UNMISSABLE Saigon street food | Vietnamese food gems Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

today we're in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnamand we're here to show you some of the best street food we have got some hidden gems lined up for you we can't wait to share them with youHo Chi Minh City will fulfil your every food fantasy the street food culturehere

is exciting and utterly delicious this is our third video from Saigon andwe're eating some of the city's tastiest food watch out for a papaya salad whichhas to dodge traffic in order to be eaten a unique crab soup which is alocals favorite and a hidden street food gem serving

up tasty Vietnamesepancakes in this Saigon series we'll show you some of the city's best foodfrom off the beaten path street food to iconic Vietnamese dishes you don'twant to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I'm Thomas andI'm Sheena and we're Chasing a Plate we hope you're

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in a beautiful little neighborhood lane likethis or on the ridiculously busy main roads no matter where you are it is justfull of life and that definitely translates to the food there is so muchstreet food here and our first stop is just around this little laneway cornerand it is

a amazing looking crab noodle soup we always want to show you the bestversions of local dishes in the city that we visit and if that means wehave to travel way outside of the city center to do so that's what we'll do welove doing that so that's exactly the

case with thisfirst street food the crab noodle soup it's called bun riel and we've traveledmaybe about 30 minutes outside of the main center of Saigon to share this epic bowlof noodles with you let's go and order there's a huge line already this little stall is such a hive

ofaction so we've put in our orders but I thought we'd come out here and just havea bit of a nosy and see what the cooking process is so there's big huge potsof crab broth you can see some of the crab paste floating on top there's allsorts of things

going on there's veggies, bits of tofu everything that'sgoing to go into the noodle there's a huge line of a Grab driverswho are waiting to pick up orders for takeaway it's all go I love how busy this bun rieu stall is sothe stall is just packed with people there

are so many people lining up andit's all go you can see these huge pots of broth and the broth here looks so goodso it's a tomato and crab broth so you've got this bowl of soup noodle soupwhich is full of different contrasting textures and colors and then you'vegot

this stunning bowl of fresh herbs and vegetables to which to add to thebowl of noodles so the bun rieu soup so what is it made up of and why is it specialwhy are we showing it to you so it is all about this crab paste and the crabsare

special because they only use rice paddy crabs so really small crabs whichthey pound in the shell and create this paste so this is the crab paste that youcan see the sort of foamy looking thing which is floating on the top of the bowland then there's all sorts of

other things in here we've got some fried tofuthis is the bun so the rice noodles there's some spring onions or somegarlic chives in there there's some congealed blood cake there's a fishsausage there's pork sausage and then of course it's swimming in this gorgeouslooking broth so and tomato and

crab broth and then to go with it we've gotthis huge pile of fresh herbs and vegetables so there's bean sproutsthere's Vietnamese balm this one here and underneath there's a whole lot ofwater spinach tendrils so you're supposed to add all the fresh vegetablesinto your bowl but what I'm going

to do first is just taste it without adding the fresh veg first so let's just give this broth a tastecause it's all in the broth oh manit is so packed with flavor you can really taste the crab in there that isepic okay so let's just let's just get

some ofthis crab paste too and also some of those noodles oops I lost my crab paste okay mmm that crab paste it's beautiful it'svery subtle but has a very distinct taste or flavor of crab okay it's timeto ramp this baby up so we have got a ton of

condiments here this purplelooking paste is actually fermented shrimp paste so that's going to add quitea bit of depth to my bowl so I'm gonna put a dollop of that in there and grabsome chili for some spice all right healthy dose of chilli and then alsothere's a ton of

lime so add some acidity okay this is gonna be good andall right some of these vegetables so I've got those water spinach tendrilssome of this Vietnamese balm so tons of that make it super fresh and then thesefresh bean sprouts okay I've got herbs flying all over the place

allright let's just give this a good old mix up look at that purple green redorange it is sensational oh I can really smell that shrimp paste wafting up okayI've got a ton of herbs let's get in hmm amazing I love the spice thechilli adds the fermented shrimp paste

is quite strong so adds a real punchy depththe fresh herbs absolutely amazing really lifts the bowl blood cake somenoodles more of that broth hmm it's so good I'm not normally a fanof congealed blood cake I don't really like the texturebut that's really good it's very soft has a

lovely clean flavor oh this isunreal we're on our way on foot to our nextstop and we found a very interesting shop front here so sugarcane is a verycommon drink here in Asia but we're going to show you guys sugar cane we'regoing to take it a step further we've

actually found a little factory wherethey're preparing the sugar cane to go to all the stalls all around the townit's a really neat little place so let's go grab one this is the sugar cane placeso the sugar cane itself is getting crushed here from these little sticks ofsugar cane

so this is the cane that sugar gets refined down from here inAsia you just basically juice it but what's really interesting is this whichis the sugar cane actually getting prepared so you can see out the back ofthe shop all the raw ones that have come straight from the

field and this guy'sstripping them down here so you can see all those skins being ripped right offthem and then they get cut down to the size of these ones to then get sent outactually right here so then they get cut down to like this put on the back

ofscooters and sent out to shops all around the cityso you'll find little stands all over the city this is really neat becauseit's fully the factory preparing it to go around all over town come have a lookat the machine actually they've just let me into their shop a bit

more thisamazing machine so all this gearing system this chain all this gearingsystem and this sort of pump is pushing back and forth and it's got some twospinning wheels on it which is just stripping off all of that skin andpushing through the big long piece of sugarcane before it

gets cut down intothese little little spikes to drink actually here is our drink here now so thisis our sugar cane so you can see it's sort of a watery texture oh that is so good it's not too sweetcause it's not refined right down so it's just the juice

that is delicious andthey generally put a little bit of calamansi in it here this one's verylight on that though so just a little citrus kick as well super refreshing inthe heat something I find quite neat here in HoChi Minh City is it's very easy to get off the

main roads and get into theselovely quiet little lane ways and communities and often they have a gatelike that but they're not private you can come in and our next street food iswithin one of these over there in the corner because they've knocked down abuilding here you can see

the little green stools set up in someone's housereally so this is where our next street foods gonna be let's go get some this iswhat we're after banh khot and we've heard that this little home kitchen does areally great version so little mini savory Vietnamese pancakes how cool is

this atmosphere so we're sitting right outside this family'shouse the kitchen is right at the front of the house and so they're makingsome spring rolls and also some of this banh khot and then they've set up a fewtables and chairs for their diners to enjoy their food and then

right in front of me is the construction site so we've got builders hard at work it doesn't get more atmospheric than this so this is the banh khot they are small savoury Vietnamesepancakes and the yellow comes from turmeric so it's a rice flour andturmeric batter cooked in a

special little griddle pan and then topped witha prawn and then as is very common in ahhh Cảm ơn ohhh so we've just been given some coconut milk sauce to go with the banh khot so as I was saying what is great aboutVietnamese cuisine is you often get a

basket of herbs and fresh vegetables soin this case we've got some lettuce we've got some mustard greens someperilla leaves and also some Vietnamese coriander and I think some Thai basil in there so I love Vietnamese food because of this it's so interactive it's funyou've got to get involved

you've gotta assemble your food and so what I'm gonnado is do exactly that so I'm gonna get a mustard leaf and then grab some herbs soI might get a perilla leaf add that on I think this is a fish herb so namedbecause it tastes a lot like fish

and then I've got a banh khot here and then Imight just get a little scoop of this coconut milk sauce and add that on topmmm oh yeah it's really creamy and then all I'm gonna do is just wrap it upsquish it down a bit and then dip it

in this dipping sauce so this is a verycommon dipping sauce in Vietnam it comes with a fish sauce base and it'sgot vinegar and it's got sugar this has got a little bit of pickleddaikon and carrot so I'm gonna dunk that in there whoa that's goodamazing the the pancake

is really soft and creamy and then the coconut milksauce that he passed me it's a beautiful almost sweet flavour Ilove the fresh vegetables they add a real zing crunch just a cleaness andthen the prawn really well cooked you saw that I ate the prawn with theshell on the

shell is very soft so it doesn't sort of cut your mouth or anything I love thisdipping sauce too it's very lively adds a lot of sweetness a little bit of zingcause of the vinegar in there hmm what a meal! next up we have got an iconic Ho ChiMinh

City street food to show you and that is a papaya salad we have come to thislittle stall here because we've heard that this lady does the best papayasalad in the city let's order what's really unique about this stall is that she's over on this side of the street

preparing her papaya salad butthe seating area is actually over this busy road and in the park so you put inyour order and then they ferry your order across the road to youshe is doing a roaring trade so you can see all the shaved green papaya in thewindow there's

all sorts of things going in I can see herbs there's beef liverjerky there's peanuts shrimp crackers and then there's just motorbike after motorbikepulling up and grabbing up a papaya salad to take away let's head over the road and grab a seat we've just been handed our green papayasalad

so we're now on the other side of the road at the park actually I'll showyou the sort of the situation here so where we first ordered is over the otherside of the road there where the big buildings are they do final prep herewith just some some of the

sauce going on top you come over to the park andthere's people sitting all around and there's little vinyl mats on the edgesso you sit down so it's got a very nice sort of picnic-y atmosphere going onover here it's but like a bit more quiet you're away from that

main road it'svery nice and look at the salad so this this is a papaya salad on steroids itlooks very good so you've got the green papaya shredded up these dark bits arejerky beef jerky but made with organs so by the looks of it that's gonna beliver jerky so

I'd say that will be a burst of flavor it's all swimming inthis sauce which is a very common sauce here in Vietnam fish sauce vinegar bit ofsweetness got some Thai basil we've got a bunch of chilli on there so reallyit's all about mixing it up oh and there's

prawn crackers look how goldenthese prawn crackers look that are on top let's just mix a good bit up coatit in that sauce so you can really see how that sauce is coating that greenpapaya as I mix it through let's get some jerky on top this is unreal oh

that isgood the main big burst of flavour is that jerky and then you've got thatsauce that chilli look how that chilli so it was a bit of a little collection ofchilli in the corner here but as soon as I mixed it in it really mixed throughthat sauce and

has just coated everything and that sauce just pulls ittogether so nicely the sweetness the tanginess of the vinegar and thenthe sharpness of the fish sauce mmm get some more jerky flavour-wise it's incredible andtexturally it's incredible the papaya still crunchy the prawncrackers very crunchy the jerky is obviously dried

but it's it's taking onthat sauce so it's just starting to squish up a little and then the superfreshness of that that basil on there that Thai basil I love how it's allcoated in that sauce it is a very good papaya salad and the environment isunreal I love that

you order across the road there and they bring it across theyfight their way through the traffic with a big tray of the papaya salads and it'sjust a nice atmosphere everyone's sitting around quietly enjoying their papaya saladit's such a nice place to sit under all these trees really good

environment andreally good papaya salad

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