Vietnam vs Thailand | Hanoi vs Chiang Mai

Whether you are from the USA, EU or some otherplace, chances are you are going to consider Vietnam or Thailand when you want to visitSouth East Asia.

I think you should visit Thailand and I amgoing to tell you why.

Don’t listen to him, Vietnam is way betterand I am going to prove it to you.

To experience those two countries in the 9days we had, we visited places around Hanoi and Chiang Mai.

The first thing that I noticed when goingthrough the small and beautiful streets of Hanoi, was how people were relaxed, sittingoutside and having a good time.

Well, my first impressions of Thailand wasseeing the huge trucks everywhere.

Everything was so big, like it was the USAof Asia.

You think that’s better? Hold on, let me tell them about the elephants.

Well, the second day of our visit of Thailand, we went for a half day long elephant tour.

We spent our day with Blue Elephant ThailandTours and it was great.

We prepared food for the elephants, fed them, had a bath in the river with them and got to see them roam freely.

We spent our day in a group of 5 to 15 people.

The less people, the more fun.

We even got to interact with the baby elephant.

Well yeah, that was nice, but it wasn't cheapright? It cost us like 50 euros for a person? Yeah, that might be true and there were cheaperoptions where you can see elephants perform tricks or even ride the elephants, but theseare very unethical.

You see, Elephants don't naturally let peopleride on top of them.

So, in order to make them fit for riding, elephants have had to undergo Phajaan – an extremely painful process in which the elephantis beaten and deprived of sleep, food and water for up to several weeks.

So please, do you research before you go onan elephant tour.

I promise, it's going to be worth it.

We spent our second day in Vietnam on a touras well.

When planning the trip, we couldn't decidewhether to go to SAPA or Ha Long Bay.

Paul wanted to go to SAPA, but I preferedHa Long Bay.

So we went to Ha Long Bay.

In contrast with the noisy and rushed streetsof Hanoi, Ha Long Bay was such a calm place.

We had a great time on the boat, just lookingat the sea, the little boats and the thousands of little islands around us.

As a part of the tour, we also visited severalislands with amazing views and a limestone cave and kayakng in a bay.

And on our way back, the evening was alreadyapproaching and we have seen a very beautiful sunset.

In Thailand we saw thaibox fight, buddhistmonks and a tons, I mean tons of different buddhist temples that are up to thousandsof years old.

We tried to respect their culture by goingto the temples without shoes.

In Hanoi, we also saw buddhist temples, butnothing compared to Chiang Mai.

Besides buddhist temples, we also saw catholicchurches.

Displaying religion in a form of temples justdoes not seem as important in Vietnamese culture.

When it comes to food, Vietnam doesn't seemtoo affected by international cuisine.

It's cheap and delicious.

Vietnamese cuisine uses various interestingspices which make the food even better.

Apart from the main courses, so many snackswere available in the streets.

There were stalls with banh mi, spring rollsand so many things we didn’t know before.

We have seen many people selling fruits onthe street, especially the amazing minibananas.

I totally didn't expect such a differencein taste compared to bananas sold in Europe.

In Thailand, foreign food was much more available.

We even went to a bakery and tried a baguetteand it was pretty good.

The Thai food was much spicier than what wetasted in Vietnam.

Actually almost every food was spicy.

We saw a lot of street food as well.

There were stalls with typical Thai food suchas Pad Thai and many stalls with grilled giant river prawns.

My absolute favourite dish was a mango withsticky rice and coconut topping.

Coconut icecream from street sellers was amazingtoo.

Overall I like Vietnam more, it was cheaperand as a European the culture was much more foreign to me.

I liked going through the city at night, allthe food, the cute narrow streets and the nature in Ha Long Bay.

I like Thailand more.

Despite somewhere familiar, Thailand alsomaintains its own culture.

It was also calmer, more relaxing and if youwant to spend longer time in one place, Chiang Mai, Thailand, seems perfect.

Which country do you like better? Leave comments below.

Thank you for watching and see you guys nexttime.


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