Voice Over MObile recording studio, VOMO in Thailand – Simon Hill's Travel Testimonial

Hi everyone, my name is Simon Hill and I've been a professional voice actor for over thirteen years and I love traveling.

It's been a dream of mine for a very long time to combine my work as a voice actor with traveling and As of this video I have been Traveling through Southeast Asia while voice acting for four and a half months and I freaking love my life Now before I left my home in Canada I had no idea how to make this work and the VOMO from Vocal Booth To Go solved that problem.

Ever since getting it and going traveling I've- recording near a pool I've created happy clients while traveling through Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia.

I also knew this was going to be a bit of a risky investment because my clients are used to my professional home studio sound.

Now I knew there's a lot of products out there that were available but Without even buying them I knew they wouldn't be able to hold up to the variables of Recording in a random hotel rooms all over different countries.

Now, the Vomo from Vocal Booth To Go appeared to be the best viable option to produce studio quality sound in a very dense space.

I was very skeptical though So what I did was I reached out to one of VOMO's previous testimonials.

A voice actor by the name of Jorge I reached out to him and just said hey, man do you have any samples I could hear? He actually happened to be on vacation at the time and he sent me a couple of samples that he had recorded that night for a client and as soon as I heard his samples, I knew The VOMO was just the ticket I needed Flash-forward four and a half months later with Rockstar customer service from the VOMO vocal booth to go team.

Here I am doing this testimonial.

Now that being said I've got a few pro tips for you on how to get the most out of your VOMO while you're traveling.

Number 1.

Always carefully consider the location of your hotel try to stay at hotels that are not located on main roads This will greatly reduce the amount of traffic noise you hear especially honking horns, which is very common in Southeast Asia Number 2.

If you are staying in a hot country make sure you get a hotel that has air conditioning Trust me, you'll get a little bit warm working in your VOMO and you deserve to work comfortably.

So make sure you get air conditioning.

Thank me later.

also, make sure that there's a remote control to turn the air conditioning on and off between recordings.

Number 3.

Be very cautious about staying in family oriented resorts.

Family usually means there's gonna be kids and Babies and kids and babies tend to make a lot of noise especially babies so yeah, I mean if you do have to stay at a Family-oriented resort.

I don't know why I'm doing the quotation thing.

if you do end up staying at a Family-oriented resort and there's a pool Try to stay as far away from the pool as possible.

Number 4.

When in doubt just ask for a couple extra blankets I've honestly only needed to do this about Two or three times in the last four and a half months, so it's not really a big deal But you know, If you are dealing with a little extra noise, then just ask for a couple extra blankets and that'll take care of it.

So yeah, there you go.

I'm really happy with my purchase of my VOMO from vocal booth to go.

Because I'm here.

I'm living my dream.

Because I'm making money while traveling I am under no pressure or obligation to go home.

I probably should do that soon to do my taxes But anyways, this wouldn't be possible without the VOMO from Vocal Booth To Go And I'm super grateful for everything that vocal booth to go does and has put together For us voice actors to be able to do our jobs and also be a little bit nomadic and explore at the same time.

So thank you very much.

Alright, I'm here in Thailand at the moment It's currently Songkran festival the world's biggest water flight and I'd better get back out there and enjoy myself So thank you very much for watching my testimonial.

Alright Cheers! Bye!.

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