Travel with me to THAILAND

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I am in beautiful Portugal right now.

I am down here on a retreat with my wife.

I thought this was the perfecttime to announce a trip that I've been working on for awhile, and this is unique.

This is a trip that you guysget to travel with me on, and it's something that I'vebeen wanting to put together for awhile now, because Ithink travel is so important.

And the foundation of my YouTubechannel started on travel.

That is something I'msuper passionate about.

I love traveling, and Ilove seeing new cultures, new places and justexperiencing new things.

So, what I've been working on is a trip where you get to travel with me as we go somewhere unique.

And the place that I chose isThailand for this first trip.

And the reason for that isThailand is a mix of culture, it's a mix of cities, of jungles, a little bit of everything, and it's an awesome place to go explore.

It's one of my favorite places to travel, and I'm super excited to bring a group of youguys with me on this trip.

So, this trip is inpartnership with TrovaTrip, and basically what they dois they help influencers, creators and people who wantto do these kind of group trips basically set up all the logistics.

So, they have been helping me.

They've set up everything for this trip.

It's a six day, seven night trip, where we're gonna start in Bangkok and then work our waysouth into the rainforest and go explore some very unique places.

Guys, if you just wanna skip ahead and check out the link andthe whole trip details, it's gonna be down in the description.

But in general what this is isa chance for you to check out and go explore somewhere with me, and because TrovaTrip is takingcare of all the logistics, that means I basicallyget to travel with you.

And as we're traveling, I'm gonna be doing a filmmaking workshop, and it's gonna be geared towards whatever you guys are interested in.

So, if you just wanna go explore Thailand and just kind of play withyour cameras on this trip, then we're gonna go do that.

If you wanna dive a littlebit deeper into filmmaking, storytelling and all of those things, that is some other aspectsthat I can bring to the trip and something that I'm gonnacater towards the people that decide to sign up.

So, let's talk aboutthe trip a little bit.

So, the first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna head to Bangkok.

That's where we're all gonna meet up, and we're gonna just explore the city.

Now, Bangkok is an awesome place.

I love Bangkok because of its energy.

There is so much going on in this city.

It's so chaotic, but at the same time, there's such a mix of culture and such a mix of stillness, which is interesting when you're in this environment.

So, we're gonna explore Bangkok, and then from there, we'regonna work our way south.

And as we go south, we'regonna hit a national park, and this park is a awesome place where we can go see elephants in the wild, and that's one of those thingsthat everyone wants to see when they come to Thailand.

They wanna see elephants, but honestly, all these tourist things, where you go ride an elephant is horrible.

That is like the worstway to see elephants.

So, this trip encompassesa chance to go see them in their natural habitat.

We're going to a national park, and we're gonna go seethe elephants on a trip as we explore through the jungles.

It's gonna be pretty awesome.

Now, from there we're gonnakeep working our way south to a place called Koh Sok, and this is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.

It's this lake in themiddle of the rainforest, and it's incredible.

So, we're gonna be doing some rafting, we're gonna be doing some cave exploring, and we're also gonna be justhanging out on bungalows and just take some timeto chill and relax.

So like I said, this tripis gonna be part travel, part workshop and justpart checkout from reality and from everythingelse that you're doing.

And I wanna treat this like a retreat.

And what a retreat is is basically a step away from your life.

It's a chance for you to relax.

It's a chance for you to take a break and basically have a reset.

This trip is the perfectopportunity to take a break, go on an adventure andpotentially learn something new as we explore filmmaking in this kind of go, go, go adventurefilmmaking environment.

Guys, a couple morelogistics about the trip.

There's 20 spots.

I'm capping it at 20.

And once it's done, it's done.

I can't add any more.

So, in terms of price, howit's gonna work is basically, the first five people thatsign up get one price, and then the next five peopleit's a little more expensive, and then the next five it'sa little more expensive, and then the last five, it'sgonna be the most expensive.

So, if you wanna get thebest deal on this trip, and you know it's somethingthat you want to do, then I highly suggest signingup sooner rather than later, so that the price doesn't go up.

And guys, like I said, this is something that I've wanted to do for awhile.

This is not gonna bemy only trip that I do.

So, if you've already been to Thailand, if you've already explored Thailand, or you're looking for somethinga little bit different, then there will be somefuture trips down the road, maybe in six months, a year.

We'll see how this first one goes, and then I'm gonna start creatingmore trips based off that.

So guys, the link isdown in the description.

You can see the entire itinerary.

Every day, step by stepwhat we're gonna do, where we're gonna be, all that good stuff.

Also, all the logistical information, what you need to thinkabout when you're signing up for this trip, and alsoyou can find the price, and it all depends on howmany people have signed up.

So, right now, it's atthe cheapest price point, but it's gonna go upas more people sign up.

So guys, I'm super excitedto travel with all of you.

This is gonna be an awesome experience, and there's just something magical about traveling in a group.

So, we're gonna be traveling together.

We're gonna be experiencing this together, and it's just gonna bean awesome experience.

Guys, I gotta take off.

I have one more day herein Portugal on my retreat, and I'm gonna go hang out with all the awesome people I've met here.

'Cause retreats are an awesome way to connect with your community and just go on a trip together and do some awesome stuff.

And guys, if you haveany questions at all, head over to the page.

It's down below in the descriptionand also leave a comment and let me know yourthoughts on this trip.

All right, guys.

I'll see you on the next one.


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