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Doing SEO for your Weebly website really isn'tany different than any SEO for any other web design platform.

It comes down to simply three things: keywordresearch, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization.

People ask me all the time, “Can you rankWeebly websites really high on Google and get it on the first page?” And the answer is Yes every single time ifyou know what you are doing.

So, I'm going to show you how to do SEO forWeebly and let's get started.

For the sake of this demonstration, let'ssay I have a small business that sells custom snowboards and I'm building an online storeto sell the snowboards.

If I want my website to rank for certain keywords, the first thing I'm going to figure out is which keywords I want them to rank for.

I'm going to do some keyword research.

In order to do this properly, you're goingto invest in a good keyword research tool.

What I use is called SECockpit.

There's a number of reasons why I like itover a lot of competitors but I won't get into that right now as we are focusing moreon Weebly SEO.

But for the sake of this demonstration, I'llshow you how to use it.

Basically, what I have done here is I haveinputted the term customs snowboards into SECockpit and what they do is come up witha bunch of alternative keywords that have a good amount of traffic and low competitionthat I get my website to rank for because that is the key to getting your website torank.

You want to look for keywords that get goodamount of searches but have a low competition which means that there's not a lot of websitesor content out there made specifically for those keywords.

So, customs snowboards itself down here.

This part tells us that it is quite competitive.

The bigger this bar is, the harder it is torank for that keyword.

So, it might not be the best one to buildour website around.

But if you look closer at the top you cansee keywords like women snowboards that gets almost five times or four times the amountof searches each month and as much less competitive.

So, let's take a look at what sites are rankingfor this keyword.

Let me just click on that.

And now, we look at the top ten websites thatare ranked in Google right now for the term women's snowboards globally because we searchin all countries and territories.

And what these numbers here tell us is oneof the most important numbers here is something called domain authority.

This is what Google uses to determine whichwebsites are in authority in certain nations or categories or industries.

So, the lower this number is the easier itwill be to beat these websites to rank your website instead of theirs.

Obviously, there's a bunch here that havereally have high numbers.

Those ones are going to they hire that rankbecause this one is obvious it is amazon.

com and we are never going to beat them.

I shouldn't say never because look at thisyou see two websites above Amazon but they got lower numbers and it will be easier tocompete with them for this keyword.

So, what we'd want to do then is start buildingour website around the key the term women's snowboards.

What I have down now is further targeted mykeyword research because I did a search in SECockpit for women's snowboards and now Iam getting results and suggestions for other keywords built specifically around women'ssnowboards instead of just a more generic custom snowboards.

And already we can see that the keyword suggestionshere are really good.

There's a lot of decent traffic.

There's some high traffic keywords and allof them are low competition.

And by doing this, we can start to reallysee this.

This is going to help us a lot in the futurewhen we start to build content around this keywords.

For example, write blogpost.

This is going to be very crucial going forward.

But for now, we've got multiple keywords thatwe can use to build the website around because really you shouldn't just have one or two.

You should probably have maybe four to sixtarget keywords that you want to build your site around.

And now that we've got that, we can go backto Weebly and get to work.

The first best to start is under the Settingstab.

We're going to look at the General NSEO sections.

Now for the site title, let's say our businessis called High Peak.

We are just leaving it at that.

We're going to put a brief little descriptionof what the company does and of course include keywords that we've just done research forlike women's snowboards right at the title.

Site title is big tells Google what the siteis about and shows the title on the top of each page.

If you are selling stuff online, SSO is somethingyou want to definitely consider.

It just revolves around security licenses.

If people are entering their payment detailson your site, this provides extra security and Google will actually reward you for thatand they'll punish sites that don't have it that are asking for credit card information.

If you are selling snowboards online, youwant to make sure to upgrade and turn this on.

And if you look at a bit further down theSEO section, same thing you'll enter a site description but this will be much longer.

It allows you to do up to 250 characters andthis is kind of a summary of what Google will use to determine what your site is about.

Here's where you will put in your descriptionand again we want to use keywords that we have just researched for.

Custom women's snowboards and the rest isdesign and build your very own custom snowboard and leave everyone in your wake jealous inyour unique style of flair only the best snowboards for sale here which of course snowboards forsale is also one of the keywords that we found on that list.

You want to make sure you include some keywordsbut you want the language to be natural.

You don't want to stuff keywords in thereGoogle will recognize that and they will punish you for that.

It has to be a natural way of speaking andyou ultimately want people to click to your site so you want to use natural language.

Meta keywords this is basically where youare just stuff about 10-15 sometimes 20 keywords into the Meta section of your site.

This isn't as important as it used to be becauseGoogle has gotten a lot smarter but still it does again tell Google about which keywordsyou want to focus on and what kind of stuff you are offering in your site.

This will be basically where you enter a bunchof the keywords that we've found on our list and separate them by commas.

That's all for this section.

We'll take a look at the Pages page next.

What the Weebly 4 update Weebly has offereda lot more SEO advance settings and custom settings based on each page except just awebsite as a whole.

We take a look at the Pages section rightnow we just have these five pages.

If you click on one of the pages, you getthe option for Page Name which is what we will go with the navigation here and thenyou will also see SEO settings.

This is where you can just add stuff likePage Title, obviously, this will be where you name your page based on what kind of contentis on the page and of course the keywords that we have.

You can also change the permalink that's ahuge feature that Weebly has added now.

I can't do it for the home page obviouslybut for any other page, you can make your own custom permalink.

If you put something like custom women's snowboardsat the end of the link, that goes a long way to boosting your SEO rankings.

Page Description is pretty self-explanatory.

You can do it just like you did with the Settingssection where you describe what kind of content is on that page.

And then of course Meta keywords same ideayou enter the list of keywords separated by commas.

You could just use the same keywords and I'mjust going to paste these stuff in the Settings page of this page for now but ideally if you'vegot a lot of pages, you want to have separate unique meta keywords that describe again what'son that page.

That's the SEO settings for each individualpage.

Now we are going to look at Search engineoptimization when it comes to content and more specifically images.

We are going to have an image right here inthis spot and when you add images you want to make sure that the title of the pictureis one of the keywords you are trying to target for.

So when I click upload a picture here andthe picture you want to select is called custom women's snowboards.

Women's snowboards is one of the keywordswe are trying to target, remember? You are going drag it in, upload it, and voilapretty sick picture if I do say so myself.

But you are not done quite yet.

For each image you upload to your site, there'ssomething called image alt tags.

What this does is it helps Google furtherunderstand what the context of that specific image is.

Let me back up here real quick.

So when you click the image, you have allthese different options.

We are going to focus down here.

Under advanced, you'll see right here somethingcalled Alt Text.

It just say picture.

We are going to delete that instead we'regoing to put women's snowboards because that is one of the keywords you're trying to rankfor.

Enter that in, click back and it is done.

It is important to always remember the titleof the picture should be the keyword you are targeting for and the image alt tags for thatpicture should also be one of the keywords you're trying to target for.

That's optimizing images for SEO in Weebly.

Now we are going to talk about blogging andhow it can boost your SEO on your Weebly website and a perfect Google rankings.

Remember those list of keywords we have beforewe are building our entire website around.

Now we want to start writing content for theblog focused on answering these questions found in these keywords.

For example women's snowboards and best snowboards2017 are two of the biggest keywords that we are targeting, right? What kind of content can we write that willanswer people's questions when they are searching for this kind of stuff? Well, let's go back to the blog let's turnyour post remember it is women's snowboards and best snowboards 2017.

We will do something like nine best women'ssnowboards 2017.

That is almost too easy and let me write theentire post listing what our favorite nine women's snowboards are for this year and whypeople or women should be interested in buying those.

We want to make sure the content is high qualityand use lots of images, videos and make it very engaging.

If it is boring or if it doesn't answer thequestions that people have when they are searching for this stuff, people will leave very quicklyand Google will punish you for that.

We'll talk about that a little bit more later.

Make good use of the categories, featuresand write just write lots of content and this is one of the best ways you can boost yourwebsite's ranking in Google.

Get on the blogging.

It is important.

Next step in powerful Weebly SEO is internallinking structure.

That basically means that you want to keeplinking to yourself throughout your website as much as possible but of course you don'twant to overdo it.

You only want to link to other sections ofyour site when it of course makes sense to your visitors.

You also notice most websites these days formany years at the bottom of the website there's kind of second navigation menu.

It is also known as the footer of the website.

I'll show you an example of what that lookslike.

Here's the website I built for our client.

They are a marble restoration company basedout of Toronto.

On the bottom, you see we've listed all theservices they offer and link to different sections of the site where it goes to furtherdetail about those services.

We also offered links to resources includingthe information of the company, their blog but you'll notice that instead of callingit a blog we call them marble care tips because that is something more likely that peopleare going to search for.

They are not going to look for marble towerblog but they'll look for marble care tips which is what the blog talks about.

That is a good example of internal linkingthat you should have at the bottom of your site.

It is kind of a second navigation menu whereyou can link to different sections of your site and it helps Google crawl your websiteand figure out all the little details and types of content that your website has tooffer.

Also, don't forget to link to your socialmedia profiles.

The last step of on-page SEO for Weebly orfor SEO for any website for that matter is user experience.

And this is often the most overlooked aspectof SEO by far and it has become more important than ever especially today.

Google has placed much larger importance onuser experience.

What that means is it basically tracks whenvisitors come to your website whether they got the information they needed and the qualityof their visit was good enough.

There are basically three matrices that Googleuses to track this.

It is bounce rate, pages per visit, and averagetime spent on site.

And through these three different matricesthey can determine whether visitors when they come to your site are getting what they need.

So these days you need to make a high qualitysite.

It needs to be clean, it needs to be simple, and it needs to be easy to navigate, super functional.

Your customers need to be able to get whatthey want quickly.

So many websites these days that have insanelylarge websites with ten to fifteen pages when really they could condense all of that informationdown into one or two pages and make it super simple.

You need to when you build your site you needto integrate with Google Analytics and keep track of those three different matrices tofigure out if users are enjoying their stay on your site because it will have a majorimpact on how your site ranks on Google.

We are done with on-page optimization.

Now it is time for the off-page.

When it comes to off-page SEO one thing mattersand one thing matters only it is getting high quality links back to your website.

What do I mean by that? When high authority or well-known websiteslink back to your website, it tells Google that your website is worth listening to.

It's an authority and your niche, and yourindustry.

It basically tells Google that your worththeir time and your worth more importantly their searchers' time.

For example, I recently wrote an article aboutGoogle Plus and why it is super important to use for online marketing believe me ornot.

What happened is this post got picked up byentrepreneur.


When they are writing their own post on GooglePlus marketing, they decided to feature me as one of the top five reasons to use GooglePlus and they provided me with a link back to my blog and my website right here.


com is one of the most well-knownonline business blogs in the world.

This really helped me boost my search enginerankings for a lot of business-related blog post that I have.

What you need to be doing is writing greatcontent on your Weebly website on your blog.

Write stuff that is worth linking to thatpeople will want to link to and get those quality links back to your site.

That's really the only way or definitely theeasiest way to get quality links back to your site.

Obviously, of course, you want to start withcreating a Google page for your business and you could start appearing it in search resultslike mine does here.

But again, it is all about creating content.

Creating stuff that is worthy of your visitors'time and more importantly worthy of Google's time.

I highly recommend if you want your websiteto rank for anything in your business niche you need a blog.

You need to write some great stuff and ittakes time but people will find it and people will start linking back to you and of coursedon't forget to network.

Off-page optimization another thing that youcan really do is network with people offline.

Go out there.

Meet people in person.

Make friendships, build relationships in business, team up with people, and collaborate.

That is how you can get the word out there.

It is hard work but that's the only way itcan be done.


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