Bali is one of the all-time hottestdestinations in the world whenever we tell anybody that we stayed in Bali fortwo months the number one question we get asked often is is it really cheaplike they said? the truth is Bali can be as cheap as you want it to be but alsoit can be as expensive as you want it to be as well so no Bali is not 100% cheap and today we will break down the cost for you in the span ofstaying there for sixty days one thing for sure is one of the mostincredible things about Bali is that the living cost here is much more affordablelet's see how much do you need to travel or even live in Bali once you arrive thenext question is where are you gonna stay Bali is not overwhelming in sizebut with numerous interesting and diverse places you can pick, it can behard to choose where to stay in Bali you can easily find a private pool villalike this that only costs about 30 US dollars or this one where our friendsstay for around five million rupiah per month only got charged a hundred and fiftydollars a month alright so we just got our room nice small room decent closetmy bathroom area for the nice bathroom the best partabout this is it's really clean and it's really really cheap now you get the place to stay the next question is that how you can get aroundthe island ? Motorbikes are exactly the primary form of transportation here inBali renting a motorbike is cheap and easy as well you will often hear thecalls for transport as you walk down the streets especially in southern Bali likein kuta or in seminyak the most common price is around fifteen thousand rupiah- seventy thousand rupiah and that is put there but if you stay long-term likeus then the price can go down to even twenty thousand rupiah per day but ifyou look at the traffic condition like this and don't feel like comfortableriding the motorbike at all you can also easily hire the driver as wellwe never hire a private driver by ourself as we are more on the budget.

Plus, we love explored island by ourselves okay speaking of the cost, ifyou want to have a private driver as far as I know it can cause you around six hundred thousand rupiah and that is for the whole day so if you fill up withthree bottle of gas the petrol it's supposed to be full.

yah but it dependon the motorbike as well 24, 000 Rupiahfor the full tank of gas all right I believe you might have heard that it isalso cheap to eat out in Bali the point is Bali you can easily find places toeat within your desired price point that fit your willingness to pay it can be ascheap as you want if you eat it a war room style or typical traditionalrestaurant like this you can see a lot of this in ubud or northern part of Baliso we just sat down here to get some which is like under a dollar then theprice can easily be between 15, 000 to 30, 000 rupiah but if you go moremid-range restaurants with more cute and chick looking style and more westernfood on the menu this kind of restaurant is where you start to make your way upin the price point this is more in southern Bali especially Changu where westayed for a month on average the food price is normally thirty thousand rupiahor it could be a minimum base for that price there so it can be from thirtythousand or even eighty thousand or even a hundred thousand rupiah it reallydepends on how fancy you want to go either coffee latte or other kinds oflatte at a typical local restaurant it causes about seven thousand rupiahbut at the mid-range restaurant price can be up to like fifteen thousandrupiah to twenty five thousand rupiah speaking of drink let's discuss a littlebit more about price on alcohol alcohol in Bali for beer is pretty cheapespecially bintang which is the best-selling and most popular beer thereon the island price can be range anywhere from thirty thousand rupiah tothirty five thousand rupiah or someplace can sell it at forty thousand rupiahdepend on where you buy it understand that bottle many places also have happyhour there as well we're gonna stop here grab some dinner and listen to some livemusic they got a really good deal on cocktailsI got five cocktails more a hundred gay as for the important alcohol drinks istotally different as far as we know there is the important facts around 150percent 200 percent of the basic price so imported drink in Bali are moreexpensive than the local alcohol drinks of course for instance a bottle ofliqueur so at 11 US dollar in the United State it is so around 14 US dollar inBali and for the gym don't worry after eating all that food in Bali you'regonna need to go to the gym if you want to stay healthy and keep your body fitin Bali it is the perfect place for a gym lover it costs about two hundred andfifty thousand rupiah per month for the gym and Chango in ubud it's even cheaperit's two hundred thousand rupiah so there's no excuse for you to not go nowyou probably probably want to start a sprawling the island and hang out goodnews that there are many places in Bali that you can visit that cost nothing toyou at all some of those places are for example this one the most famous riceterrace in the wall take a la langue rice terrace it's caused nothing to youat all so you can throw that and enjoy the rice terrace for free and if youwant to travel for photography and architecture propose bali get is theplace for you this place is stunning it is kind of like the most iconic spot inbali in my opinion next one this one is Saraswathi temple in epicenter free aswell and you can't avoid trying popular Luwak coffee why you are in bali we wentto tap a sari this one here unbelievably it is totallyfree to have the coffee and tea taste together with the plantation too as welleven though you don't have to pay for that but you are expected to tip theguide with whatever amount you would love to tip however if you want to buythe low wok coffee here it can charge you fifty thousandpeow perk up now there is no fee for most bitches but sometimes fee comes inthe form of the parking fee with some bitchesfor example but to belong bitch this one we paid two thousand rupiah for theparking fee when you want to ram the beach hair that will cause another50, 000 rupiah bali is also well known as a paradise for surfer we rent asurfboard in bali and it's not the hot thing to do at all here you can prettyfly a self boyfriend anywhere that there is the cost line and some waves chatterm rental can be from twenty thousand rupiah to fifty thousand rupiah and thatis per hour alright and some extra tips for you for the laundry you have to washyour clothes on the island right you don't want to be walking to the beachscrubbing your clothes in the water so the cost of laundry here is really cheapwe actually only pay about seven thousand rupiah per kilogram in ubud andin Changu Bali is truly the land of waterfalls and when I mean waterfalls Isay waterfalls there's thousands and thousands of waterfalls you literallycannot see them all whatever vibe you want to get from them you can get it inBali whether it be the powerful one the more private one the deep in the jungleone the cave one you literally can get them all most waterfalls come with ageneral entrance fee of ten thousand rupiah especially the more popular onesthat you see on Instagram staying long-term in Bali and being ableto maintain a budget would not be possible if we ate out every day we lovegoing to local markets early in the morning for some really cheap and freshstuff every time we go there we always get some rice some green vegetables somepotatoes eggs and even some chicken breasts withsome fruit which is really cheap if you buy it from the local market on averagewe pay from 80 thousand to a hundred thousand rupiah generally less us aboutthree days can you believe that three days and good morning it's like what 555and we have to get on another boat had to gili t this time once you visit baliif you're looking for a place where you can maybe relax or party hard at thesame time you should definitely hop to gili t island which is a populardestination that you should not miss when it comes to selecting a ferry frombali to gili islands the fastest route between Bali and the Gili Islands ispadangbai and gili t with the crossing duration of around one hour even thoughthe island is located close to Lombok but most people visit them from bali fora return ticket it costs as low as 80 thousand up to five hundred thousand wepaid four hundred and fifty thousand rupiah per person on gili t we stayed inmy mates place hostel this is the largest hostel on the island in my matesplace has got huge buzzing social area where by day you can chill at the cozybeanbag chairs not only that they also have a great bar and by night if youlook at the setup here it is especially the way they set up such a large tablelike this in the middle this allows you to socialize with other guests easilyand make a lot of friends there along table literally we cannot recommend thisplace enough that's our first impression on my maid's place rooms Wowyou walk in and I'm just cold in here laughs so they give you these huge boxeseach bed is three beds per room each room each has one section of a biglocker and then they also each hallway shares a bathroom and showers so at theend of the hall there's three back three toilets and three showers with two sinksso this place is absolutely amazing so far this is Jimmy bed my bed and there'sour roommate the island itself is chill and there is no Motor Vehicles allowedso when we would highly recommend you to rent a bicycle it is cheap only about50, 000 rupiah for the day if you want just half a day that is fine as wellwe paid twenty-five thousand rupiah for half a day's rental after you get yourbicycle we highly recommend you go to the swings by the ocean this is a superchill area and you have a lot of Instagram pictures about this swing itis really the icon of gili t also besides the swings it is really reallycheap to go snorkeling here as well it only costs about a hundred thousandrupiah if you buy it directly from my mates place they take you here which isunbelievably stunning they also take you to the other gili islands like gili menoand you see sea turtles and then you go to gili air and you have lunch and youenjoy the pool there as well and don't worry about the snorkeling equipment asthey provide that for you at no extra cost so right down the road from mymates place there's this place and they offer you know like Padang style foodlike local style food for twenty five thousand the waters tall water is onlyten thousand so it's it's about the same as what you would get inin Bali my maid's place we decided to try out the dinner fairly inexpensive Igot chicken cordon bleu fry she got some sort of possibilitythat Jimmy just mentioned you earlier we went to Nusa Lembongan and from thereyou can cross this yellow bridge easily to new such a minute an island fastballfor return ticket coz around 450, 000 to 500, 000 rupiah for return ticket dependon how good you haggle for that and depend on when you buy that as wellthis includes all transfers so it is a really excellent value in Nusa Lembonganplenty of people are in the scooter to right around the island we have done itand it's great experience locals never bother with getting a license as wellthe rate of renting is upward of about sixty thousand rupiah to seventythousand rupiah and that is per day for accommodation we stay here which willbook it from a B&B only causes about twenty dollars a day food here is pretty much like in BaliIsland middle-range price so here for example at sea breeze which is a reallycute as wrong right by the shore it costs around 50, 000 to 70, 000 per meal alot of place nearby the shore charge around the same price but if you aremore on the budget you can easily go to the place like this which sell more likean Aussie sham fourth I am a local Thai food we paid only twenty thousand rupiahper dish here if you want some alcohol the general price for cocktail is aboutfifty thousand rupiah and normally at around 5 p.


to 7 p.


depend on placesit is the happy hour time so you can really get a good deal 1 tips for youhere in Nusa Lembongan you can head to dream beach hut it is right by a dreambeach we had a really great time swimming there this is free this is aperfect spot to hang out for the day with good access to food to drinks topools just order some food order some drinks whatever you want to order on amenu and then you can swim in there infinity pool for free also if you arein new session in town island you can here to Jenny's place and althoughwhatever on the menu there and then you can have the excess to swim in theswimming pool here for free it is right close to the beach the wipe is more likeprivate and relaxing compared to dream beach hut depend on what kind of boy doyou want so if you guys liked the video please leave it a thumbs up and makesure you subscribe for more travel related content specificallyinformational content that help you guys make the most out of your trips be sureto check the link below because we have a travel checklist specifically forcountries in Southeast Asia these help you pack andknow what you need to know before you get thereso make sure you guys head over to divert living comm and check out yourchecklist.

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