Welcome to LAOS: Ultimate Vang Vieng TRAVEL Guide

Hello my friends and welcome to Laos! In this video we are going to explore a small town in mountains of Central Laos called Vang Vieng.

We will hike to an amazing waterfall in a forest and will climb to the highest viewpoint at the area.

We will find an unreal villa resort among rice paddies and will try the biggest sandwich in town.

We will drive dune buggy among dusty and dirty roads and will ride a boat on a river during rainy season.


we will explore old dark caves and admire hot air balloons.


As always there will be a lot of interesting, so get ready to enjoy the adventure! Vang Vieng is a small riverside town in Central Laos which used to be known as a party destination for many years, but then became more oriented on outdoor activities.

The city is located on highway between Vientiane and Luang Prabang A bus ride from Vientiane will take around 4 hours and cost 50, 000 Kip (6 USD) The city has got many restaurants serving classic Lao dishes in generous portions at unbelievably low prices, as well as Thai, American and Italian cuisine.

Besides you can try local fast-food, and order these gigantic sandwiches from the lady by the “Elephant Crossing Hotel” which will cost you around 2 USD each.

Even though Vang Vieng is not a big tourist town, there are plenty of hotels to choose from for any budget and taste – from standard rooms with fan in 2-3 storey guesthouses – to really luxury resorts with spectacular views to mountains and river.

Or even something like Vieng Tara Villa resort located right among rice paddies.


Everything in this town is within walking distance and you can easily get around on foot.

And if you are looking for an adventure outside of city, you could simply hop in to tuktuk and tell the driver where you want to go.

In case you prefer to travel independent – there are bicycles and motorbikes available for rent from hotels and local businesses.

Bicycles are available for around 20-30.

000 Kip (2-3 USD) a day, while motorbikes are 50-70.

000 Kip (6-8 USD) a day.

And since recent time you could also rent a dune buggy for an hour or up to a full day to be able to see the unlimited beauty of Vang Vieng on four wheels with no limits.

And you better bring sunglasses and a face mask for exploration of dusty and dirty roads around the town.

Full day will cost you about 500-700.

000 Kip (60-80 USD) The best time for traveling to Vang Vieng is from November to March, when the weather is warm and dry, which allows to fully enjoy adventure activities.

But also it is the busiest time of year, so you can expect higher prices, crowded tours and fully booked hotels.

March to May is the hottest period, with temperatures up to 40°C and high humidity.

September and October is the rainiest time of year when you might experience flooding and it's harder to get out into the mountains.

I was visiting Vang Vieng in August, so I got a perfect chance to enjoy yellow water in the river, heavy raining and muddy dirty roads.

And it was awesome! So what you can actually do in Vang Vieng? Vang Vieng is surrounded by scenic limestone mountains, so hiking and climbing to view points are usual activities here, and a good physical shape and dry weather would be important in order to do this safely.

If you want to experience astonishing panoramic view of the entire mountain range around Vang Vieng then try to visit Nam Xay Viewpoint.

It's quite steep and hike will take about 30-40 minutes, but trust me you will not regret! Kayaking the Nam Song River is another great way to see the untouched nature around Vang Vieng.

On both sides of the river you could see the stunning mountains and observe the lives of the locals throughout the ride.

If you feel a bit lazy or want to make few nice photos on the river – then you could just get a boat with a personal driver, and explore the river without any effort.

There are few Blue Lagoons around Vang Vieng, which are very beautiful.


But because of their beauty they attract a lot of tourists, and it looks like the most crowded place around the town, so there is a chance that visiting Blue Lagoon can totally ruin your mood.


Unless you choose a Lagoon which is located much further – far away of the city.


After 25 minute ride away from the center of town on the east side of Vang Vieng you could find 30 meters high waterfall right in the middle of quiet forest.


But you'll have to hike for about 10 minutes more and pass three small cascades until you reach the main waterfall.

If you have ever dreamed about visiting real caves, than Vang Vieng is a place where your dream can come true, as here you will have few caves with large collection of stalactites inside.

This cave is called Tham Jang, and it takes an important place in the history of Laos, as it was used as an army bunker when the Chinese invaded Vang Vieng in the 19th century.

And if you want to get into this cave you will have to hike up a steep stairway but the cave and breath-taking view from the top are more than worth the effort.

If you want to see Vang Vieng like no one else and get unusual and unique travel experience – then hop in to a basket of hot air balloon and enjoy the spectacular views of green rice paddies, riverbank and mountains at 800 meters high.

Vang Vieng is the cheapest place in the world to ride a hot air balloon.

The 45 minutes ride will cost you 90 USD.

Buddhism is the main religion in Laos, and the country is home to many beautiful temples and statues.

There are several of them in Vang Vieng which are located within short walking distance of one another – and you can enjoy exploring them by foot.

Well, my friends thank you for watching.

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