Imagine you could explore places fromthe comfort of your couch even when you're sick stick with me and I'll showyou exactly how to explore the most beautiful places hella bug and we bewelcome to adventure what my channels all about getting you to more adventureslaughs if you're fully and truly

in love and if this is the kind of life that youwant to create for yourself then consider subscribing and share thisvideo with anyone who wants to live that kind of life as well so as most of usare still a home and in quarantine I thought a cool thing

to travel from homeB to visit some online Museum it's not online with zoos but museums that youcan actually visit virtually as well there's a bunch of them online you cansimply Google virtual Museum they have really big ones from London from Berlinfrom New York even there one big one

in Mexico City is really beautiful you canvisit online and there's another really cool slide that I really like and I'mgonna show you right now it's more like Google calm and it actually allows youto visit all these places and museums here and you just scroll through look atwhat do

you want to look at like let's say Machu Picchu and it gives youbeautiful 360 view and you can walk around and explore and on days whereyou're like man I'm gonna move it out I cannot watch any more movies I'm sick ofworking I don't know what to do anymore

I kind of want to do a puzzle but Idon't have a puzzle this is a perfect thing to do like it's gorgeous you canexplore so many places around let's go back and let's see one of myfavorite places is the Taj Mahal in India it's so beautiful so gorgeous

andyou have thousands and thousands of places here that you can go through ifyou want to where was i before that I've really enjoyed some of the places I'mbigger we can actually explore a lot like I was said Petersburg before Russiavery very beautiful places here's a touch maja it's

gorgeous and you canjust walk around sometimes you have pictures down here as wellyeah you can just crawl around walk around and sometimes they have littledifferent perspectives as well they can like go through different levels theircastles that you can explore they can also see the inside and so manybeautiful

things to do and see and explore these are all kind of museums orhistorical places we can actually spend hours on this till you get bored andtired of doing it and I'll just click onto one more place some of the Indianplaces are a little bit smaller I think this

one is the one that has differentlevels let's just see yeah right here in the corner you have numbersand that gives changes here to different levels gives you different perspectiveslike it's freaking gorgeous their front level let's go to number two differentlevel again and you can just play around with

this I think zero is inside and youcan actually see the inside of the Taj Mahal very beautiful and there's so manyplaces to explore and discover I think you can search them as well and you canjust have fun with this as I said some places you can literally look

at themfor like ever and some places are pretty small they have a lot of Indian placesthat are nice to look at but there's not too many places to go like this I thinkit's Indonesia or somewhere then you just follow here these little paths justclick on it enjoy the

few explore go around and have fun there maybe you finda place that you actually want to see in real life and that'd be cool and if notyou know like that's not too interesting I actually don't miss anything by notgoing to I think this is the place that you

can visitfrom the inside as well yep so here's the castle whatever it is and you canalso go and do like a tour through the inside explore a little bit and maybeyou find something interesting and if not well then if they should give it atry and this is what

I'm gonna keep doing for a little bit right now thankyou so much for watching again all the links are gonna be down in thedescription below there's also one of my best trainings on how to live a life youwill remember you definitely not regret watching it if you like

this videoplease consider sharing it with anyone who would benefit from watching it givethis video a like if you actually did like it and hope to see you intomorrow's video bye

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