What is SEO and How it Works

What is SEO and how it works SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of increasing a website visibility or ranking position on the organic or natural search engine results pages If you do a search on Google You might see one or two types of search results One, the paid search results right on top and two, the organic or natural search results below To get your website to show up on the paid search results on Google You need to have a Google Ads account set up and be ready to pay a certain amount for every click you receive this marketing technique is known as SEM In this video, however, we'll be focusing on SEO Which refers to the process of increasing a website's rankings on the organic search results This is where you won't be paying for any clicks you receive from Google So, how does SEO work? SEO typically works in four phases Phase 1: Keyword research This is the phase where you discover the keywords or search terms your target audience uses to find information online Phase 2: On-page SEO This is the part where you ensure the keywords, your target audience users are also mentioned on your web pages Other important aspects of on-page SEO include making sure your content is useful and relevant to what the user is searching for providing a good user experience and technical SEO Which includes ensuring your website loads quickly and is free from technical errors such as not being mobile optimized Phase 3: Off page SEO In order for users to trust your brand and for search engines to rank it highly on the search results pages You need to build more brand awareness and grow your authority This is referred to as off page SEO Off page SEO techniques include getting other websites to mention your brand hyper link back to your website also known as bad link building.

It also involves growing your brand presence on social media and garnering positive reviews around the web Phase 4: SEO Analytics In the final phase you review the ranking position of your website for all your target keywords and focus on improving their positions Unfortunately, in this competitive industry Many marketers resort to questionable or shady techniques to try and manipulate their organic search engine rankings This is known as black hat SEO Examples of black hat SEO include keyword stuffing and cloaking, where the keywords are mentioned repeatedly on a web page and even made invisible to web users Another example of a black hat SEO technique is writing a ton of low-quality blog articles and Publishing them on the same domain to trick search engines into thinking the website is an established content hub, when it really is the opposite.

White hat SEO on the other hand is the more effective approach in the long run it gears toward providing a great experience for site visitors through creating high quality content that answers each search query in the best way possible A great brand with great content and great products will grow its reputation in the online space naturally This will result in more positive reviews brand mentions and backlinks off site sending positive ranking signals to search engines.

At the end of the day such engines were created for humans and we are always strive to improve for us all Googles, mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful Its vision is to provide an important service to the world which is to instantly deliver relevant information on virtually any topic This would not have been possible without the advent of such engine algorithms According to google, An algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations Especially by a computer Google has dozens of algorithms programmed to determine the relevance and quality of a content piece to a given search query and these algorithms are improved upon several times a day Therefore, trying to gain such engine giants like Google is a constant uphill battle and you will be better off Optimizing your content for humans, which was what search engines were built for in the first place.


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