Van Update & Travel Stories (Lessons from a decade abroad)

I think it's time for a van update I've been on the road for a couple of weeks and I will show you guys the little things that have Changed here and there to make my life easier in the van.

Let me open the door at the back.

So we have some light That should be enough first of all the bed and as you can see, it's not it's not a couch anymore and It's a lot Easier to just fold it in two.

So most of the time if I don't need to read or watch a movie or anything I just leave it like that and I can work directly from here because I have my desk coming here.

And it works fine and it's a lot easier to pull out as well I just have to pull that part and then just unfold and then fold back and push back And as you can see that's the bed situation from that side.

So it's just folded in two and I've got the the table the table is here and also My my blanket which is right there.

I don't need a water bottle anymore But but I still need a blankets.

Also the plant situation here and as you can see this one is is different I killed the other one.

It was it was the weakest link and It died after a few days without water the other one survived So the other ones could stay but yeah, I changed the middle one and this is thyme This grows, like weed in the south of France.

It doesn't need much water And it smells it smells really good and I can use it for cooking as well, which is perfect So that's for the plants.

Something else as well at the back.

Well, then that's a pillow that just gave out.

Its super windy And there's something I haven't shown you guys yet I've switched bicycle So instead of the bike that you've seen in the Van Tour video, let me now introduce you After Red, this is Blue So it's the French team i guess Red for the van and Blue for the bicycle.

That's an old Peugeot bike.

Yeah, it's secondhand obviously, but it works well and I'm quite happy with it.

And one more thing on the inside that I haven't shown you.

You guys remember those? those are the panels going on the windows and I have added some hooks and eyes on the four corners And Obviously the same on the other side.

Now it doesn't move anymore So it holds it in place and I guess it's a little, a tiny bit more secure.

I don't know to be honest, but it does.

Yeah, it does does work I guess that's it on the van situation.

I kind of need some air now.

So I'll show you guys the bicycle.

Yep Let's go on a little tour.

All right Hey blue, how's it going? It's taller here than The old bicycle so I can't fit the seat in there.

I need to Remove it each time.

But I guess that's alright.

I've put a little bit of tape here.

So it's always the right size and I'm walking around with an allen key in my pocket so I can adjust it and There we go Okay, you guys ready? Hey, look at that This road is now limited to 90 kilometres an hour this is insane, this is crazy.

I would never drive 90 on that road.

It's tiny.

Let's take a little road on the left So I've had a few questions about Who I am and what I've done before and I'll try to answer that as well today.

So It's a little bit of a Q&A in Van update Let me change gear I'm going up.

Oh no other way Yeah, that should do Before the van I was traveling already have been on the road for a couple years now and I was traveling on I was traveling on the bicycle not like this one, but more like off-road with It was about 35 kilos of luggage and I left I left from Paris I cycled 13, 000 kilometers all the way up to Bangkok Thailand ha look a little break Hey guys Hello, they're all so tiny it's just just kids from the winter I guess Changing back And what I've done was terrorist to the top of Norway “Nordkapp” and that took about a month and a half and from there on I went South because I was freezing my ass even in June in Norway so I cycled through Eastern Europe all the way to Istanbul and Once I was nicely baked with the Sun in Turkey in the summer, I Took her flight from Turkey all the way All the way to Moscow Russia and from there I took the train to Irkutsk which is in Siberia next to Lake Baikal and From there.

I cycled down to Mongolia and Across the Gobi Desert to China to city called the Xi'an.

I don't know the pronunciation Xi'an is is where the Terracotta Warriors are.

It used to be the end of the Silk Road Gonna stop somewhere there This is not an off-road bike, but it will do So, where was i? Yeah I took the train from Xi'an all the way to Kunming.

So that's in Yunnan in China southerner China.

And from there I cycled to Laos and then from Laos to Thailand where I ended up in Bangkok And I've finished the last 200 kilometers in bus because my back wheel was just falling apart Because of the weight.

I had an old bicycle from the 90s.

I paid 50 euros I bought it online and fixed it up it held really well all until Thailand.

I flew to Canada from Thailand Because I wanted to do the West coast of the US from Vancouver all the way to to Los Angeles It's a beautiful coast and I really i'd really like to do it on a bicycle but yeah, I needed to fix the bike which is alright, but I think I was I was done being alone so much and I had learned everything I needed to learn from that experience and And I wanted to move on to something else I've done all the things than just cycling I've also paddled down the Mekong River and I've walked around Sri Lanka.

You've seen that in the adventure video and I've done some backpacking around Asia as well quite a bit Okay, let me move somewhere else and I'll keep going Bumpy ride bumpy ride bumpy ride My tiny dead cat Yeah, I think there's a way of attaching it but I just don't know how So I've been doing adventure travel for about a year, a year and a half total and That's not the only time I've been traveling I've been on the road traveling or studying or living abroad for nearly, more than ten years now.

I've lived in In England in Ireland I've studied in Switzerland.

I Lived in New Caledonia, which is technically France, but suppose its side of the world.

I lived in New Zealand for a year I lived in Thailand I lived in Australia And At last France So, yeah, it's It's it's been a while that haven't been back in Europe for something a little more stable, so Yeah, enjoying it one day after another And it's come here.

It's peaceful.

It's people speak my own language which it's comforting but in the same way I I miss speaking English so yeah, I've been on the road for a while and Having a van is kind of a first in terms of Property for me.

I never thought my first home would be a van but I mean, I've been in rental apartments for a while now and I've lived in so many different houses so many different apartments.

I can't even count and and now for me living in the van is kind of a stable.

I mean it looks stable For me anyway and I'm quite happy that I can start my own business and Not work for somebody else anymore I'm trying to do a video making but same as is slackline, there is a learning curve and and It's going to take a little bit of time, but I'll get there eventually So I'm in France right now.

Um I'll be staying in Europe.

I'm quite happy to be in Europe to be honest I haven't been here for a while and I really enjoy it the more I'm away from France and from Europe the more I actually learn to love it and to see it's more as a tourist, with the tourist eye rather than than a local eye and that's something I've really managed to do in France, and I'm really happy with about that because Well, I can detach myself a little bit from the things that are I Don't know not expected.

But that's you know, it's like it's like something that you feel you have to do, conform and And I don't I don't like to conform.

I don't fit in any boxes.

So I'm starting my own company and And I'm on the road and I enjoy it every single second Even the bad moments moments, because you know, it's not always great.

Yes! Victory.

But honestly the bad days on the road.

They're the better than the best days at the office.

So You know everything is relative, but I do enjoy what I'm doing I do enjoy being on the road I do enjoy learning about videography and I like making videos.

Oops cheat.

so I'm gonna try to make my my van my office and Eventually one day maybe, you know buy some land and build a house so I can have a Stable thing and then then travel keep on traveling But being able to come back to one place I think is important when you look at travel videos, it seems to be all about quitting everything selling all your stuff or giving it away to break the routine but routine is important and It's important to get out of your comfort zone but comfort zone catches up really quickly So ultimately you end up in your comfort zone whatever you doing, and it's okay It's okay and routine sets up and it's okay as well It's just important to break it from time to time and get out of it but I think having a home is ultimately something that most of us will do and Even though I have a van now It's not going to be forever.

I know that yeah, having a base a place to call home I think is important even though you keep on traveling but It's it's a little bit of stability and routine in your life if you travel for a long time Let's say more than six months you'll you'll find that you get tired of traveling and and you'll start to crave for routine and What that means is if you stay three days in the same spots in the same city, you're going to be looking For I don't know a restaurant that you like Whatever that you're gonna be hitting that spot Twice a day for three days and not even go anywhere else.

That's Routine.

you don't want to think about Where to go what to do you just want to stop and do the same thing over and over again, and it's normal it's human, you know we we get tired of new things Happening to us all the time and even though it's great and you know, like your brain is awake and you make memories and you remember everything it's It's comforting to stop and it's comforting to have routine and with van life it's it's possible to have routine because Well, you kind of have your home with you.

So, you know cooking breakfast making your bed Everything is you know set up as you want and it's your home so even though you're traveling and you're growing in different places, well routine is is is always here a little bit and And that's quite good.

So I'm happy.

I'm happy.

I have my little routine, but some day building at home and Traveling in the van part time will be will be nice as well Okay So I think that's it.

Thanks for watching guys It might have been a long video, but I've covered some van updates and a little bit about myself as well Which might have been important I guess to give you some context on what's happening here Even though it was long.

But thank you for watching.

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So you have some updates on the van I'll still do maybe a couple videos on the van build and as well stay tune for the Emerging alternative videos.

I keep on talking about them but there will come at some point when I start interviewing people.

Thanks a lot for all the subscribes and the likes and I'm really grateful for all of that.

So I'm trying to answer All of your questions as you might have seen and reply to you almost every question that there is out there So do leave a comment if you have a question check out the Q&A There's a lot of answers there and for the van if you haven't done so before maybe asking a question there's also there's always timestamps on the videos so you can just Check the question that you want and good directly there so you don't have to watch all the video Thanks for watching guys, and I'll see you later on emerging alternatives see You.

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