Ways To Reach Fairy Meadows Pakistan.

I'm here in fairy meadows, Baltistan.

Gilgit its a nice place But my trip has not started here.

it started 3 days ago.

when my friend Farhan, told me at the last second that he's not coming.

I'm not coming Now this was still not much of a problem.

the real problem started, when this happened! I just got sick man.

the solution to this sickness is.

nothing can be done At this point.

I told myself.

You should rest now Ali.

or else you won't be able to enjoy the rest of the trip.

So all I did, while at Naran, was sleep and the amount of work I have done since yesterday morning has been.


actually, you guys should watch it for yourself.

Now the process of travelling Pakistan by road, is a little tough.

You need to take at least 2 transits to travel everywhere up north.

Islamabad, which is always the first.

and the second depends on where you want to go.

Chillas for Skardu.

Muzafarabad for Swat.

And for Fairy meadows.


my destination was Fairy meadows.

so I had to go through naran.

Now you must have heard that quote.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” *urdu translation.

in the case of fairy meadows, thats very true.

So the reason i made this video was to let all of you know about the things you have to do to reach there.

So about fairy meadows, I have heard that.

its the second most dangerous trek in the world.

now we are still going, obviously.

because you know, people go.

but I have a 15 kg bag.


So after having 2 strong pain killers and 1 spoon of cough syrup.

I got ready in the morning.

First point.

Raikot Bridge.

Height 1400 meters.

we have to take a 2 hour jeep ride from here.


it takes us more time at shah-rahe-Faisal karachi at 5 pm.

so time not being the issue, you only face 3 problems during this drive.

Height Height Height! After reaching at this Height, you realise 2 things 1st the importance of a 4×4 jeep.

and 2nd our reality.

But then the smile of this kid gave me hope and then I remembered.

these people take 2 rides every day.

and they have been doing it for years so they know what they are doing.

at least, thats what I told myself.

:p PAPA your son is tired.

he is very tired and.


14 kms of drive takes you to the second point.

Tattu Village.

its 5 pm right now and we have started walking towards fairy meadows.

now I don't know how much time it will take.

some are saying 2-2.

5 hours.

I hope its that, because if we move slow, it could take upto 4 hours.

and we are already tired.

it hasn't been a minute.

I have shifted to the go pro, because it is going to rain! Qaiser be careful! Ali we will forget the way, we have a long way to go.

thats where we need to reach.

the trek, reminded me of something, my yoga teacher once told me.

inhaling from the nose and exhaling from the mouth boosts your stamina.

I think, I didn't hear properly.

Now this trek is not only difficult.

its also very long because it is 10 kms.

and you have to complete it in 3 hours.

and that is possible if you walk continuously.

now you must know about the living ways of karachiites.

sometimes you need a break to breath and sometimes to have tea.

now breathing is still not a big issue.

but tea, is just too important.

if you are from karachi.

checkpoint saved.

first stop.

Tea and energy.

last year, when I visited Hunza and skardu.

I used to go upon on the mountains alone.

I went to the top of Deosai alone.

because when im fit, im like a goat.

right now im sick, so i'm a human Hello ladies and gentlemen.

we are standing the route to fairy meadows.

the trek is of 3 hours , and if slow, can be of 4 hours.

it has been 50 minutes since we started and we don't have the energy for 10 more minutes.

we don't know, what are we going to do.

there are two ways of going to the top either by walk or by renting your ride.

this is called a kachar.

or mule if you like this takes you up the hill in less then 3 hours.

and it costs around 2000 rs per person but you have to decide this at the start.

you won't get the chance later.

I would have rented the mule but my family will be watching this vlog they might say, that you could even do this.

so for them, im walking :p its difficult mom.

can't do it will do it.

but can't do it .

have you heard that song from LaLa Land? the water was freezing she spent a month sneezing she said she would do it again.

nope, won't do it again.

:p promise.

will you do it again? umm, no man.

this is how you should walk so it will be easier don't know what am I saying.

Three main parts.

Leg, shoulders and back have stopped responding.

do you know how am I walking? I don't.

can't see anything.

it gotten dark.

when will we reach.

when will we reach! so as we were walking right now.

Qaiser just started thinking about Bipasha Basu now even I am thinking about her.

from the movie Raaz.

it had the same mountains.

its been more than 4 hours.

and we just reached.

I completely forgot about the vlog and camera because of the trek my life is tough.

now before you get scared by my situation or think about cancelling your Fairy Meadow trip or even if you feel a little demotivated, let me tell you this.

This was the difficult road I was talking about.

the difficult road with a very very beautiful destination Fairy Meadows.


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