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you are looking live at the Empire State Building and in case you missed the point while living in midtown Manhattan these days the night skies over the city are lit up with a red light a beacon indicating the state of emergency on the streets below well good evening once again des 1166 of the Trump administration 218 days until our next presidential election and 19 days since the World Health Organization declared the corona virus a pandemic this was supposed to be the end of the administration's 15 day stopped the spread guidelines but it turned out that was wishful thinking instead the corona virus will not stop spreading within our country the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia wants his citizens indoors for the next 70 days the president who has backed off his goal of packing churches on Easter Sunday has now gone along with his experts he will continue the current behavioral guidelines for at least another month yesterday I announced that we would be extending our social distance guidelines through the end of April this is based on modeling that shows the peak in fatalities will not arrive for another two weeks the same modeling also shows that by very vigorously following these guidelines we could save more than 1 million American lives challenging times are ahead for the next 30 days and this is a very vital 30 days we're sort of putting it all on the line this 30-day is so important because we have to get back but the more we dedicate ourselves today the more quickly we will emerge on the other side of the crisis that was today's message from the White House again a far cry from the push to reopen the nation by Easter it was followed by a parade of CEOs stepping up to the mic to talk about what their companies were doing and in some cases the products they may there was even talk of sending equipment we don't need to other nations those announcements coming in as new cases in this country soar past 161, 000 now with nearly three thousand lives lost this morning we heard a startling comment from the coordinator of the coronavirus task force that put this battle too slow this outbreak into a kind of grim perspective if we do things together well almost perfectly we could get in the range of a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand fatalities we don't even want to see that just to repeat these numbers they are talking in terms of one hundred thousand fatalities to two hundred thousand fatalities those numbers and the decision to set April 30th as the next goal for getting back to business as usual emerged late yesterday and I think it's entirely conceivable that if we do not mitigate to the extent that we're trying to do that you could reach that number yeah yeah you know it's possible dr.

Burks and I spent a considerable amount of time going over all the data why we felt this was a best choice of us and the president accepted it we're going to bring down the number of infections so we don't have two point two million deaths or 1.

6 million deaths so if we could hold that down as we're saying to a hundred thousand it's a horrible number maybe even less but to a hundred thousand so we have between a hundred and two hundred thousand we all together have done a very good job here is a reminder of what the president said back in February about what he expected to happen by April there's a theory that in April when it gets warm historically that has been able to kill the virus that's around the corner so there will be a great thing I think when we get into April and the warmer weather that has a very negative effect on on that and that type of a virus US retailers among the hardest hit as Americans brace for long term coronavirus shutdowns just today Macy's Kohl's the gap announced they would be furloughing the majority of their workers leaving tens of thousands without work growing number of states are imposing strict orders to stay home Washington DC Arizona Maryland Virginia all joined the list today Virginia's order is the most extreme that extends out again 70 days puts us in June a reminder here that governor Ralph Northam of Virginia is a medical doctor by training President Trump said today he has no plans to issue a nationwide stay at home order some states still refuse to close all non-essential businesses among them Florida number six on the list of states with the most cases of the virus they happen to have a huge senior citizen population governor Ron de Santos announced today he's shutting down some counties in the southeast part of the state and setting up roadblocks blaming out-of-staters for the corona virus cases there and so given the New York City area as the number one hot spot in the world right now when the New York Governor instituted the stay in place order we started noticing a huge uptick in traffic out of the city many of them coming to Florida and so we viewed that as problematic and just a reminder here this was the scene during spring break and Clearwater Beach not in South Florida just over a week ago jacksonville city official posted this image from over the weekend meanwhile New York continues to grapple with the highest number of cases in the United States there's now a field hospital in Central Park sixty-eight beds available there's now a navy hospital ship docked in the Hudson River another 1, 000 beds as the hospital ship comfort passed by the Statue of Liberty a memorable photo was born in that instant Chicago also dealing with escalating cases will convert its enormous McCormick Place Convention Center into state's first field hospital for some 3, 000 patients by April 24 in Los Angeles the National Guard converted the center's Convention Center the city's Convention Center into a field hospital there to relieve the burden on the city's overcrowded medical facilities medical staff across the country have been warning of dire shortages of protective equipment mostly masks yesterday Trump suggested that hospitals were to blame for the rate at which these masks were being used up and he threw out that same inference again today you expressed some concern in the past that medical supplies were going out the back door and that perhaps some hospitals were doing things were dressed what was told to me by a tremendous power in the business he said that at a New York Hospital for a long period of time he was giving ten thousand maybe maximum twenty thousand masks over a short time and all of a sudden he's giving three hundred thousand and I said no matter how bad this is could that be possible he said no so there's only a couple of things that could happen is it going out the back door and I've reported it to the city and let the city take a look at it – something going on and tonight the governor of New York was asked about the president's comments the exponential increase in the PPE is real right almost in the hospitals now this covered PPE non kovat PPE everybody's wearing Kovac PPE because you don't know who has Kovac you don't know who doesn't have Kovac every time they see a patient they have to change their PPE so yes the burn rate of the PPE is much much higher hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos.

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