Untold Travel Story: How I Ended up in Hospital in Thailand│Eva Bosh

hello everyone welcome back to my channel today I'm here with one story that I already filmed in Croatian but the video was anyways I think this story sounds much better in English so if you want to hear how you can connect being fake on social media having trouble

insurance and kidney stones on a plane just keep on watching enjoy so the story starts at the beginning of this year when I was in Southeast Asia travelling through Thailand Vietnam and I was in Malaya as well and if you remember the first place I went to was

Bangkok that's when I landed when I go to Thailand I spent around seven days there and then I had a flight to krabi in Thailand where all those beautiful beaches are that you can see on Google if you just fool Thailand if you follow me on social service

level up I made the other day I'll if you follow me on social media then you probably saw all the beautiful pictures that I was posting from Bangkok and being really mesmerized with the city mesmerised I don't know why I can't speak today being really mesmerized with the

city and in fact I was that's not something that was fake but the thing that had was happening behind the scenes what there wasn't oh come on get it together I was mesmerized with the city and I really was in a big culture shock when I got there

but the thing that was happening behind the scenes is the fact that I had the worst jet lag ever and if you've ever had jet lag you know that you can't sleep you feel like you're going to die because your body is shaking all the time that time

I also had shivers and I felt like I was going to faint as soon as I got out of the bed I also felt really really emotionally drained and a bit unstable if I might be honest and that went on for about five days so while you were

looking at my beautiful pictures and me being all hyped up about being in Bangkok in fact I felt like all the time and then just one day I woke up and the jetlag was gone and I felt back like my normal self normal self but then some other

old things started happening on my way to copies from Bangkok I had to get on a plane and have a flight that was about an hour and a half long to get there and I had the flight early in the morning I got up I went to the

airport everything was fine and then while I was waiting for my plane I started experiencing some sharp pains here here here you can see I knew right away what it was because that's something that I've been suffering from for a very long time and believe it or not

I have a kidney stone that just so conveniently decided to start going out of my kidney just as I was about to board the plane I kid you not that was a flight from hell so basically I got in the bus to get to the airplane I couldn't

stand my I was white as a ghost I felt like I was going to die and the knew that there was still an hour and a half in the air before I can get any help now if you've ever had kidney stones you know that the pain of

kidney stones is usually compared to the pain of being in labor some women say that it's even worse than being in labor I've never been in labor but I feel like I maybe have since I have a feeling these crazy pains in my freaking kidney so basically when

you have kidney stones you can't really move nothing helps no position in the world can make it stop I was so lucky on that flight to get the window seat which I always want but this time it was a seat from hell as well why well because ladies

and gentlemen I had to get out of that seat at least ten times during that flight and I got this crazy urge to go to the bathroom all the time and I couldn't pee there wasn't a single drop of urine coming out of my thing you know what

I mean so I was pretty much dying as a I mentioned there was a little girl who was sitting next to me and her mom she was looking at me like I was not the job but you know I just couldn't help myself I was trying to get

into different poses and do different things little tiny seat but nothing helped and then I started throwing up yes I threw up three times on that plane no one around me was affected by just it was just a really hard punch when my ego and my stomach and

that plastic bag that I used so anyways the flight attendants saw that I was in pain that I was pretty much going to die right then and there so they called up their land staff when the plane landed they had people waiting for me they took me to

a taxi and then the taxi took me to an international hospital in Krabi and imagine this this is the the best part of the story actually as soon as I walked into the clinic into the hospital the pain stopped it freakin stopped I was so glad it did

because I was just praying the whole time for it to stop they couldn't do a lot because of course I was out of Fame by the time it came there but the doctor did say that I should just hydrate as much as I can drink a lot of

water and just come back if anything else happens either way the hospital was so beautiful everyone it was so nice everything was so clean all the hospitals here around us in Croatia could be could take could look at them how do you say that it could be ashamed

note could could learn something from this hospital that I went to so I spent the next four days in Krabi my hotel room just trying to rest trying to drink as much water as I can I was afraid to move because I didn't wanted to start again and

all the way through you were seeing my beautiful pictures from the beaches and lovely time that I was having and you had no idea that behind the scenes I was pretty much dying and miserable all the time the reason why I didn't want to share this story with

you before was because they didn't want my mom to know that I had the kidney stone I just let my brother know and I like you're my emergency person if anything happens they're going to call you but don't tell mom because you're going to freak out because I'm

on the other side of the world having kidney stones on a plane but also I don't really like to share that negative energy are try and keep it as positive as I can and just you know sharing beautiful nice pictures follow me on instagram by the way I

post there when I go somewhere when I travel so you can see all the cool stuff from Thailand that was a bit fake not really fake I was really there and doing those things but not all the time of course my travel insurance was amazing thing that I

had back then because it really helped me keep calm and confident that everything is going to be okay that there will be people who will take care of me and that I won't have to pay a fortune for this checkup that I had with the doctor so make

sure you have the travel insurance make sure not to believe everything on social media if you want me to share some more stories that happen behind the scenes while I was traveling let me know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to my channels for more

videos thank you for watching this video I'll see you in my next one and don't forget to stay smart while you're traveling and have a lot of fun bye

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