Weekend Getaway: Ubud, Indonesia with Kids – Part. 1 – Travel With Kids

hey it's Anna Von with TravelMama Anna Von and I am just peaking out and worrying a little bit about the weatherit's suddenly gotten dark enough to turn the lights on and packing up oh here itcomes I can hear the first drops of what'sgonna be a downpour it's rainy

season here in Bali and this is part one of twoparts Anna and Luna go to Ubud for the weekendwe are driving up I will be driving I'm very nervous about driving we're goingfor two nights and three days we're gonna visit some friends we're gonnacheck it out it's about

a 40-minute drive it's thelongest Luna has ever been in the backpack on the bike with me but we lovebeing on the bike so we're gonna try it out this is all I'm packing I've talkeda lot to parents about traveling with children and that's that's everythingthat I'm bringing I

mean not including of course her tablet actually let me putout everything I'm bringing so this looks more impressive right this is everythingI'm bringing it's all gonna go in that bag inside the bike in the boot I'mactually not even sure if I'm gonna bring this camera because I might

shootit all on this phone all we really have here is I have a bathing suit I've gottwo pairs of underwear I've got one black dress which I wear as a bathingsuit cover pajamas one tank top I'm going with this tank top and theseshorts the other tank top goes

with theseshorts Luna gets a bathing suit a onesie a pant suit and a dress and you know Ireally just threw one extra thing in there for herthese are all our toiletries which to be honest I feel I overpackedit she actually has her little backpack forschool on her and

I'm gonna pack that up with like her tablet this is play-dohher tablet I'm bringing this incense as a gift for a friend and in here I havekind of little things like mascara and deodorant anyway we don't actually bringthat much Oh contraire to popular belief you can pack light

with a child it's reallyraining I'm supposed to pick her up in about 20 minutes we're obviously gonnawait for the rain to pass and then we're gonna we're gonna make like the the windand get up there I hope I hope it passes soon it'll suck if we have to

drive inthis the rain has stopped it's about 4:30 we're a little bit behind and nowI'm really hungry so I'm gonna take this kid offer tablet and we're actuallygonna go have something to eat first and then drive up so we're a little bit behindschedule but still going forward okay

scratch food it is blue skiesright now we're just gonna drive it we're going right now we'll get foodwhen we get there thank you so we've been on the road for fiveminutes and I need gas I actually stopped at this enormoustemple on the side of the road because of

this tree look at this tree it's likeone of the biggest Banyon's I've ever seen in my life it's absolutely stunningI just saw this place from my bike so we turn around and came back so thatwe could eat at this gorgeous place and hopethey've got something vegetarian because there's

a lot of pigs pictures of pigson the menu here want some arroz yeah they only have pork literally pork andrice that's it that's all they serve there pork pork pork pork pork pork Iknow I want to cry too but we need to eat somewhere where it's not just

porkso we couldn't go to that place because they only serve pork and when I say thatonly serve pork I'm in like a Balinese thing where you go to a place a warungwhich is like a comedor in Mexico like a little restaurant and all theyhave on the menu are

many different ways that they've cooked pork it's like porksoup salted pork deep-fried pork shredded pork and rice so it's actuallyno vegetables and just pork and that's what about place was that we went to andwhy we couldn't stay because I don't really eat pork begin withbut I definitely cannot

just eat pork there's no way there's no way I candigest that and it's sort of doubly ironic because Indonesia is mostlyMuslim Muslims do not eat pork along with most of the major religions in theworld and it's funny because Bali like Balinese people love pork, Balinese Hinduseat a lot

of pork it's it's a huge staple in the diet here and it's justfunny that this little island in this you know vast country of people thatdefinitely don't eat pork almost exclusively a pork so we came to this littlewarung instead they also don't have any tempeh or tofu on

the menu they'reout but we're gonna get some veggies and rice and fishcompromise we're starving you ready to go you want to stay here and now that we have swam and we alsohad a shower we're going out in search of some food nearby it's so nice andquiet here look

at this beautiful temple behind us and it's just really reallyquiet Ubud is so much more quiet than Cangguand we're it's a little dark but we're excited to get on the go are we herecome we like literally just found this little place just in the street maybe 50meters we

walked over here and now we're just going to get a nice littlea bite to eat and then call it a day this is the end of part 1 if there's notmuch to it but there's a lot more to come tomorrow were you dancing Can you say adios bebe,

adios baby

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