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I want to be wild a beautiful and free! Just like the sea.

I am Dray del Rosario and welcome to my channel.

Please join me and other of my friends in exploring Seychelles.

From Seychelles International Airport we were picked up by the sunsail personnel.

It took us around 15 minutes to arrive at Eden Island Marina, on the Island of Mahe.

Where the Catamaran which served as our home for ten days was waiting.

The Marina itself is a beautiful place already.

There are shops, big supermarket, restaurants and cafes that you can already enjoy.

We arrived in the Marina in the afternoon, we checked the Catamaran, settled-in and made sure that we have enough water, food and other essentials.

Me and the others went to the nearby wet market to buy other stuff.

Since we knew that it would be cheaper instead of buying everything in the supermarket.

Which was actually true.

We saved a lot of money.

On our second day, we started to sail! It was a good day.

Weather was perfect all were so excited! In my case, I was super excited but since it was my first time to be on a Catamaran to sail and not to mention for 10 days.

I got a bit nervous.

Anyway, I just trusted our dear friend Martin whom also our Captain for this trip.

Make Island is the largest of the 115 islands of Seychelles.

Picturesque beaches with turquoise water and tall mountains can be found on this island.

You will also meet friendly people whether it be locals or expats like us along the way.

On our way to Praslin Island, we took the chance to rest, chat and sunbathing.

Mmmmmm, but for me I just used this time to distract myself as I was already started to get seasick that very moment.


We stopped close to the island and enjoy the beauty of it.

And since I love to cook I volunteered on some of the days to cook for the group.

And not to brag but of course they all loved my food.

Before dinner we experienced our first sunset plus a beautiful rainbow.

It was so magical.

We also had a sundowner drinks.

Day three, woke up lightheaded.

It was because of the waves yung para king Idinuduyan ng malakas ng nanay mo para makatulog dahil sa hilo.

But waking up with this amazing sceneries, made me forget the dizziness.

After breakfast, we all went to Cote D’Or it is the beach in Praslin Island which is known for their palm-fringed beaches.

Then, I dived in the water and started to swim like a merman.

The water was a bit cold but tolerable.

My attention was caught by the beautiful group of fish and by the clear water.

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We sailed again towards Curieuse Island also known as Turtle Island.

And guess what? To see turtles.

So we used our motorboat to go to the island.

We were all thrilled to see this incredible land-dwelling species, the curious Giant Tortoises.

Which Seychelles are also known from.

This island and the species are now for being protected and declared as World Heritage Site.

TRIVIA: The Giant Tortoises are only be found here in Seychelles and in Ecuador.

And to get to the other side of the island we walked across this mangroves pathway.

It was like 15 to 20 minutes walk.

And please wear something to protect your feet as there are sharp rocks along the way.

But is the walk worth it? A BIG YES! [Music] Another beach with white fine sand, crystal-clear blue water and green surroundings.

It's Paradise! So I didn't waste any time and immediately took some good photos.

[Music] And also check out these rock formation by the beach.

Really such a great wonder of nature.

[Music] Day four, on our way to one of the major island in Seychelles according to some people in Google.

La Digue Island.

It's known for its beaches, one of them is Anse Source D’Argent, dotted with granite boulders, on the west coast.

We went on the island, rented a bicycle and then drove around the island of La Digue.

Which was so much fun! It brought me back to my childhood days back in my hometown.

After a few kilometers of driving around.

Finally, we reached the Anse Source D’Argent.

People said that it is the most famous beach here.

Well I will not argue, it is indeed amazingly beautiful and fascinating.

The water is so clear that you can see group of fish swimming near you… as in super near you.

On our way back, we stopped for a quick ice-cream and a quick shop to buy some souvenirs.

[Music] Day six, we spent a day in Cocos Islands.

A group of small islets in the Seychelles.

They can be found approximately seven kilometres north of La Digue.

It is a good site for snorkelling.

Though on this day we just decided to stopped from a distance enjoy our floaters and relax.

On our seventh day, we also went to Bel Ombre located on the island of Mahe.

It has a small fishing harbour for artesan fishing from small boats with lines.

You can also do some hiking here and enjoy the view from the top.

After a day on the island.

Another spectacular sunset! The memories that I will never forget.

The golden-firey color produced by the Sun hiding behind the clouds while going down.

I am so speechless.

[Music] Day eight, we sailed and stopped at Takamaka Beach.

Anse Takamaka is often described using words such as “picturesque”, “stunning”, and “breathtaking”.

Once you arrive here, it's very easy to see why.

The beautiful scenery, crystal clear water, and gorgeous sandy surface combined to create an incredible beach location in the southwest of Mahe, the largest of the Seychelles Islands.

We used this day for relaxation and not much of an activities.

Just being lazy and enjoying the beauty of the island.

Walked along the shore of fine white sand, feeling the breeze of the cold wind while under the Sun.

It definitely brought out the island boy in me.

Day 9, our last day of our island hopping before heading back to Eden Island Marina.

We stopped by the Conception Island.

It is a small island in the Seychelles two kilometers west of Mahe.

Which is currently uninhabited along with its sister island “Therese Island”.

[Music] By this time I am super tanned already.

Golden brown skin tone.

Actually, I am “nognog” na.


[Music] And for the last time, I jumped and swam in the water of the Indian Ocean.

Surrounded by the islands here in Seychelles.

It was really a memorable experience.

The friends I was with.

The fun and the laughter.

And yes, our last sunset here.

Let's cheers to the amazing Seychelles! Back in the Marina.

It's sad but it's time to say goodbye.

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