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we're very worried about every city in the United States and the potential for this virus to get out of control if we do things together well almost perfectly we could get in the range of a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand fatalities that's one so if we do things almost perfectly two hundred thousand Americans could still die from the corona virus already the death toll stands at three thousand three more than the number of lives lost on 9/11 so we we keep we keep getting to these grim milestones Willy yesterday more Americans had died by the corona virus than died in the Afghanistan war American troops over gosh the past two decades by the end of today more people will have died and died from terrorist attacks on September 11th you seen that as doctor as a doctor said yesterday we could expect if we do everything right that's the best-case scenario a best-case scenario if we do everything right then maybe 200, 000 Americans will die if we do everything right that obviously you know there's more people than died in World War one and the Vietnam War combined so this pandemic that a lot of Donald Trump supporters are still trying to underplay that the president of course tried to underplay for a very long time this is not the seasonal flu it's extraordinarily deadly and the great news for Americans is that the president's doctors are now admitting that publicly and it appears that the president is still following their advice that is really good news even though we're going to be going through two to three horrible weeks yeah in a month Joe and mica of daily sobering headlines that one we woke up to yesterday was quite quite high on the list where dr.

deborah birx who's been pretty sober and analyzing the data said yes 200, 000 if we do everything right we move we may lose 200, 000 Americans to coronavirus and as you talked about this in the context of war Joe if you live in New York City if you lived in New York City for a long time there are images that were just will be seared into our minds from yesterday of the field hospital going up inside Central Park places where we walk our dogs and our kids play of the USNS comfort sailing paths the Statue of Liberty and finding its dock on the west side of Manhattan to provide a thousand more beds for New York City the Jacob Javits Center where we've been to boat shows and various events now turned into a massive hospital on its own and of course the sight that compelled the president the United States to action those freezer trucks pulled up outside hospitals and Queens not far from where the president grew up that have bodies being loaded into them because there's not enough room in the morgue of a hospital in Queens these are these are images that will come to represent this crisis and as we know mica the president responds to that kind of a thing and he went out of his way to say did you see those images I saw it right up the street from where I grew up he's been compelled in the past in places like Syria when he saw children dying to take military action he saw some images through the media that compelled him to take this very very seriously now and extend that date through April at least so mica you and Willie both were in New York City on September 11th on 9/11 and I know for a lot of Americans who came in after that New York City seemed almost to be under a state of siege it was it's routine was broken and it seemed to be a country on the front lines at war you look at these images and and and look at what New York is going through now it seems that there are parallels with 9/11 there are and and then there's some differences because in the weeks and months after 9/11 the ground zero zero area of the city was really the hot spot that really symbolized the war and the situation we were in and the rest of the city carried on right now we're we're watching New York City get completely stopped in its tracks with not one section of the city that's not impacted and and it will be it will be something to see how history looks at the failed response to this pandemic which had so many warnings so early on and the fact that we are still scrambling on testing still scrambling on testing at this point I can't imagine history will be kind on the presidency and on Washington's reaction well you know that as we get to testing and it just again I want to say what I said yesterday the most important thing the signal versus the ground noise is the most important thing is that the president is listening to his science advisors and that he's moving aggressively in that direction the ground noise the attacking of the reporters I say reporters we should just ignore that because he's trying to bait reporters and overreacting his followers love that bigger story but there are there is some ground noise that he makes in these press conferences willie that we have to point out because it's it's it's as he would say fake news and there's a health connection to it when he says that testing is great he had a conversation with governors and there's no problem with testing well that's a lie it's it's it's not helpful because it sends the wrong message to Americans that we don't need to work harder on tests we do there's a story in the Palm Beach Post this morning which is of course the home paper of Donald Trump in mar-a-lago that in a County of 1.

4 million people in the county of 1.

4 million people only about 2, 300 have had tests let me look at it specifically here so what 1.

3 million citizens in Pauline Trump's own Palm Beach County only 2721 tests have been given and there are 330 thousand people according to this Palm Beach Post article this morning three hundred and thirty thousand people will e out of a population of 1.

4 million who are calling begging for tests and for a president who several weeks ago said anybody who wants a test can get a test which that just wasn't true and is now saying we're not having a problem with testing we are and that's why all healthcare officials that I've spoken with say take the number infections that the United States has right now multiply it by 10 because per capita we're doing worse than anybody in the world in testing people the under testing actually it is still making this country fly blind I know there there is some good news Abbott Labs other people rushing tested out a hundred thousand a week let's hope that continues and we celebrate that and we want that to continue but the president doesn't mean to lie about this because when he does lie about testing being perfect and continues to lie about it well that gives people a false sense of security in the middle of what he is called a war that's like saying oh the Nazis they're not a threat we're we're doing great or the the Japanese yeah they bombed Pearl Harbor but everything's going perfect no we have to continue to prepare Americans and let them know where we're failing and the United States government is still failing and testing it's ramping up and that's really good news but the president doesn't need to lie about how we're doing at war yeah he opened his briefing yesterday at the White House by showing that device that will provide tests quickly and that that laboratory is ramping up and trying to get out there but you're right that that's one point although he's moved with dr.

froggy and dr.

Burks on moving the date to April 30th when everybody should stay home he won't concede that point on testing which is key because we don't really know how big the problem is we can't get our arms around the plot problem and we have enough tests to test all these people and we're months behind all these companies are helping catch up but there's still a lot of work to do and that thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more 4 Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching.

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