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– This gift guide is forthose urbanites in your life that aren't afraid to get dirty.

We have partnered with Huckberry to find our top travelitems and gift ideas that'll make your favoriteurban explorer's travels a lot smoother.

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These gifts will helpyour friends and family be ready to eat their way through Paris, and get lost in Tokyo.

Better yet, these items are built to last, because no one should beheld back in their travels by sub-par gear.

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Let's jump in.

(upbeat music) There's a reason thatfanny packs and hip packs have had a resurgence lately.

And it's not only because they look slick.

Having a place to hold essentialswhile exploring the world is super-convenient, especially if skinny jeans are involved on an international flight, and you don't want your pocketsjammed up the whole time.

This hip pack from Fjallraven is sleek, durable, and the perfect size for flights, day trips, or everyday life.

We're especially digging theminimalistic pocket design that is just enough, paired with Fjallraven'sclassy and quality feel to all their products.

A sophisticated leather wallet that is straight outof a James Dean movie.

The Bellroy Hide and Seek, theHuckberry-exclusive version, has a slim profile, and willeasily slide into most pockets, but it's numerous card and bill slots will hold everything you need it to, and keep it all organized.

Plus, you'll be gifting peace of mind, as this wallet is RFID-blocking, so your loved one can stress less about virtual crimes.

With a pocket for everycard you could imagine, and a split billfold sectionfor different currencies, this wallet is a great shout for the urban explorer in your life.

This flashlight is built by a company that got its start creating parts for an international space station.

With a dimmable light, key chain ring, and easy, one-handed operation, this little guy is the perfect addition to any urban explorer's arsenal.

A flashlight is somethingyou don't think you need until you really need it.

Perfect for finding the breaker box at the log cabin Airbnbwhen the power goes out.

With a super-sturdy glass interior lining, this bottle doesn'tchange the flavor of water or other beverages that you have inside.

This is great if youfrequently want water one day, coffee the next, thentea the following day.

Plus, this bottle is doublewall vacuum insulated, meaning cold drinks will stay cold, and hot drinks will stayhot for hours on hours.

We appreciate the slick, refined feel of this bottle, especially the hideable handle and cap.

A durable, small notebook that will slide intomost pockets out there, and pretty much all slings and backpacks.

Perfect for the guy or galwho lives their life on paper.

Writing the next great American novel, grocery lists, or jokes thatthey can't wait to test out on their airplane seat partner.

The waterproof pages take alittle bit of getting used to while writing on them, but the content inside will be protected when an in-flight neighbor decides to spill ginger ale all over the notebook.

Perfect for customsdocuments, napkin doodles, and Pulitzer poetry alike, the James Brand Stillwell Pen is a great travel companion.

Some pens with collapsible designs can feel weird to write with, but the Stillwell provides a great, secure feel in the hand, thanks to the three rubber O-rings that keep everything in place.

Collapsible and lightweight, it'll easily attach to a key ring, or slide into a pocket protector, plus, it is built to take a beating, so it's definitely durable.

An innovative twist on thetraditional tech pouch, this thing from Peak Design offers excellent organization, solid padding, and weather protection.

It's got enough room and organization for the most tech-obsessed.

And, the origami-style organization means it's easy to know exactly where everything is at any time.

Plus it integrates with thegreater Peak Design system, and can also be used as a sling with a couple of Peak Designanchor attachment points.

Ideal for the digital nomad or tech-obsessed friend in your life.

This is basically aminiature portable tool box with 17-plus tools.

An essential item for any urban explorer who will surely have arun-in with loose nails, closed boxes, and a bottleor three that needs opening.

We like the tight and small design that comes along with the EverRatchet, and appreciated the ratcheting feature that actually makes aPhillips-head screwdriver useful at this small of a size.

If headed outdoors, it is easy enough to swap the Phillips-head screwdriver with the included camping flint.

Don't let something as smallas a torrential downpour stop a friend or family memberfrom making a great memory.

Designed to hold up in both rain and wind, ensuring it won't rip or fly away, this durable umbrellaalso packs down small, not to take up too muchspace in any pack or luggage.

And, we like that this umbrella will fit in the side water bottle pocket of most travel backpacks, making it a great companion for minimal one-bag travel.

Finally, some instant coffee that you won't want to spit out.

This is the perfectgift for your loved one who can't take on the world without a little caffeinein the system first.

It comes in a nicely designed box with six packs ready to be opened and added to boiling water tocreate a nice instant brew.

We're especially diggingthe Edgardo Tinoco flavor, which has hints of juniper and blackberry.

One of the sleekest carabinersthat we've ever seen, that feels really nice in the hand.

This aluminum carabineris not only great for all things carabin-ing, but for tightening loose screws, and scraping thingsthat need to be scraped, like chewed gum on your airplane armrest.



, our managing editorhere at Pack Hacker, has been digging using thison his belt loop for his keys, opening up endless boxes with the scraper, and fixing things around the studio and co-working space.

Versatility at it's finest.

A usable tool and a carabiner as well.

Great for the explorer thatasks a lot from their gear, this pouch is prettymuch ready for anything.

Okay, not necessarily anything, but this thing is seriouslystrong and durable, plus, it's water, grime, and dirt resistant.

The medium size is idealfor a passport or two, some boarding documents, a phone charger, a pen, and a notebook.

Thanks to the durable materialsand solid construction, we have been using our DAKA pouches for three years and counting, and they just continue to hold up.

Unfortunately, we all can'tbe out exploring every day.

Give your friends and family the feeling of theirfavorite national park for those days when they're stuck at home.

If you're not sure whichnational park to get, we're digging the smell of the crisp, cliff-speckled desert landscape of Zion, but your mileage may vary.

These hand-blown whiskey glasses are made from lead-free premium glass, and are guaranteed to up your friend's classiness, guaranteed.

Each glass features an impression of a majestic American mountain, serving as both a sleek design feature, and a bucket list item.

These come in a variety pack of four, or two packs featuring specificmountains and landscapes.

A classic Dopp kit that looks nearly as good as it functions.

Most Bellroy productsfeel great in the hand, feature a solid construction, and make great gifts.

The Dopp kit is no exception.

It's a great blend of classic design and durable materials.

Your favorite explorer willappreciate it's compact size, smart organization, including a dedicated magneticslot for a toothbrush, as well as the quality, water-resistant materials.

So there you have it, the urban explorer's giftguide with Huckberry.

We would love to hearyour favorite product in the comments below, so make sure to let us know.

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