What if Koreans travel to Thailand?

Hello -I'm Taek.

-I'm Seongbak.

I'm Myumyu.

Her pronunciation is different.

Our pronunciations are bad.

TT Is that a women's greeting? Yes.

You've met her already.

She is our Thai language and Thai culture mentor.

I'm not sure when will be the date.

We are planning to visit Thai.

So we are going to learn Thai.

First we will learn expression that is useful in Thai airport.

I heard there is a name of Thai airport.


Could you tell us? It is a Suvarnabhumi airport.

Suvarnabhumi? That's right! The last king named it.

Suvarnabhumi is golden field in Thai.

Oh, golden field.


How can we say airport in Thai.

You said quite long.



airport is.



I forgot it.

She has lived in Thai for 19 years.


Airport? It is different with the former one.

You said Suvarnabhumi blah blah.



That is a .





Suvarnabhumi is a contraction of the full name.

You mean the full name is for example large beautiful golden field.

That is Suvarnabhumi.

I see.

It's difficult.

Bangkok is a similar example.

Bangkok is also a contraction.

I found it is a very long word.

We learned the short version.


We can't learn all expressions in this short video.

Now we want to go to Bangkok.

So we will take a taxi.

How much does it cost to take a taxi? What is better, a taxi or a bus? I recommend a taxi.

If there is no traffic jam, taxi is a better choice.

Tell us about the cost.

Bus is really really cheap.




100 won? Is that all? Maybe 200 won? Cost of the taxi starts with 1000 won.

-1000 won?-1000 or 1200 won.

We have to move quite long, so it will cost 3000, 4000 won.

It costed less than 5000 won when I had used it for 1 hour.

Now we take a taxi.

How can we say “We want to go to Bangkok.

” It's already Bangkok.

Where shall we go? We want to go to a downtown.

Sukhumvit is the downtown.

It is near the ground train and the underground train.

What do we have to say in Thai? To go to Sukhumvit.


-Sukhumvit? -In English?-In Korean.








Saying 'Sukhumvit' is enough? Yes.

Just 'Sukhumvit'? “Sukhumvit please.

” would be better.

Adding 'Please' sounds better.

Now we arrived at Sukhumvit and we rent a room.

We want something to experience.

Let's say it is November.

Will there be anything to enjoy? I heard there will be a festival.

There will be a 'Loi Krathong'.

It is on December 15th of Thai lunar calendar.

December 15th.


That is the date of Thai lunar calendar.

But it is November in normal calendar.

In lunar calendar, the date can be in January? Thai lunar calendar is different.

I see.

Do they use different calendar? Yes.

That information is news to me.

I've heard about it before.

People drift things like lamp on the water.

Fire? Yes, kind of.

You are right.

So the festival is held when the moon is full in November.

Then the festival starts when the moon rises.


Minors can't enjoy it.

lol Is that a Buddhist festival? Thai is a Buddhist nation.


'Loi' means floating.

'Krathong' means a bowl made with banana leaves and branches.

Banana leaf?? Yes yes.

It looks like a small boat.

Those are woven! That is right.

I've seen it once.

The bowl made with woven banana leaves.

Right! You'll have to search it when you get home.

I know what it is.

However, is it easy to find that? Can we buy it? Yes, you can buy a bowl.

Or you can just buy banana leaves and make it.

However, there is a environmental problem these days.

It is made with bread these days.

Bread? Is that a 'Krathong'? Yes.

Can we float a bread? You mean the bread? Yes, bread! I did it when I was in high school.

It's possible.

Can I use Castella? It will absorb water.

lol You can't use that.

You mean thin and hard bread.

However, it isn't delicious.

That is not for eating.



Just for being floated.

The origin of this festival goes back to the 'Sukhothai dynasty'.

But I'm not sure.

Where can we experience that.

There is no special place.

You can do it in rivers or swimming pool with people.

Don't people gather together like other festival? Yes.

Is it a nationwide festival? Yes.

There is a crowded place.

I don't like it.

So I enjoyed it only with my friends.

If I hate people and like to be alone, can I do it in the sink? Umm.


If you want that Or in the bathtub lol Somewhere to float is important.

In Korea, we usually write a wish during the event.

Thai people just make a wish to the lamp.

To the floated lamp.

Then the bathtub is not suitable.

Also you have to light a candle.

Here is another question.

I need to change won into baht.

How much do we need? We are going to stay for 4 days.

Please advise us.

Is your budget enough? Yes.

We will eat and play.

We want to eat something delicious.

About 300, 000 won.

Per person? Yes.

For 4 days? Is it too much?? How is Thai's prices.

Per one meal.

About 2000 won.

You guys need to eat 2 dishes because Thai eat less.

Perhaps I eat similar amount of food with Thai.

I need 2 dishes.

1000 won for 1 dish.

2000 won means 2 dishes! I want to live in Thai.

However it is street food.

Better food costs more than that.

Yeah, like hotle restaurant.

We should get a Thai massge.

How much does it cost? 100 or 150 baht? In cheap shop.

Tip is also mostly 100 baht.

Do Thai get massage often? No.

Not often.

Then the massage shops in Thai are for foreigners.


My home in Korea is not in downtown.

But there are 4 Thai massage shops near my house.

There are so many Thai massage shop in Korea.

Was it made for export? ????.

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