What Can $10 Get in CHIANG MAI Thailand? (Is it Still Cheap?)

Thailand is easily one of the best budgettravel destinations in the world.

So I wanted to see just how affordable itcan be.

By seeing how much I can get for ten US dollarsin one day.

My name is Ryan and welcome back to the OneShot Adventures Channel.

I'm currently living in Chiang Mai which isin the north of Thailand where 10 US dollars is equivalent to 323 Thai baht.

So let's see what we can get, it's just passed8am so time for coffee and breakfast.

I have been living 4km outside of the citycentre in an area called Suthep famed for it's beautiful nature and university campus.

I won't be including my accommodation costsin this challenge but if you are interested in seeing more about my living situation andhow much that costs me I've left a link in the description below.

So I'm literally just going to go around thecorner to one of my favourite coffee shops called Basecamp.

It's not the cheapest place but it's got areally good atmosphere, good coffee, nice staff and a very very cute kitten.

Thankfully the kitten cuddles are absolutelyfree but I also ordered an Americano coffee and a freshly baked cinnamon roll which camein at 100 baht.

Which is definitely not cheap for Thailandbut for me the practical option always wins at breakfast time.

I usually end up spending a couple of hourshere doing some video editing before moving on to somewhere else in the city.

So it's about midday now got some good editingwork done in Basecamp and I'm going to head into the centre of town to find some lunch.

There are a lot of very affordable ways toget yourself around Chiang Mai the most iconic being the red Songthaos which are kind ofa cross between a taxi and a bus and you can flag them down all over the city.

There is also Grab which is the Uber of SouthEast Asia which also offers very reasonable pricing.

But I want to show you the way that we'vebeen using most often.

The main way we get around here is by Mobikes.

Mobike is an app based bicycle rental serviceand you can see their bright orange bikes parked all over the city.

This video was filmed a few months ago andI'm starting to see some rumours online that Mobike might be withdrawing from Thailandso I'm not sure what the current situation is.

I think there's one over here.

But in our case you just find a bike on theapp, unlock it with your camera phone and then it just charges you electronically dependingon the distance that you ride.

I'm just going to make a stop here becausethis place is pretty cool.

Ok that's all locked up.

That journey cost us 10 baht by the way.

This is Wat Suan Dok.

A 700 year old buddhist temple that we juststumbled upon quite early on in our stay.

I actually think this is one of the coolesttemples in Chiang Mai but because it's a little bit outside of the centre it's never reallythat busy.

And the best thing about it is its absolutelyfree so the budget doesn't get touched here.

The bright white area is actually a mausoleumwhich houses some of the ashes of the old Chiang Mai royal family.

There are genuinely hundreds of temples aroundChiang Mai but the more well known ones in the touristy areas will charge you for entry.

So it's worth baring in mind that there arefree options all over the city if you are willing to go and find them.

There's actually a really nice vegetarianrestaurant inside the temple.

We found it the other day its a little bithidden but lets see if I can get some lunch here.

For food I ordered the Pad Pad Ka Na whichis stir fried greens with tofu and mushrooms and that came with rice on the side whichcame to 45 baht.

Alongside my food I got a traditional Thaiiced tea for 21 baht leaving me with 147 baht in total and feeling very refreshed.

I also got a glass of water for free whichis always good.

Beautiful temple and really really good food.

So I'm going to get back on a bike now andhead to the centre of the city.

It should take about 10 minutes to ride there.

Chiang Mai's old city is it's its more touristyarea filled with restaurants, temples and lots of nightlife options.

It also has some lovely little parks thatyou can relax in.

But like the rest of Chiang Mai it's filledwith one type of place in particular.

They say that there's so many islands in thePhilipines that you couldn't visit all of them in one lifetime.

And I think the same theory can be appliedto coffee shops in Chiang Mai.

There are so many coffee shops here and I'mmaking it my mission while we are living here to visit as many as I can.

So let's go and check one out now.

This little hipster espresso was 50 baht.

Proper Shoreditch style coffee place, definitelynot Shoreditch prices.

It's starting to get a little bit late inthe day now so I'm going to walk back to the condo so that saves a bit of money and I canenjoy how beautiful this city is.

So I've got 63 baht left so we've going tohead down to the street market just a round the corner and see what we can get.

The food market at the end of Suthep Roadcaters mainly to the students of Chiang Mai university and I feel pretty lucky to haveit right on my doorstep.

It offers all sorts of delicious food forvery reasonable prices.

I started off with a mixed berry smoothiewhich was 25 baht.

I then moved onto some classic Thai comfortfood, stir fried pork with holy basil and rice and that came to 35 baht.

So I've got 3 baht left.

What can you buy for 3 baht? There's a lot of 5 baht.

As much as I looked I couldn't find anythingfor that little in the whole market so in my moment of need I turned to a faithful friend.

the home of drunk toasties and weird snackssurely 711 would help me out.

Even water is 5 baht.

I think 3 is just a really awkward number Idont think anybody wants to deal with that little change.

So 5 is the lowest you get.

Nothing for 3 baht not even in 711 so doesthat mean I failed or is it the ultimate win? To help you decide let's do a quick recapof everything we got today.

I got a coffee a cinnamon roll 2 bike ridesvisited a temple ate a delicious vegetarian lunch had an iced tea a hipster espresso afresh fruit smoothie a classic Thai dinner and 2 cups of water for under 10 US dollars.

And honestly if I had been a little bit smarterand avoided the more expensive cafes I could have got even more for my money.

So in my opinion yes Thailand is still veryaffordable, well Chiang Mai is anyway.

3 baht lives another day.

Next time on the One Shot Adventures Channelwe are heading further north to the backpackers paradise known as Pai.

Thank you so much for watching this videoif you liked it make sure you leave it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel and I'll seeyou next time.


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