girls s**alcohol this is after all theworld's biggest craziest party Sin City sorry Vegas is there really many more tothis city spending money like I just got pickedhundred-dollar bills Salim keep chase okay so I've got lots of videos you cansee me going clubbing when I go drinking how much

things cost or stuff like thatI'm in Pattaya and also Bangkok Koh Samui food a place I stay all that stuffplease go and give a little subscribe click the button I really reallyappreciate it you can see loads more about my travels and my fails I knowwhat a crazy stuff

I get up to thank cause I let me know what you think haveyou been to pitar you've been here I mean there's crazy City are you comingyou need comments below I love to hear them ok so short Pattaya an hour awayfrom Bangkok this city does only exist really

for sex this only exists becausethe American troops stopped here for R&R in the Vietnam War so people girls fromall over Thailand came here to kind of relieve the soldiers of their money soof course that's just continued and this city just exists because men come herefor party crazy nightlife

and of course all the sinsthat go along with that so is there really any more to this city of courseall that would be are the best bars and clubs and night there are some crazycrazy ones need to check out on my video you can see the club's I

go in the barsI go to the way I do somebody go goes that I'mdefinitely definitely know I have to film inside there's of course the poolparties the nuts pool parties they have here it's amazing and if you came to Thailandthen you want to go to the beaches when

you go to Samui or prepare for the nicebeach and if you want to go to temples and see a titty you just stay in BangkokI want to go to the north then the jungle place is good at Chiang Mai whywould you come to retire for anything other than

that no I've been to Samui tothe beaches I've been to Bangkok fits it in the temples and I've been outside ofThailand I've been to Rome Paris of course London where I live I've been toBucharest clubbing and skiing in Bavaria New York but I think there's somethingthere's something this

city has and I think I realized what it is it'ssomething else it's not about the place and what it has it's the way it makesyou feel this city is like a fountain of youth now what I mean by that what Imean is it's the only city in the

world I've come to we've gone to a night cluband sent a 50 old Indian man dancing alongside a 60 year old British guy andno one in the club is laughing or cares or judges them whatsoever they're justdancing drunk having an amazing rocket selling the bar and chat to

someone fromIsrael and then go upstairs and be dancing with a guy from Italy and bechatting and people from all different ages it really really doesn't matterit's not other comes back home when I'm into the States there's a little bit ofjudging about it should you be here that old

shouldn't you should you be talkingto me at the girls and chatting and talking should you shouldn't you can youcan you this city is unlike that talk to anyone go and party go and say hi no oneis judging no one cares so I think what the city makes you

be able to do you canbe whoever you want to be be anyone you want you can come here and you canreinvent yourself you can live the life you've always wantedor perhaps and live the life you never live redo it redo it again come here andparty and have a

lot of feeling just stopping over for a little short timeshort time that's a completely different thing in this city do not say short timeunless you mean something like that no one's going to stop you in this citybeing exactly who you want to be wear whatever clothes you want

to wear go outand talk to whoever you want to do do exactly what you want any age any timefrom whatever you are this city is freedom like that thank so much forwatching I really preach I just want to put that out there about Pattaya and youcan go and

check out my other videos I've loads more about this Citibank orKoh Samui traveling around going check out when I talk about a price ofeverything doing on a budget how much things cost I'm crazy crazy adventures Igo on go and check it out I really appreciate his subscribe go

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