Very Best Hybrid Shooting Setup for Travel/Adventure Photography (IMO) – Sony a7iii w/ 24-105mm f4

hey guys today I want to talk to you about the absolute best solution for hybrid shooting [Applause] [Music] now hopefully this video doesn't piss off all my subscribers who follow me because I'm a big fan of Fuji I still have Fuji I don't have any plans to sell

off my Fuji gear Fuji is still my first pick if I'm going to be doing photography only and I don't see that changing but I think there are a lot of you who are like me and you need to be able to switch back and forth between the

photo and video and not compromise on either for instance maybe you're the only photographer and videographer at event and you need to be able to get both or maybe like me you have a lot of kids or pets and you want to capture all the memories you can

in both formats and you don't want to compromise on either or maybe you don't have kids or pets but you travel a lot and you want to capture those memories also both photo and video and again not have to compromise and if that's you you'll know what a

challenge hybrid shooting can be you have to be able to rely on a system that will switch between photo and video seamlessly without a lot of fuss ideally with just one step not only that but you want to have several different settings for maybe low light versus bright

day or alternating in-between and maybe you want to also have a setting that you can quickly jump to to capture b-roll at slow motion speeds but then jump back to capture audio in regular speed also you want to get the steadiest footage possible so you really want that

in body image stabilization as well as lens stabilization because you don't really want to have to bring a glidecam or a gimbal or other hefty and fiddly gear around you'll probably also want to be able to switch from telephoto to wide without having to carry a lot of

gear on you being able to be light is a priority in those circumstances if I just describe your situation and if you like me have long been frustrated with your kits inability to capture all of those things without compromise well then prepare to sell some gear or max

out a credit card or get a second mortgage on a home because I found it that in my mind currently the perfect hybrid photography setup before I get into this too much let me tell you a little bit about where we are and explain why I have this

blue armband that's not like a house arrest thing no I'm on vacation right now so the lovely Aspen grow with my family and we do this once a year it's a great vacation they take care of the kids and me and Dan they just get to relax and

do photography so I am taking this opportunity to do a few videos while I'm here and this is the setup I've used for hybrid shooting all week so far the sony a7 three of course with 24 to 105 f/4 lens and D filter variable ND filter and then

my small rig L bracket so I do want to talk more about this setup I'm going to go into a little bit more detail and why I love it so much why I think it's perfect for hybrid shooting but first I want to show you a montage of

what I've been able to capture this week to hopefully demonstrate what the what it can do in these sort of low lights bright light in and outs long short telephoto all over just some crazy situations and photos and video so first I'll cut to that if that doesn't

sound interesting to you you just want to hear about the geeky stuff then you can skip to the timestamp you see on your screen right now but for everybody else real film [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you if you've been a subscriber for a long time there's one thing

you'll notice about that montage right off the bat and that's the steadiness of the footage and there's several reasons for that and the first reason is because the the lens stabilization as well as the embody image stabilization of this device is really great it's it's top-notch it can

compete with just about anything else on the market but also I got this small rig l-bracket and I got that mainly for landscape photography because it allows you to do the horizontal and vertical easily with a arca-swiss plate but when I had it on here and I was

starting to do some kind of family videography with it I realized really quick that I loved the extra inch of stabilization that gave me when I was trying to do kind of handheld stabilization I noticed that my footage was lot steadier and of course anyone will know that

if the wider you get the more stable your footage now I don't do a big video rig because I also use this for photography and also because I have to be light and I just don't want too much kit with me and I feel like this is a

really good compromise so I've pretty much kept this on my camera all the time and I really love it it also affords a little bit more protection for the camera which I really like the next thing I really love about this setup and probably the most important reason

I love this setup is because I do not miss shots with it I don't miss video or photo shots now let's first talk about the reason I don't miss shots as far as zoom range there's been a few times where I've been bidding something up close and then

I wanted that really really far zoom range and of course the zoom range on this the 24 to 105 is already create but the awesome thing about a 73 that it adds that I've got programmed to a button the c1 button is that I can switch to aps-c

sensor mode to give me just a little bit more reach without too much degradation in quality and I love being able to do that because it gives me just another 50 percent reach with my zoom range and I feel like this is the only lens I need for

almost everything I've done wildlife photography here and been able to jump from that back to just photographing and videography with my kids and that's awesome flexibility so I really love that and and I've got the other buttons mapped out really well so that I can just jump quickly

between slow motion for beer oh that's 60 frames per second or I can go even further the slow and quick mode to capture that 120 frames of slow motion goodness but then I can jump to my aperture priority mode for stills just like that I tend to jump

to that when I see wildlife and then I can just jump over to to mode which is my sixth EP if I get a little bit emotional when I talk about this setup and why I love it so much after only a little less than a month of

shooting it it's because I'm so grateful that I've been able to capture as much as I have without having to make any compromises really the only the only compromise I make and it's not without compromises of course is that with this lens it's an f4 I sacrifice a

little bit of that low-light performance I guess but this thing is a low-light monster this body so maybe I don't compromise quite as much into that it's heavy I love Fuji for how light it is and this you know my wrists aren't great this hasn't been the best

experience for me as far as my taking it all in the body I'm hoping someday Fuji will get that XH one to a level where it can compete the most important way Fuji could do that is just giving us some awesome stored presets that you can jump between

and that'll go a long way to helping me feel better about switching that XH one and recommending it for the best hybrid shooter but in the meantime this is it guys and it's pretty amazing but that's it for now look forward to a video soon where I'll kind

of go into detail on the different settings that I use I want a little bit more experience using it first to where I feel like I really have the best setup for for what I do the type of photography I do so I can kind of recommend not

to you so subscribe if you're interested in seeing that when it comes out but until then I remember kind of before cameras we'll talk to you again real soon

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