Waterfalls, Temples, & Bats | Southern Mexico Adventure OVERLAND TRAVEL SAGA Ep. 34

Previously on The Traveling TogetherJournal We explored Lagunas Montebello and had a long rainy drive on the roughwhiny roads of Southern Chiapas We decided to just get up and get goingso maybe today will be packed with lots of adventure because we have got all this time.

We know the next like five things we want to do.

And ones only a couple hours awayand the other ones another couple hours away but then the other ones like reallyfar away.

So, we're not sure if we'll be able to get to that.

Oh, you guys want toknow what they are? Okay, well we have waterfall hikes.

We'vegot ruins, and then end it with drum roll.




Bat cave show! So Matt went to go ask if we could bringthe dog in if we have a leash because there's a sign says no dogs.

Anyways sowhat's the deal? We can take the dog keep him on a leash.

yeah And it's a hundredmeters to the waterfall.

oh it's not much, but.


No and how much is it? 25 each.

okay We are going to have a dirty dog! Eww Foam party! I can't believe you are playing with that.

I'm going to go swimming in it.

This one is supposed to have five different waterfalls at it.

pretty cool We just finished up at Cascadas RobertoBarrios and we were headed to the Palenque.

Paleque is a mid-sized archaeologicalsite exhibiting the remains of a Mayan city-state that flourished in theseventh century AD.

It contains what are considered some of the finestarchitecture, sculpture, and relief carvings that the Mayans produced.

We enjoyed exploring around and insideof the excavated structures and reading the informative signs to betterunderstand how the structures were used when Palenque was the thriving capitalof a Mayan city state.

What does it say? These are limestone reliefs and they depict prisoners of war.

And so this courtyard was used to entertain guest, but it was also the place where they would present the king with the prisoners theybrought back from the battlefield.

Now you may think that seeing like eightlarge waterfalls and a handful of more smaller waterfalls would be enoughwaterfalls for one day, but we're going down all these steps looking for morewaterfalls.

Amie saw a sign that said cascada which means waterfall and arrowthe pointed this direction.

So, we are on a waterfall hunt We found the waterfall! I didn't bring my swim shorts though.

After the city began to decline around 800 ADit was reclaimed by the jungle of cedar mahogany and sapodilla trees thatcontinue to surround the site today.

So far one square mile of Palenque has beenexcavated and work is continuous to uncover and learn more about this oncegreat city, but it is believed that 90% of the city's total area remainsconcealed by the jungle at this time.

We just finished up checking out the ruinsin Palenque and now we're going to head into the city of Palenque to try to getsome propane and we need to restock our supplies as well.

Ah man Went in for a resupply, but they won't let us take the cart out to the truck, but we did get some freechocolate cake Alright we're having another earlymorning it's 5:30 and we're just leaving Palenque we'regoing to go see a Bat show.

It's a big cave where thousands and thousandsthousands of bats come flying out all at sunset so it's a bat show.

So this is really customary driving in Mexico.

We are driving on the left side of the lanebecause the rights side of the lane it looks fine there's no potholes butit's just really really bumpy for no reasonso this big truck and us are just cruising along on the opposite side ofthe road Alright so a semi just blew his tireright in front of us.

Matt swerved out of the way and the other semi swerved outof the way, but we're gonna go make sure the semi is okay.

Because he just wentoff into the bushes.

holy crap So a bunch of locals are running over tohim to make sure he's okay.

It's really cool all the people locallyare running out and making sure that everything is okay.

So is he okay? yeah, I mean it looks like he is a little bit hurt, but he is up and walking around.

He is not bleeding or anything.

That's good Yeah it was just him.

What? Did his tire pop? I think that that other truck just drifted into hislane.

And they just hit.

I think his like, that is parts of his suspension and stuff that are like on the road.

I think he like lost his back axel.

His trailer is like sitting all off to the driver's side Where's is he going? The other truck tookoff! Yeah hit-and-run.

Yeah, he doesn't know.

He got onhis phone right away and came up here with his phone, but the other trucks already gone.

We should move Amie there's a bunch of the rocks on the road.

Wow, that was really intense.

Yeah Good driving dear.

Like you, we could have been hit in the middle of two semis.

So we are at Zotes cave and we are hoping tosee some bats this evening.

I guess a ton of bats fly out of this cave right at sunset.

Although it is only 11 o'clock because we got up super earlythis morning and headed on to the road to come here, and there's really not anylike particularly good camping options anywhere around so we're not really surewhat we're gonna do right after the bats show because it'll be it'll be dark timeand kind of have a no driving at dark rule.

So, but anyways we're here so we'regonna go and walk to the cave right now and see where it's at and try to makeplans after that.

Alright that's the, that's the cave.

Pretty cool.

Smells like bats A it totally stinks.

If only only we couldput a little scratch and sniff on this video.

Part of living in your truck life.

Parking in unlevel areas.

I've got a collect some rocks and remedy thesituation.

So we are all pretty much set up for theafternoon and the local police just pulled in and told us in a very nicepolite way that we needed to leave that people have been robbed and like rightin the middle of the day here so we're gonna pack up camp and we're obviouslynot sleeping here which we were optimistic that we could sleep heretonight but he actually wants us to leave and not return here until 4o'clock.

Generally when the police come and tell us that somewhere is dangerouswe listen so we're packing up and we'll shove offfor now.

So what did you just see that you almost crashed the car? A spider that was like.

It was big, No! It had really bright green eyes.

No! And it was like.

It was like on the door, butit was like right next to my shoulder like I had my arm here, It was like rightthere.

And it like freaked me out pretty bad and I have no idealike where it went.

Watch the traffic make sure there's nothing coming at you.

But that was like.

It wasn't like the biggest spider I've ever seen, but it was biglike bright green eyes it's all fuzzy and like, I guess it's probably some kindof tarantula maybe.

I don't know.



but Alright it just lives inhere now.

I'm innocently filling up all of ourwater and all of a sudden I feel the truck like shaking and I'm like oh no did you find this spider?He's like no! It's found me.

Look he's in his underwear.

It's not funny The spider is trying to get me.

oh, I told you to look forit.

You were like, “NO.

Already did before”.

I'm like trying to be like, oh no it's like just a spider like leave it alone it will leave me alone.

And it's like hunting me.

I didn't mean you had to like kill it just because you found it.

Iwas just meaning like, maybe you should try to find it and get it out of thetruck.

Ah now I have no idea where it is again.

Alright it's five o'clock so we are headed back up to the cave.

It waslike a quarter mile walk to get up there and we are hoping to see a whole lot ofbats.

What was that Amie? Apparently that'sAmie's I'm going to go see a whole lot of bats dance.

So we just climbed to the topand the only ones up here.

Absolutely amazing.

very cool Um, there's just thousandsof that constantly coming out at once and just swirling around in this cavearea and then coming out and shooting into this like bat highway out of thiscave.

It's incredible and we've been standing here for a long time and it'sjust the same amount of bats coming constantly.

It's crazy cool.

So we're justlooking out towards the horizon and you just see like this swirling band of Bat justflying around up above the trees WOW I can just like hear one buzz my ear ohmy god they're just flying in front of my face.

It's so cool.

Since Mexico has a bad rapI want to say as far as the Mexican police we haven't had any problems thepolice officers came back around 4:30 and stayed until every single car left.

We ended up being the last car to leave so they really were just telling us toleave due to our best interest and all the tourists this best interest.

So thanks Mexico.

How are you doing Matt? I'm doing good.

We enjoy a very cool batshow and now we're going to be sleeping at a pemex for the first time which is agas station in Mexico and it's common to sleep at the pemexes.

This particularone is kind of like a truck stop kind of a thing like they offer showers andtoilets 24 hours a day.

It's like the holy grail of pemexes.

It's a prettygood one too.

They got like some sort of like backlot thing.

We were able tolike pull into it's like a little bit shady or shadowy so it's not quite asbright.

What's for dinner dear? We've got leftover pasta it's been aging for a few days.

Aging huh? Yeah I thinkit's gonna be very tasty.

It's nice pesto pasta with tomatoes madeby my lovely wife.

And toasted walnuts And toasted walnuts Here those trucks? It'sgonna be peaceful night's sleep.

It's a common thing when overlanding theAmericas is to stay at pemexes in Mexico, because they're free and they'regovernment-run for the most part a lot of them have showers which we were ableto just take a hot shower.

I have some bathrooms over there so yeah good nightguys see you tomorrow.

Next time on The Traveling TogetherJournal We find some better camping and a great playground at Lake Baccalar Cody this beautiful beach is about tobe a little bit more beautiful because of you.

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