Travel With Us to COLOMBIA! 🇨🇴 Join Our First Ever GROUP TRIP

Good evening adventurers.

Hello there! So last time you guys saw us we were in Texas We have made our way – we actually have the flight this morning and we came over to Seattle to hang out with our friend Matt.

[Eric]: Hey Matt.

Hey Matt.

What are you doing? [Eric]: What are you doing? What are YOU doing? I know that we told you that our next stop was the Philippines but we had a very, very special announcement to make so we are coming to you from Seattle The announcement is we are finally doing a group trip, you guys.

We threatened it for at least once or twice, we threatened it.

And we're doing it! I feel like we've been talking to you guys about it, we've been talking to other people about it.

Trying to sort it.

We actually didn't tell you guys but we've spent the last 6 months planning this trip.

And we are so excited to tell you guys about it and hopefully have some of you guys come along with us.

You guys might remember that last year we took a trip to a little town in Colombia called Guatape and we absolutely fell in love with it The scenery was incredible.

These beautiful green rolling hills it sits in this reservoir with all these deep blue water When you have the bird's eye view it just looks like a maze going all throughout the land.

There's this huge rock right in the middle of it that you can see from all around the area and we absolutely loved it.

We've honestly, actually talked about retiring there.

Yeah, every now and then.

We look into property there because it's very affordable.

But it just blew us away, it was beautiful The food was amazing, you guys know that's a big plus for us People were fantastic Oh, just so much nature and beauty and authenticity and we just fell in love.

So, what is this trip all about? First off, we are going to be staying in this incredible villa that we stayed at when we were down there.

It's overlooking the reservoir They have tons of awesome activities to do at the villa and the villa itself is absolutely beautiful You have a perfect view of the rock off in the distance It's very instagrammable.

And the hosts are amazing, which if you come on the trip you guys are going to be able to meet them as well.

There are puppies! So we're gonna have plenty of time to chill at the villa and hang out and they have one of the most incredible hot tubs we've ever been in in our lives.

But we're also gonna be taking advantage of the area There's incredible scenery all around, waterfalls Some amazing views, of course tons of food to eat And a bunch of really cool activities to do there Which we're kinda – we're still in the final stages of picking exactly what we want to do But it's gonna be amazing.

But don't worry we will have plenty of time at the villa to just chill and hang out and get to know you guys.

Hot tub time.

Tons of hot tub time.

Pretty much every evening we're probably gonna be in the hot tub.

If you missed that video, they built a custom hot tub that fits 10+ people overlooking the reservoir [Allison]: It is the most amazing hot tub we have ever seen.

So, who is this trip for? Well you gotta like us, 'coz we're gonna be there the whole time.

If you don't like us, don't come.

'Coz we're just gonna annoy the hell out of you.

Yes, you gotta like hanging out with other people 'Coz there will be plenty of other adventurers You have to be 18 or older because there will be some alcohol involved You don't have to partake, but it will be there.

But plus side, the drinking age in Colombia is 18 so.



And as we talked about earlier there's gonna be some hiking, some biking, some swimming.

It's gonna be a bit strenuous, not too much, not too crazy But you have to be in pretty good physical condition I would say to be there Just know that there's gonna be a lot of heat, and sun, and up and about all day, every day Yeah a lot of sweating Memories for a lifetime.

And basically if you're the kind of person who wants to get everything catered to them, everything go perfectly which sounds awesome Unfortunately, this probably won't be that kind of trip.

Some stuff is gonna go wrong, this is our first time doing this, so we're gonna get stuff wrong and mess stuff up.

I mean.



we probably won't do that.

We won't do that.

It's all gonna go so smooth.

No, there might be hiccups, things might not you know, we might get rained out on something You just gotta be flexible, go with the flow.

Part of the adventure.

This trip is going to be mostly all inclusive.

We wanna take care of as much as we can for you guys.

Meals are gonna be taken care of, accommodations, the villa is gonna be amazing and all the activities that we are going to do.

so basically you just have to get yourself to Colombia and then we'll take it from there.

We are going to be doing 2 separate trips in May The first one is going to be from the 1st to the 7th and the second one is going to be from the 9th to the 15th We've also put together a little website that we'll tell you all about the trip It will actually give you a much more detailed itinerary that will give you a good idea of all the cool stuff that we're gonna be doing You're gonna see a big 'ol button that says REGISTER Click that you can reserve your spot in our limited spots available it's just gonna be like first come, first serve thing.

The website will be or should be on the screen right now.

Right here (laughs) And it will be down below so you can click on that and learn everything about that trip.

I'm so excited that this is happening! It's gonna be fun guys! But yeah, I think that's all.

Is there anything else to say? I don't think so.

Hopefully the website will be able to answer any other questions you guys might have.

Also you can just send us an email.

We'll have an email address on the website that you can send email to Ask us any question you want.

Let us know but we can't wait.

The sun, the fun, hanging out with you guys.

It's gonna be fantastic.

Trip of the lifetime y'all.

For us too.

We're really excited about the itinerary.

We've been making plans.

Ever since we went to Guatape we've been dying to go back to Guatape.

Alright, but I promise, next video – Philippines.

We're heading out there.

It's gonna be a brutal overnight flight.

We have not learned our lesson yet.

We totally forgot to mention, we're completely caught up, so.



Oh yeah so this is happening and coming out tomorrow It should have actually come out already but we're lazy and hadn't filmed a new video.

Just happened.

And that never happens.

Also, tomorrow's my birthday.

Whatup?! So we're not filming tomorrow but we're gonna have fun birthday adventures.

We're gonna hang out with Matt.

And then the day after, we're headed to the Philippines Okay, we're rambling.

(laughs) Yeah we're just going.

K, goodbye! See you in.



Goodbye adventurers.

We'll see you on the road.

In Guatape! See them in the.





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