Vietnam's Paradise Halong Bay | Most Beautiful Place in Vietnam

let us give you a little sneak peek ofhalong bay from above good morning guys from Hanoi in Vietnamtoday we're actually going to Halong Bay which we are super excited about yeahit's about a three hour bus ride from here and it should is supposed tobe one of the most

scenic and beautiful places that you can visit here inVietnam so we're super excited I mean there are over thousands of differentlimestone islands it should be so beautiful so we just got picked up by abus at our hotel and we're expecting like a three hour bus ride and thenmaybe

a boat or maybe a bus to an island called Cat Ba just outside of halong bayis where we're going there's a first destination and we're really lookingforward for this trip this is how the bus looks inside looks kind of like adisco inside of this bus thank you so

they're even giving uswater which is awesome stay hydrated the company's name is actually cat badiscovery so if you're ever going to cat ba Island definitely go with thiscompany super convenient super nice so pretty good bus to sleep on or what doyou think this little Explorer is out after

an hour into the bus ride we aretaking a little pause and little pit stop where we're gonna maybe grabsomething to eat snack or something like go to the toilet yeah so this is the spot that youare going to see if you're going with this kind of bus see

all these buseshere and then so you have the toilet here and some like coffee of there that was an expedition Robinson to get these earphoneswe got the headphones yeah okay let them do that I let them do their jobheadphones expedition Robinson I even got sweaty in there with

all the bags snacktime these are awesome so good and these as well we are now standing on the boat that is goingto take us and our bus over to cat ba island and it's cloudy what else can we say about this a rusty ferry i rusty ferry and

I think that this ferry is going to take about a halfan hour or something like that and then it's even one more half an hour to ourstay on the island because we arrived here and we're going all the way downhere to this part where we're gonna stay for

the first three days I think they're also doing some fishingon this boats because I think that is shrimps or any other sea animals downthere you can see that they are working down there on this boat but now I thinkwe're going to go up to the deck over there

and see the view from there yeah rusty is the right expression forthis boat look at it looks like a wreck so we can already get a sneak peek of thelimestone islands over there looks super nice all of these mountains as you can seehere are different islands I know

it's not the best weather to show you thisbut well you will see a better view in a second so we just arrived in cat ba island whichsupposed to be the largest island in the whole halong bay and actually half of the island isconsisting of a national park that

has this animal asyou can see in this picture which is called Cat Ba Langur which is a whiteheaded monkey super cool and we're now in the mountains with a beautiful view over the sea andthe road is is a little bit more rough yeah it is it's hard to

hold the camera a little bit more bumpy yeah so we just arrived at our stay here in cat baisland outside of halong bay at a place called Venus hostel I think yeah yeah andit was super cheap and you can see on the pictures it's pretty basic I meanit's

two beds and bathroom private bathroom for a moment for about $10 anight for two people which is in also including a breakfast which is amazingon an island like this and also this island inhabits about 13,000 people soit's quite a big island just outside of halong bay in the

paradise of Vietnam oh wow this bed is so hard yeah it's like a rock right yeah it'slike sleeping on the floor anyway we are going to explore this island and arehappy to take you with us yeah we're going to do like a one day cruise withlike kayaking and

more stuff I'm not exactly sure of the tour I think it'ssupposed to be like a floating village where people are living yeah I remember that now yeah so if you want to see all of that fun and beautiful stuff stay tuned for ourupcoming videos thank you so much

for watching see you next one bye let us give you a little sneak peek of Halong Bay from above so I'm sleeping here and you're sleepingthere right it's like a drum listen to this a bed should have some cushion right I don't even sink likeone centimeter in this


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