Travel with Doug & Narelle to Eastern Canada & USA in 2019

hello and welcome to Holiday World TV and my name is Noel Lewis and my husband and I have been here at some Manta Bay for over 23 years now and what we do is we love to travel and so do all of our clients and one place that's

very special to our heart is Canada and Alaska and I know that that's on a lot of people's bucket lists maybe it's on your bucket list and today I just like to talk to you about the evergreen product introduce you to that it's a fabulous product where you

get to see the wonderful sights of Canada and Alaska and I must say Canada we have to be one of the most beautiful countries that I've ever visited and certainly the word that I use with regard to the Rocky Mountains is gobsmacked and hopefully that you feel that

way too when you get your chance to go on your holiday over lifetime what they have are tours of the west coast so that you can see that Rocky Mountains beautiful Lake Louise just Whistler gorgeous places to visit very scenic and beautiful and then combine that with a

cruise through to Alaska to see the wonderful places and beautiful animals otters whales lots of other things beers what we are doing this year is we've put together a tool for next year so that you can come along with us to the East Coast because that's certainly an

area that not everybody gets a chance to visit and if you've been to the west coast then certainly going the East Coast is a wonderful opportunity for you what we have is a tour that starts in Boston goes up through tech to tonight I grow Montreal and then

back to New York that's very briefly what it is but what I'd like to do is pass you over we've done a video podcast with Amanda from evergreen tours and she'll explain all about this wonderful product and about Canada hi ladies and gentlemen thanks for having me as

they all said my name is Amina I've been working with the immigrant in the state group for 17 years now so I'm going to talk a little bit about our North American product so our Canada Eastern Canada group departure bleach Toronto is taking next year and also living

around some of the other options of the offer on the west coast so throughout the rummies I'm going to go through just a little bit about the immigrant experience so what we include and what sets us apart it's a small different I'm going to talk a little bit

about the your advisor so these aren't unique experiences that we include in the cost of our tool is so they're already in their itinerary for you that's will be a little bit unique and set the ITA apart from if you're doing it yourself and some of they are

discovering more experiences so we their degree we do like to give you in a free time as well so whilst you're over there we do include site scene but also free time in a lot of the courts and the counseling because it but you also have the option

to add on and do more as well discover more experiences and candor or less going out East Coast itineraries and a little bit about without Italy been ill be bitterly good call my office some of these exclusives yeah they're coming along as you know there's lots of touring

options available to you so in North America now some of you a little bit overwhelming around the option we were just talking tonight about some of the different operators that are out there hopefully this afternoon I think they help give you some information or help you make a

bit more but a clearer and easier decision this one I'm going to say it's called favor race favor basically means the anticipation of wanderlust so this is a I guess you know don't you the trouble it really feels everyone with excitement [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] why

dude emigrate well we have fully escorted tours with our local and experienced – directors they are supported by our Canadian based operations team so just based in the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver so we've got some experts on the ground there to help out with the entire program we

include the must-see so included as I said is in each town we have T or C that we visit we've got some sightseeing some of them are see such as the beautiful butchart gardens that you see here and you know we do spend a few hours at this

beautiful location where you get to wander through the different Gardens this is the Sun King girl this is Laura Sullivan there's a Japanese gardens which is mind-blowing that's beautiful so lots of local treasures so you wouldn't even know existed unless you experience during company so we also have

included in our West Coast Rocky's arteries the ice field parkway so this is the ice explorer this takes you up onto the aqua basket of Asia and those coaches are a lot larger than the available ice team understand what this is in one of those wheels so they're

massive and an experience that a lot of people like to enjoy here is this running fresh water and I'm going we've having an attacking an empty bottle and having a sip from the relations in the fresh water which is really unique experience it's really great earlier in the

season later citizen or turistic entering through this so a lot of other companies may add these on or off this is an extra this is only included within correct so in Toronto we can go to the top of the text and our to get fabulous views across the

city and of course also we're going into no reforms of which I'll talk a little bit about going forward when you get to taking the waterfall the safari park above them the way them we also include as I mentioned city tours so this is beautiful New York and

this is included in our eastern Canada to us which I'll go into a bit more detail as well so they also stayed in the heart of the city's so that's something important to think about you do have that free time you've got the option to their just walk

straight out of your your hotel and pretty much anything that you like this is on your doorstep you also got the local tour directors that will be able to give you you know peace its advice in using their experience on where they suggest you might want to go

and see if you've got some free time or if you happen on any pre or post accommodation so Alberto's are pretty special some of them shows them for their scenic location as well such as the shadow Lake Louise it's a beautiful property this is the Emerald Lake Lodge

which is situated situated right on the lake on site so this is stunning Emerald Lake we do have some itineraries that stay there throughout the Rockies and of course as I mentioned in the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise so this is just you know beautiful any time of year

if you go during the sort of April May months it can still be partially if not completely frozen so it over winter period they do have ice skating ice sculpture on the lake then how'd you go through into June July almost of course melts in its own beautiful

turquoise color that you see in this picture so it's a beautiful experience and I can't really show you the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel so this is the castle in the Rockies she is an iconic company and in Vancouver we usually stay at the western bait shop so that's

right down on the shore of the harbour then food is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen it's absolutely stunning with harbors and mountains in the background it's it's it's incredible probably is like probably my favorite city in the world people must have spent a few

months there I was very lucky to to get to take it all in in your we start thinking to Midtown so again right in the heart of the city so essentially located and you can get out about easily to explore further afield and of course nothing no two

would benefit without the amazing food so you know about itineraries we do highlight what meals are included for be for breakfast which is every day which will be a full buffet breakfast in most occasions and you also have a lot of lunches or as well as a lot

of dinners included now we do give you some free time so you've got the option to go out and explore some fabulous restaurants on your own and one of the other inclusion is important to ever agree all tipping and gratuities are included and that includes everything from your

porridge in the hotel so you don't worry about your bags you barely pick them up to be completely honest they're all abducted for you would take them from room to the to the coach and also restaurants so when you're meeting in your having you join the meal one

of the really fun things about traveling to North America is even though what to do but then making sure that you go yes right you don't have to worry about any of that it's all included everywhere we take you you have already been included upfront so you've done

a great job but absolutely no need to UM it's already included in your fare um so you're invited so I spoke earlier about those unique experiences so we include these as as part of your tour so there's something that you wouldn't necessarily do if you're over there so

for example we included also our visit to our First Nations camp and you get to mingle with the locals and you're going to actually experience what it is to live like them and they do a bit of a you know how the musicians come out into a bit

of a show for you as well so we do have notes you know they represent the aquarium in Vancouver and you get to see these fabulous and you know also one of the other inclusions that we have is in yer invited evening some cakes we have a fur

traders presentation also depending on where you're going but if you do go on in Alaska you do have a lot sugar going dog so I think it's one of the most popular options at yet if you don't want asking crews the complete yet you might have the option

to do this it is really popular you get to make the dogs in demonstration as well so that's really cool and insane couvreux and depending on the itinerary there is a visit to Grouse Mountain so grouse mountain is one of the mountain so you get to see from

the downtown Vancouver City and they've got to reason definitely but they're all year-round so even if you don't necessarily have seen any bears out in the wild which depending on the time of year I was lucky enough about times and I went to Robert's to see both black

and brown bears so it is that aggressive ethic or Griner and cooler than they've been up there for a long time they're pretty old but they're really great to see over on the East Coast we have the this is in Quebec this is the Sugar Shack so we

visit this which is where they use the maples I'll show you how they extract the maple from the bacon trees and it'll make the syrup and then they make all the cops and all sorts of sweets out of it so a really delicious way to spend the afternoon

now on our itinerary as well we do include a visit to everyone are we doing movies at through Lancaster which is the world of the Amish for the Amish people there so it's something a little bit different it's a different way of life and we do include some

cruising as well I'm not going to watch mark reasons we do have our friends at Oceana here to talk a bit more about us tonight but we do have itineraries as well that offered different options with Alaskan cruising now if you are in the West Coast the Rocky

Mountaineer the world one of the world's most famous railway journeys absolutely incredible experience it's two full days on the train I cut to how exhausting it actually is from playing ago like these looking out the window because it's so much to see it's absolutely incredible it's pretty special

train train journey it is absolutely unforgettable we very much feel maybe a couple times myself and they now offer two different classes of travel the fabulous gold leaf which is the glass stone that you just saw and also still believe so with evergreen week if you do our

weather – its most the time including the sillies which has beautiful windows sort of all that they curve up but it's not glass all the way they do include the meals and beautiful meals with fresh salmon for lunch for example that's included in your seat if you do

upgrade with your traveling in the gold leaf bus it really is an incredible experience it's so you're going to be there it's amazing there's a dining underneath the carriage and so they will take you down at the breakfast and for lunch I think last time I did it

breakfast in gold leaf was someone's – Eggs Benedict so what's the tale Xfinity so it's delicious it's incredible we're all about the cute animals we don't discover more excursions so as I mentioned before there's the option to add extra touring so for any free time or anywhere in

that version we see it's highlighted orange discover more then you have the option to add on an extra tour all the additional prices for those are listed in the brochures as well in the very back so there's a lot of little extras that do such as being throughout

certain areas we've got meet the adults like puppies we also include in Whistler they're viewing expert his name's Michael Allen and he he has a loose after around 70 black days in Whistler I'm all by name and generally take you out to the best places to find those

days we don't think we're sort of lucky to see a bear from my hotel room it's just it's under you everything can be they're pissed so they have these expert so we do have the opportunity the wolves don't sanctuary as well and for the foodies we also have

culinary options as well so in Victoria for example we have a walk into up through out some of the local markets yep there's also a foodie towards in Quebec City New York everyone on this list I'm just going to take you true now just a little bit around

degree culinary show you what is included in our East Coast tour in 2019 as well as just some of the very quickly some of the most popular west coast to us at we do so firstly starting with our holiday well and school ship departure with drone Japanese commences

in Boston Logan 18th of May 2019 this is these puts very different to the West so very European influence and obviously that french-canadian style so we visit the Quebec Montreal downline house Washington in New York what's a different picturesque sort of landscapes lots of different European charm throughout

so starting in Boston we then traveled to Montreal Quebec City in Ottawa before heading to the Goodman Toronto that's on the map there it shows how many nights we stay in each of the places that we visit in Toronto viventia movies at the CN tower and you get

those spectacular views and also through Toronto you're going to magnificent ia performs so we do include a cruise which was drilling experience down through the inside curve of Horseshoe Bay Falls as they call them and this is where you get to sort of feel you know the water

put a bit pretty wet today the tour then continues in Chilean cast us yet spits at the Amish community and seeing their way of life as I was talking about and then we're going to the capital to see Washington DC respect two nights and then we have the

tour concludes in the Big Apple New York for two nights there as well and you can obviously option to extend on those as well if you wish now you can do both which I think they might be something like you we're doing know me I'll see you at

west coast as well as I went to the East Coast that's what we're doing once it a lot of time experience obviously you get to do the bike the beautiful Rockies alas there and inside by the to the east but if you're looking at say just a couple

of the other arts hearing those talking about so just the the west coast we've got a 17 day itinerary that includes the Rocky Mountaineer this one has a crew that's at visit Seattle we've also got the 18 day off is Explorer so quite just some different I carries

depending on the departure date that suits as well as perhaps your budget and we also offer our ten areas this one we can do without they're working down to me so the rocking down to the Evans two days very luxurious way to travel but a dark moment the

price Apple mobile a after-party on if you're thinking of perhaps you know exploring further afield up into Alaska we do have options where you can go into the Alaskan wilderness so right up into the land as well and we do have opportunity to host cruising as well in

2019 we're also going to East Coast us alien program as you can see here so this one goes from New York right down into South Carolina so see if some of that sticks out so we also want to travel with every grant also become a member of our

Explorer Club so you will have access to now a magazine newsletters offers special deals and before you travel with us the more on options and offers and product that you actually get and for our special officers everyone loves a deal depending on the itinerary that you're doing but

you do have what we call to finance their deals so buy one get one free on the East Coast to our we do have different offers so on the group departure the airfare inclusive rate is written on the flyer so the team the kimono can be explained to

a little bit more around those inclusions but we have to find airfare deals we have discounts if you're not clear about your own affairs we can do upgrades the course to Premium Economy and business class the flight from Sydney to me in Korea is that 15 hours 48

hours nowadays so if you've got yeah an option to upgrade then there's certainly so much availability where to go and we have solo traveler offers also so so as a Mitchell we've just covered off so a little bit about every thank you very much to my delight to

bring this subscribe to you well thank you for listening right to the end to our video podcast for Canada and I'm hopefully that you've stayed to the end because it's so excited about the adventures that you might have for your next holiday of a lifetime probably the best

thing now is to call in and grab a brochure from us well give us a call with the details down below and we're really looking forward to helping you with your next Canada and USA holiday of a lifetime

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