Vietnam Travel Vlog 2016: Dalat 🍃 | Joyce Le

[Music] welcome back to my channel right now I'm at the airport and I'll be catching a flight to Delhi which is only 45 minutes away it's only a one-day trip so that's not me that long is a free trip so I might as well just make use of it this is my travel bag it's a dog tote bag I just recently got it cute this is coconut candy and you can probably find a lot of snacks in the airport however they're gonna be much more expensive like I don't know you can see it I don't think so it's like $42, 000 one thing you have to be accustomed to your while signed with Vietnam Airlines just is here [Music] thirty minutes why we only received [Music] [Music] and I have arrived at Dallas Airport which is the infimum sort ok I'm wearing this jumper right now even though it's not that cold long story short I thought it was you know four seasons in dela but apparently now it's only 26 degrees [Music] some how-to added another TV here which I find it's redundant pictures on the wall lamps closet the coolest part off the guest room is actually the balcony oh my gosh it's locked guys wait okay here yep this is the balcony it's so pretty now since we're already in the hotel let's talk a bit about dala dala is actually located in the highlands and london province it's famous for its agriculture and farming so most of our vegetables actually come from Delhi now guys it has been ten years since I last visited a lot ten years ago I enjoyed myself while abseiling in the mountains not a lot of fun memories but it's okay this time around let's make it memorable in a good way all right guys it's getting late so it's time for me to wash up go to bed it's an early day tomorrow to wake up 6:30 good night good morning guys it's 6:30 a.


it's an early day and it's already sunny oh oh TD of today is my turtle shirt some casual jeans and slippers just kidding I'm gonna wear my eye shoes this is the view in the morning so pretty I'm just gonna open the door for you and the weather is really cool by the way even though it's sunny I think it rained last night as you can see the rain drops are still here and we're now in the mountains so I'm staying at this place that's located on the outskirts of Delhi so it's not inside the city it's somewhere to bottom off this mountain a bit about my previous trip to de Lappe so I went camping absolutely trekking a lot of outdoor activities this time around it's more on sightseeing because it's only a one day trip so I might as well take this time to discover the city anyway it's time for breakfast after that we're gonna head out to the city see you guys then [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] the valley of love which is talking feel supposed to be this romantic place for people but let's see and then there's this random Japanese Ichigo dream ice cream shop how the heck is this romantic when you have a fake crocodile even though it's commercial the sceneries are really pretty [Music] [Applause] no this low my gosh dodgy-looking stairs this is like a marketing gimmick where you buy this ribbon and if you throw it onto the branch it lands on the branch you'll have love the weather is really nice by the way it's not that cold either but it's gonna keep her there is a plantation going on and on this side you have the lake it's stairway to exercising watch eat ice cream for the whole boss coffee okay guys that's pretty much it word value of love on to the next destination you a lot historical village okay right now in this museum is that supposed to showcase Bala artery this is a fashion souvenir shop you can get your silk swell us your Al's I everything relating to embroidery fabric what not gastronomy of royal let's see who was this oh it's a restaurant oops [Music] and over at the crazy house no idea interesting and weird architecture [Music] this is almost like Alice in Wonderland [Music] so the person who is actually daughter opportunity so you can see here that's the crane table it's pretty vintage now that I think about it I must say guys either she's really crazy or she's really creative I mean who has the time to build such as Alice Wonderland ish architecture [Music] [Music] alright guys so now I'm at Dalit city garden which is the biggest garden here in the city it's almost like Singapore's Botanic Gardens but the flowers are probably I don't know let's see if it's prettier apparently this place attracts a lot of growers and sponsors who are interested in these flowers today I learned that a lot is very famous for its flowers to not only vegetables and fruits [Music] that was nothing much but that's nevertheless you know just go there to visit and know what it is last stop for today is that last waterfall and I remember Anderton myself here before anyway that's a different story [Music] [Applause] luckily I had someone who would writing one of the landmarks here there many other waterfalls here people like to do a lot outdoor activities [Music] [Music] now on the way back we actually stopped by to buy some strawberry jam and artichoke teeth both of them are specialties of de lat you can't really leave the city without buying these items I swear all right guys that's all for today I know I didn't do much but please remember it's a one day's trip so last trip I did all outdoor activities this time around it's more in sightseeing for my next trip I hope that we'll be able to interact with the locals and their lifestyles okay now it's time to wash up you know get ready because I'm gonna have a gala dinner tonight good morning guys it's 5:30 in the morning and wow it's already very sunny however I'm gonna rush off now after I eat my breakfast to catch a flight it's pretty early in the morning my flights around 8:00 so I have to be there around 7:00 yeah morning fog it's so pretty [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] alright guys that's all for today I hope that you enjoyed this video if you liked it please give thumbs up I'll try to do a more travel vlogs in the future no promises though anyway I'll see you guys next time remember to subscribe to my channel bye [Music].

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