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a barren Times Square in the city of New York under a state of emergency a lone police car sitting between two city blocks well good evening once again des 1168 of the Trump administration leaving us 216 days to go until the presidential election and will start this way perhaps it is not said often enough the last role Donald Trump inhabited before becoming our president was host of a reality show produced and aired by the entertainment division of our parent Network over 14 seasons as a television veteran he is forever talking about casting specifically central casting which he repeated as recently as this afternoon people tuning in to today's White House coronavirus briefing would be forgiven for thinking that Trump acting as casting director had assembled on either side of him social distancing not withstanding all the most serious looking people he could find in the federal government the Attorney General actual generals and admirals the defense secretary and out of nowhere they briefed the public today about drug interdiction including false stats on the border wall and the situation in Iran the president said all we've gotten from the Middle East is death he went on to give a brief lesson in the 1917 flu pandemic which was in 1918 and took a swing at John Kerry along the way and then this happened did you know as number one of Facebook and he I just found out I'm number one in Facebook I thought that was very nice later on the actual subject of coronavirus the president said as he does every day in some form nobody's ever seen anything like this he went on to confirm the White House is considering restricting air and rail travel in this country he said he'd be perfectly willing to talk to Joe Biden by phone about the fight against the virus this was another record day in our country just today more than 25, 000 new cases approaching 1, 000 new deaths in the space of one day and so tonight the United States now has over two hundred eleven thousand confirmed cases of corona virus over 4, 700 deaths also as of today more than 280 million Americans are living under some form of stay at home order since we have no idea how many people have the virus itself after Tuesday's dire prediction that as many as 240, 000 American lives could be lost to the corona virus the president the vice president rather offered this disturbing analogy today they call it modeling wolf where they look at what's what's happened around the world we think Italy may be the most comparable area to the United States at this point according to the latest estimates Italy which is of course a much smaller country has seen over 13, 000 coronavirus deaths thus far here in the United States New York City remains the epicenter of the outbreak with over 47, 000 confirmed cases another 278 deaths were reported in New York City over just the past 24 hours bringing the total again in the city alone to 1374 and Governor Andrew Cuomo warns there are sill still several dark weeks ahead what we're looking at now is the apex top of the curve roughly at the end of April which means another month of this it was another rough day for the financial markets the Dow closed down more than 900 points on fears the economy could be shut down longer than people first expected tomorrow we get to see initial unemployment claims from last week CNBC reporting economists have been ramping up the projections quote they range to as high as nine million but many are between four million to five million that follows the record 3.

3 million claims filed the week earlier but again today the president was sounding optimistic now I do think once we get rid of the virus I think we're gonna have a boom economy I think it's gonna go up rather quickly maybe very quickly and maybe slowly but it's gonna go up and it'll all come back and I think it's actually going to come back stronger than what it was because of the stimulus with an estimated 80 percent of us living under some store sort of stay at home order today Florida finally came along after weeks of resistance and criticism and while presiding over a huge population of seniors governor DeSantis issued the order the president just the other day announced they're going to do a 30-day extension for the current guidelines and although the guidelines don't call for any new actions beyond what was there previously in Florida we did the 15 days to stop the spread I mean I think it's clear that that represents effectively a national pause we also found out today the Trump administration has decided against reopening Obamacare marketplaces to new customers despite the pandemic despite the need for available health care the president was asked about that today and quickly handed the question over to his vice president they took that up under the task force and make maybe my key well Thank You mr.

president and what I can tell you that the president has made a priority from the outset of our task force work make sure every American knows that they can have a corona virus and they don't have to worry about the cost that's about as detailed as the answer got meanwhile there's new uncertainty tonight over a new wave of emergency relief for struggling Americans in the midst of all this Robert Costa of the Washington Post who joins us in just a moment has this exclusive reporting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is telling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stand down and Congress is already talking about an investigation of how the u.


got its response to this pandemic so wrong so behind the eight-ball NBC News has learned there are informal discussions underway about the creation of a 911 style Commission to look into what happened to come up with a plan to handle any future pandemics here's how the president addressed the country's preparedness during this evenings coronavirus briefing we're building thousands of ventilators right now now takes a period of time to build them and again nobody could have known a thing like this could happen we're building thousands we will fairly soon be at a point where we have far more than we can use even after we stockpile for some future catastrophe which we hope does it happen to put the current crisis in perspective more Americans have already died from corona virus than were killed on 9/11 Peter Baker of the New York Times who also joins us in a moment writes today quote under the best-case scenario mr.

Trump will see more Americans died than presidents harry s truman dwight d eisenhower john f kennedy lyndon b johnson and Richard M Nixon saw died in the Korean and Vietnam wars combined the lowest estimate would claim nearly as many Americans as World War one under President Woodrow Wilson and 14 times as many Americans as Iraq Afghanistan together under presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama – all of that here's how New York's governor is advising Americans to look toward the future we're never going to be the same again we're not going to forget what happened here the fear that we have the anxiety that we have that's not just going to go away when do we get back to normal I don't think we get back to normal I think we get back or we we get to a new normal hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos.

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