VIETNAM and CHINA share the most BEAUTIFUL HIDDEN GEM | Ban Gioc Waterfall


We are back in Hanoi but now, we're on our way, again.

Cao Ban and then Ban Gioc waterfalls.

So, it is a quick Grab To the bus terminal.

Overnight, sleeper bus, and we should be there tomorrow morning at 4:00 Before I speak, check this out Once again, people sitting almost on the floor enjoying a nice supper Are you a happy family? One happy family Just been dropped off.

Five o'clock in the morning Have you ever checked in a hotel room at five o'clock in the morning? And then one thing when you go out of the tourism mainstream It's like a here at Cao Bang and also in Ha Giang It's it seems like a minor but Huge beds one one crucial problem with it.

This mattress is.



you can see.



it can't even if you do that It is hard.

These mattresses are so hard and it is oh it's quite You can sleep on it but it is a bit uncomfortable We have our ticket for Ban Gioc Waterfall And we show to you the waterfall The waterfalls and that is China.

The closest we've ever been to China We traveled here to Ban Gioc waterfall from Cao Ban.

We stayed in Cao Ban last night and Ban Gioc is about 80 kilometers.

We rented two scooters And it took us about more just over two hours to get here.

The road is very nice.

It's a wide road.

It's in good condition There's not a lot of traffic on and it's quite safe to travel here.

We traveled here with the kids and obviously we did our research before we came.

We would definitely say or recommend rent a scooter and Travel here with the bike It's just something about the sound of falling water.

It is absolutely amazing.

So pleasant and you can spend so much time here just looking at that And from .



Actually get the true picture of this waterfall from the sky, because it's a cascading waterfall.

It has a couple of levels and This water is so inviting to swim in but it is cold, it is winter I really love all waterfalls and that is the heart You, love waterfalls I will make another heart You're drawing them, beautiful.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is approximately 300 meters wide and 35 meters high with, three cascades It is regarded the fourth largest waterfall in the world at an international border.

After Iguazu forth between, Brazil and Argentina Victoria falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and, Niagara falls between the United States and Canada So if you, feel you need to get up close and personal with this waterfall you get one of these and These boats, take, you like right on the edge of that fall And whether you're from China I have a stick Whether you're from China or Vietnam You can get to this waterfall and Just another thing about China I started to drone about here and I flew back, straight back, and somewhere in China's territory I Lost my drone.

It just “Done Disconnected” Was quite a frightening experience, I waited a bit about two minutes, nothing And I, I saw there's still a RPM signal on the remote so I pressed the Go Home and eventually it came home.

I was so so relieved I .




It was a nervous moment for me.

I thought I lost a drone But luckily at the end it did come home but it never never ever reconnected to the to, the Android phone So you can't see anything, you don't get any stats Luckily the remote controller has a little screen I could see there's still rpm going and I could see the distance.

So the distance showed me that it was going home and that was quite a sigh of relief We really do love the nature a lot.

Do you love the nature, Megan? I love it Because look at the waterfall Yesterday I mentioned how hard these beds are.

But Megan is gonna demonstrate to us how hard they are How must I jump on it? How? Look if I fall a bit You can't even play on these beds And this is where we stayed the night.

It's beautiful, big Beautiful big room.

What do you want to know? How much water did we take? Uh, three Three? Yeah, three so, okay A beautiful big room Two king or queen size beds with the hard mattresses but that you get everywhere here in the non touristy areas You can see they're busy with a lot of renovations and development So this is supposed to be a huge restaurant and then more rooms that they're still preparing and building and And we're on our way again This side of Vietnam, not too many tourists.

It was actually quite quiet Mostly local tourists so nobody understands you We found one restaurant, it's a part from the resort that's right at waterfall There was another restaurant that has a menu They don't understand English Like these people.

They don't understand English too But they had a menu with So they, had a menu with The ones side was English at least They don't understand it at all But at least, we understood what we wanted to order and there was nice food so they had like fried eggs which turned out to be an omelet and then the usual stuff, the local stuff That was also quite nice So we really really enjoyed it The waterfall is literally just here now If you go up in the air you'll there's a waterfall here A nice temple up there that you can have a view from Of the waterfall as well It overlooks the waterfall but, we're gonna give it a skip We're gonna go to the cave, there's a big cave around here and check that out and Then we're gonna go to some other places.

We're gonna sleep one more night here on the northern side before we return to Cao Ban To go back to Hanoi, so we're gonna be two days out here Two days in Cao Ban and then we go back to Hanoi This is our luggage That we are doing our three day trip with It's a all four of our luggage.

Kids clothing, our clothes And it was actually the best thing ever for Eben to teach me how to drive the scooter because now we are able to travel most of Vietnam on a scooter Go to the places that you don't get to go when traveling with a bus and we've got our own freedom So I'm carrying the luggage and Eben is carrying our special cargo.

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