Travelling to Thailand alone | Mindfulness, yoga retreat, vegan

[Music] [Music] the first day when I arrived to Thailand I was I just wanted to embrace that I was here and I didn't feel absolutely anything I went to my first yoga class and went through the town and take took Luke Karen or kata and the west of

Phuket [Music] [Music] [Music] I think that the first day my Joker class was so special that's when I met Luis Enrique which is an incredible yoga teacher and seriously viewing book yet you have to go to his classes you don't have to say stay in sissies has a

hideaway where I'm staying to go to the class so I really recommend that and I think like the first lesson that I learned in especially in the class and doing that day and actually doing the first like second day as well is that you really have to embrace

what you're doing right now and back how maybe it's a little bit more difficult because I don't really enjoy absolutely everything that surrounded me back in London everyone is focused more in having money career and that's pretty much it so I reconnected with myself as soon as I

arrived to Thailand not only because I'm invocation which probably has contributed a lot but especially because I feel I'm in nature and for me nature is like number one and the most important thing that one can happen at if I will always remember the words that recently Cassell

just let the sound be the sound and oh my god you have no idea how loud everything was in that moment the insects it was raining people talking music there was a construction as well just besides so it was really overwhelming but if you focus in what you're

doing right now and I was focusing on separating the sounds on the movements I was doing during yoga and seriously it's like the best sensation ever and I'm so happy that I could connect like this to it yoga teacher and to Tyler the soul [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] we were hiking to the Big Buddha which was amazing and there were such beautiful views we went to a temple and just you there for a little while [Music] all of these just make me think about one of the most important things in psychology and we

try to encourage to everyone because I think it's the best practice you can do in your daily life and it's the mindfulness approach of mindfulness sounds a little bit like bag and maybe people think it's meditation which is part of meditation as well but it's much easier because

it's just spoken in focusing in the present so if I make an example I really like to have a time in my day especially back in London where I really use mindfulness or I really embrace mindfulness and that's maybe the time when I'm in the shower because I

love to have showers so I just focus on these smells on the water on my skin your brain relax and let your thoughts go away how do you do this by the way I have a lot of mosquito bites oh my god so you know we are all

the time trying to think and we're all the time trying to recap what we were thinking for example I'm sure you've done this as well when you're when you're just thinking about something and you're like oh whoa what was I thinking of and you try to go back

to this initial thoughts okay when you're trying to do mindfulness you just have to let the thought go away and just let the next one come this way you can let your mind to clear make more space in your brain it's really simple let your thoughts come as

they come and let them go as they go and don't try to overthink them or analyze them or try to go back to the soft before when we are so busy and we're working and we're running everywhere it's not that easy but you can always do this once

a day especially if you just sit down when you come from work and relax a little bit in the sofa or in the shower as I told you before 20 to give you a little bit of a and just remember that you can always relax and you can

always enjoy your life even though you're not even a gorgeous please I know I hope you enjoyed the video I hope that you are loved in Thailand and as much as I'm loving it and if you liked it just give it a like you're really gonna help my

channel if you do so and subscribe if you wanna see more I'll be uploading more videos about Thailand or more interesting things because this is more like – like jokey jokey you'll see the Paradise bitches I have been in and and on the next video I'm so excited

for you to see it and I hope to see you soon so kisses to everyone [Music]

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