe (KL Tower), it's one of the top.



the picturesque view of KL city! So this bedroom is for children They've got a separate bathroom Over there! Oh, you can take a bathroom.



tour We've got a dining room, we've got a kitchen over here How do you turn on the lights? The kitchen is here This is small, but it's fine to cook.

You've got an oven you've got the electric stove, hood just everything.

you've got plates, dishes everything, even the boiler Let's come over! I'm gonna show you my room! And this is a master bedroom All rooms are air-coned Again! If you wanna get a discount – get that link in the description below! and the bathroom.

so, we've got 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and we've got one more extra small bedroom if someone, if we've got a guest, so he or she can stay there now we're gonna go around the city and travel in Malaysia If you haven't subscribed, if you are new to this channel Hit that subscription button and that notification bell, whatever give us LIKE- BIG fat, HUGE L I K E Let's go around the city! So we are downstairs, near the lobby of our apartment And now we're gonna go to a traditional Malay village Kampung Baru It's right at the center of megalopolis and the best way to travel around is to take a Grab Grab is similar to Uber There is no more Uber, because Grab took over all South East Asia We didn't get to Malay traditional village (wasn't fun for us) and we came to Bukit Bintang, which is in the center and it's a great place to walk around and for shopping Remember to watch our next video! It's all about shopping in Malaysia Remember to subscribe to our channel and give us a very BIG LIKE! Now we will head to a very special place a restaurant.

I even remember the name sun fong bak ku teh chicken because we've tried to go to that place for four days we haven't come, but today we're gonna make it It's about 500 meters from here Let's go and find this restaurant and let's have some chicken today, yeah, girls?Yeah come after us! nice fountain around so girls, do you know any shops around? anything familiar to you or everything's new? Everything is newAh, you don't know well, I know 7 eleven only yeah, that's it! but there are many local shops and supermarkets Let's go, let's go! We have to go further that way! So over there it's a downtown all the skyscrapers and we're going to a.



Stefi and Emi, do you know what the building behinds you is? No.

That's the new highest building in KL So that's the Signature Building It's 106 floors More than 100 floors! We've got a little bit tired, but.



hey, the restaurant was, to be honest, kind of disappointing Stefi and Emi! How's the food?Cool So that's the traditional bak kut teh fish, some fried rice, squids I would say Kuala Lumpur is a city of Skyscrapers as you see behind us there are many high rise buildings which blow our minds away What surprised me a lot is that in KL there are many places for disabled people, so if you've got a wheelchair? no problem! You can travel around! haven't subscribed yet? SUBSCRIBE! so as you can see there are some tropical trees around.

I think they are over 1000 years old The park is right at the center of the cityIt's beautiful, clean and quiet! Hey! Stefi and Emi!That's the playground! You can run and do whatever you want looks huge that's like a jungle for kids Emily, faster! Stefi, can you catch Emi? I have no idea what it is so if you guysknow what or you have any clues please write down in the comments Emilycan you climb on the top? I don't knowOK Who can? Stefi or Emi? in the park in the centre of Kuala Lumpur children can swim in the pool and go even in thatamazing water tunnel let's go to a restaurant! Indian foodYes Emily is notthat big for you ? This one looks huge! but Emily wants to try.

This is Dosa many sauces.

And Stefi has got massala Stefi, isn't that big for you? no, it's not.

with some sauces here have you tried some Indian food before? No It can be spicy! and we've got some other dish do you think it's spicy?Yes! ok, so you try a little bit it's spicy ahhh, it's spicy! Emily, how is it? it's yummy, but it's spicy! I don't think you should try this onethis is too much chili but you try these sauces is it OK? spicy I try this one I think it's okay I think it's like desserts it's sweet.

yeah! do you want to try the green one? what about the bread? spicy.

no , I don't think it's wasabi drink some water This is our last point after we traveled in Malaysia What did you like most? Stefi loved shopping! I also enjoyed shopping and Discovery center We also can enjoy the view It's the airportVery beautiful! I like it!Yeah, that's traditional Malaysian food Subscribe – hit that notification bell and LIKE this video and write some comments Guys, do you like Malaysia? Subscribe and give us big fat LIKE Bye-bye!Bye-bye!.

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