Country rich in contrasts.

Cheerful colors as its people, who illuminates with his smile every day.

Full of majestic monuments.

Dynamic markets.

We invite you to open your senses to enjoy a very generous country.

Since the sun rises, until you lie down, each corner will be a surprise.

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, listen to these tips.

What we hope will be useful for you to enjoy this country.

Welcome to Thailand.

Welcome to Thailand.

Welcome to Thailand.

(Tuk tuk) VISA To enter the country the Spaniards do not We will have to make no payment.

The process is very simple: just fill in a documentation and you have access for 30 days.

If your trip is going to be longer, you can leaveand enter again by the nearby borders.

Other nationalities, do not hesitate to consult.

ACCOMMODATION The options are endless and for all budgets.

From shared rooms, private rooms, private rooms with bathroomshared, up to big star hotels.

Quiet that without accommodation in this country, you will not stay.

We are reserving the accommodations on the fly, through different platforms, either booking, agoda, .



It's fast, it's effective, you can read all the opinions that other travelers are sayingand so it also serves as a reference.

CURRENCY The official currency of Thailand is the BATH.

To get baths in Thailand, you havedifferent options.

The first is to withdraw money directly from the ATM with your card.

Of course, take into account the commissions.

Carry cash and look for change houses.

“Haberlas haylas” in all thecorners, but not all will apply the same change so check it before.

TRANSPORT Moving around Thailand will be very easy, have an important and organized networkOf transport.

Also, do not worry about the language, because you will always find someone willing to help you.

The BUSES, together with the TRAINS, are the means of transport that we have used the most during our trip to Thailand.

They are fast, comfortable and also economical.

Good, always: that will depend on the type of busthat you hire There are many options and in each destination we will tell you what is the line that we have taken? The MINIVANS are another option that you have to move around Thailand.

They are a little more expensive, but on the other hand they are faster too.

In fact, there are some journeys that are only covered in minivans:like for example Phai.

The TUK TUKS, are very identifying of Asiaand they are also a spectacle to go in them.

But beware, you will have to haggle hard, because that being western and climbing to a tuk tuk, it has a corresponding taxa applied.

Of course, to tuk tuks and taxis, theyA tough competitor has emerged: now there is the GRAB.

The GRAB, is the Thai version of UBER.

It works perfectly.

Is an application, directly you download it, you register, and you can pay with paypal, with card, or in cash.

We use it several times, because one of the things is that you avoid haggling.

Thailand is full of AIRPORTS.

Is avery interesting option when your budget is higher or when you have fewdays to visit this country.

Our favorite means of transport herein Thailand it is the MOTO.

Why? why it gives us freedom of movement, we can stopanywhere and in addition, it is a means very economical.

Rent it, it will hardly cost you, depends on the site, between 3 and 5 euros per day.

And if you negotiate it for several days the priceIt may come down.

In addition many of the attractions that you are goingto visit, they will find themselves in the surroundings, so you will avoid having to hireother means of transport.

You organize the visit at your whim and you can visit them, totallyat your own pace Renting a motorcycle here in Thailand is verysimple.

But the first golden rule that you have to apply is that if you've never drivena motorcycle, I think Thailand is not going to be the country where you have to start testing it.

If you still want to rent a motorcycle, these are some of the rules that will help you to make the process much simpler.

The normal thing is that they ask for your motorcycle licenseinternational.

Although we have to tell you a secret: we have not been asked for itnowhere.

When you decide that you are going to rent it, checkIf the bike is in good condition.

If you have some damage, if they work wellbrakes.

If you have it, some problem, some flaw, make a photo and so you'll keepalways that information with you.

Always ask for a helmet.

They will not use it, but I think all the security measures they are always necessary.

As a deposit you will be asked for your passport or an important amount of money.

Your decision is whether to leave your passportor contribute money (usually ask around 2000 Baths).

And finally: with the bike you will always be givenA lock.

When the stations hook ok the padlock, leave it there quietlyand nothing will happen.

Ahh! and finally: check that your travel insurance has motorcycle insurance, otherwise, you must make one.

FOOD But if there is something that we are passionate about in Thailand, is the possibility of enjoying one of themost exotic gastronomies on the planet.

Also the street food is very good.

It is cheap and available throughout the day.

And relax, eat at the street stallsit's very safe.

PURCHASES Thailand is a great country for all those who love shopping.

What's more, the biggest market in all of Thailand you have here in Bangkok, but we'll tell you that in another chapter.

The night markets you will find in each town or city.

Of greater or lesser extent, the social activity of all citiesbegins and ends here.

7ELEVEN Thailand is the place where 7Eleven's most you will find per square meter.

Open as its own name indicates from the 7 in the morning until 11 at night.

And here you can find absolutely everything you need.

And we do not just talk about food and drink.

Do not.

We are also talking about reloading your card, parapharmacy, everything, everything, everything that you think, here you will have it.

But when I tell you that they are close to each other, they are completely stuck together.

Ahh .



you do not believe me? come, come on New 7Eleven.

INTERNET For independent travelers like us or simply if you want to be connected during the whole trip, have Internet at hand It is always a plus of help.

We have hired TRUE this time.

Benefits of hiring this company? Well, we found that in many bus stops, in many shopping centers, you found Free WIFI.

Also be a card, or this or another Internet, You can find it in different places.

They offered it to us from their own airport, top-ups at 7Eleven, or atofficial stores, like this one.

By the way, you will have different packs.

YesYour trip is 7 days, approximately Card you get about 150 baths.

But you also have for 30 days: it costs about 800 baths.

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