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14th century practices and a disease that we now know that dr.

Hoda's has we have known as far more lethal than the flu the president didn't think so as recently as last Friday compared it to the flu here's some of the president's other comments that are in stark contrast to the things he said last night let's watch and talk about it on the other side word war with a deadly virus success in this fight will require the full absolute measure of our collective strength love and devotion it's going to disappear one day it's like a miracle it will disappear very sobering you know when you see a hundred thousand people that said and that's at a minimum number when you have 15 people and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero and I've had many friends businesspeople people with great actually common sense they said what are we right at a lot of people have said a lot of people have thought about it write it out don't do anything just write it out and think of it as the flu but it's not the food it's vicious sometimes they just get the sniffles sometimes they just get something where they're not feeling quite right and sometimes they feel really bad but that's a little bit like the flu it's a little like the regular flu Ashley Parker I'm old enough to remember Donald Trump standing in a red hat that said keeping America great saying I'm really good at this stuff and saying things like on that tape what brought about the change of heart and do they own up to any of the president's past utterances they do not own up generally to any of the president's past utterances the charitable explanation is that people are allowed to evolve and they explain a range of reasons why the President did come around to that press conference yesterday that was grim and somber and serious and sort of had the wait you might have wanted to see the president displaying two months ago you know they say part of that is he does listen to the scientists he has an especially warm relationship with dr.

Bert's he was especially struck by the images coming out of Elmhurst Hospital in Queens near where he grew up he was struck by as he mentioned a friend of his going into the hospital for coronavirus and ending up in a coma and he's seen these projections he's seen these numbers and he understands how stark they are that said the statements of his you played early on a lot of that early on was that he wanted to downplay this because he didn't want it to be true because he didn't like seeing the markets fall he's tied the markets closely in the financial success of the nation to his re-election hoped that that makes sense so when the market started to fall he initially seemed to engage in some magical thinking where he thought he could wish it away an economic weight verily very heavily on his mind at the beginning there's also been some political considerations frankly that have brought him around it's not that those other things I mentioned before aren't true but he was also hearing and being briefed by campaign the aides and advisers who were saying look a tremendous death toll of virus out-of-control ravaging the nation is not good politically and so that's all that what brought him here and and just finally dancer you're the second part of your question when he's asked questions like what if we had done social distancing sooner what if we had done mitigation techniques sooner would we be in a better situation and he basically you know is that I have no responsibility and he points to his decision early on block travel from China he did do that but when you talk to the public health officials and the experts they say that should have been a period to buy the US time to get prepared to get testing up and running to get supplies to the hospital and we did not see that for far too long hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos.

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