Ways To Market Your Online Business FREE

CC hey guys Alicia here this video was arequested video I did a poll on my YouTube channel in the community tab ondifferent video topics of interest and this one was the most requested and thatis how to market your Etsy shop or your online business and I'm going to

showyou how you can do it and how you can do it for free now I'm not gonna have timeto go in depth on each individual one but if you comment below and you reallywant me to go in depth on a certain particular platform then please commentbelow and I

will put that on my content list to do a video on so I'm gonna startwith some ideas and then you know make sure you stick through until the end ofthe video because I am saving the best one for last ok so when you create aproduct let's say it

is a digital product you cannot rely on Etsy SEOalone and expect the sales to fall into your lap your work has only just begunso you need to mark it like crazy first of all everybody and their mothershould know you have an Etsy shop or an online business this

is also pertainingto online business as well as Etsy so your work has only just begun so thefirst thing I want to recommend is that you start a Facebook page now what Ihave pulled up now this is not a Facebook page but you can go to anyFacebook page and

you can start a Facebook page and you want to make surethat you are consistent in doing so in making posts ok so the second thing thatI want to suggest to you is to start your ownFacebook group just for your Etsy shop or your online business I know somebodyright

now who is doing this and she is killing it I mean she is doing great sheis upbeat and super positive and she is just doing an outstanding job on her shegoes love and her Facebook group and she you know she does this all for her Etsyshop so once

again I cannot reiterate this enough once you create a product adigital product or a physical product whatever type of online business thatyou have your work has only just begun so I've now covered to start a Facebookpage and start your own Facebook group the next one I wanted to

talk about isPinterest now Pinterest now has the option where you can switch your accountinto a business account and the beauty of that is it looks a lot moreprofessional and of course it looks a lot different on the screen here than itdoes on my phone which I'm usually on

my phone when I'm on Pinterest butPinterest marketing now I did a video a while back on how to make Pinterestgraphics and how you can link your Etsy shop to that or your listings to that oryour online business to that and I'm actually going to probably have it uphere

flash across here or I'll have it at the end of the video so Pinterestmarketing is something that you need to be consistent with and it will leadpeople to your online business when you make a post I'mtrying to find one that it's kind of like this things that we've

been usingwrong our whole lives so if I click on this most likely it's going to be a linkto somebody's blog post so I made a video on how to make these graphics andyou need to make the graphics and then put them in several different categorieson Pinterest okay the

next one I wanted to talk about is Instagram now I justrecently started a business Instagram accountlike last week so you can now also turn your Instagram account into a businessaccount and you need to make sure that you are researching appropriate hashtagsand you don't want to use the same

hashtags for each post you want to makesure you have a list that that's a whole different video that I could go into soI've only had this for about a week and I mean I've already gotten 88 followersso but you know feel free to follow me on Instagram if

you would like I justnow started this one I have a personal Instagram and then I have a businessInstagram okay the next one I want to talk about is what I'm doing right nowstart a YouTube channel let me tell you all I am it's so excited I hit 10,000subscribers

less than a week ago and I have worked so hard for about a year Istarted my channel a year ago and or it was about a year and a half ago I wouldsay something like that and I are now hit the 10,000 subscriber mark see onceyou gain an

audience then you have someone tomarket to I can say that I grew my audience organically you know the samewith my Facebook group I did not invite one single friend frommy personal Facebook page and let me tell you why your friends on Facebookthey really don't care they just don't

I have accidentally made posts in mypersonal Facebook page that I meant to post here in my Facebook group which Ihave now grown to thirty seven hundred members it is called Etsy passive incomeif you're wanting to join this group please make sure that you answer allthree questions and one

of the moderators or myself will allow you intothe group I have a lot of people that are trying to join the group and they'renot answering all three questions so you have to make sure you scroll down andanswer all three questions so I grew my Etsy or my facebook

group Etsy passiveincome organically simply by mentioning it in my YouTube videos so even if youdon't want to be on camera or something like that you can always do screencasted tutorials like I'm doing in this videoyou know this video right here so YouTube is an excellent place you canmake

one just for your business so that's one so as promised I said that Iwould keep the best for last and that is email marketingI want to thank Lisa for sponsoring this video she has an awesome online coursefor email marketing and I'm not going to go into details because

her course is soamazing that I'm just going to tell you that youcan get started email marketing for free now you're probably thinking emailmarketing isn't that kind of ancient did you know that email marketing reachesmore people faster and the conversion rate is a 1 in 38 so when you

gain anemail list then you can do that so you can start for free using a site likeMailChimp and I think MailChimp allows you up to 2,000 people and then afterthat then you have to start paying for it but once you get up to that amount ofpeople you probably

want to use something like convertkit and convertkitis also an all awesome email program so I wanted to talk about something herefor just a second and this is something that Lisa and I have talked about and Iam going to leave a link to her course in the description below

this video besure to check it out her course is absolutely amazing I took it and Ilearned some things I had no clue about things I never thought about you knowwith email marketing so convertkit would be something i would say that you couldstart out with next like you can

start out for free with MailChimp that'scurrently what I'm using and I simply have a link to it in the descriptionbelow most of my videos and people just get on there and they signup but aftertaking Lisa's course realized there's a lot of things I need to change so youknow

like I said be sure to check out her course that will be in thedescription below this video so something else I wanted to mentionbefore anybody makes a negative comment about this you can'ton etsy I'm just gonna click here on the Etsy tab you can in your Etsy listing

inthe description you can put a link to sign up for your email in your Etsylisting and it's up to the buyer if they want to opt in or not and I am going toalso leave in the description below this video at these rules on that so beforeanybody comments

on it and says you know you can't do that yes actually you canyou can put that in there and it's up to the buyer they can if they want to optin or not so in all of your Etsy listings you should put a link to signup for your

email list and why is an email list so important it's because youknow what if something happened one day and everything just disappeared what ifwhat if Instagram phased out or Facebook phased out you know just like thinkabout back in the days when we had MySpace I mean who uses

MySpace anymoreso I mean if all of these things were to go away you want to make sure that youhave an email list you know how are you gonna reach all all of your customers soplease check out the link for Lisa's course below this video I highlyrecommend that you

check her course out and also you know take the course Ilearned so many things I was completely blown away of the information I justdon't want to share it because it's all in her course so I hope this video washelpful once again I want to thank Lisa for sponsoring

this video be sure tocheck out her course in the description below and also if you have anysuggestions of videos that you want me to go more in-depth on like starting aFacebook group or Pinterest marketing or Instagram youknow things like that that I've mentioned in this video you know

feelfree to comment in the comment section below and I will add it to the list Iwill tell you it will probably be after the first of the year before I get tothose videos I do have a content list right now that is 45 videos long soit'll probably be

a little bit later on before I can get to that unless I canincorporate incorporate that into one of the videos so this was a video touchingbase on different ways don't forget when you create a product your work has justbegun thank you so much for watching this video I

hope it was helpful be sureto check out Lisa's course in the description below thank you so much forwatching and I hope everyone has a wonderful day

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