What To Pack, Being Black, & Other Thailand FAQs

– Hey YouTube world, it's me, Evelyn.

I tried to be a YouTuber, and I bought the paper, and the stand, and the lights, and it's just not working.

It's not working.

So, I'm gonna come see you like this.

Let me set you up real nice, and we're gon continue with the video as planned, as scheduled.

The Devil not gon steal my joy.

So, you are traveling soon I hear, or at least you're thinking about it.

It's on your vision board.

This is your ShondaYear of Yes or whatever.

Either way, you are goingon a trip as they say.

(Little Einsteins Trap Remix) In November of 2016, I went to Thailand, and I want to answersome of your questions.

I'm here to A your Qs.

(Little Einsteins Trap Remix) “This is amazing! “How did Chloe start One Love Travel Club, “and how did you findout about the program?” Well Internet cousin, meet Chloe.

– Hey YouTube world, it's Chloe, founder ofOne Love Travel Club.

Travel, connecting people, volunteering, entrepreneurship, these are all passions of mine.

So, after identifying those things and combining that with thingsI know that I'm good at it, it was a no brainer tostart One Love Travel Club, and it has been an amazing journey so far.

I definitely started outsolo, but we have grown and I have a team thatsupports many of our efforts and helps sell the ship.

– So, I heard of One Love Travel Club through the travel vlogs of YouTuber's NaturalNeiicyand Mini Marley.

I had watched their vlogs.

I think they had both goneto South Africa maybe.

Later down the lineChloe reached out to me and I was like, “Is this the same? “This is the same thing! “This is gonna be really cool!” (Little Einsteins Trap Remix) “Would you recommend a travel club “to an introvert who despises moments “of forced socialinteractions with strangers? “Asking for a friend.

” I would recommend a travelclub if you're an introvert.

You just have to be an adult and manage your own relationships and manage your owninteractions with people, and set people's expectations up, because the worst thing is when someone thinks you're unfriendly.

I'm not unfriendly.

I just don't want totalk to you right now, which are two totally different things.

Holler at me in three hours! If you don't like group activities, then you're just goingto have to figure out how people are gonnamaybe keep track of you.

Do you want people keeping track of you? Are you going to be annoyed when people are trying to find you? Do you want people.



You have to tell people howmuch they should care about you.

I never felt like therewas a forced interaction.

I was happy to be there, obviously though, because I was co-hosting it, and I knew I would have a chance to meet Internet cousins, right? So I was hyped from the jump.

I can guarantee you there's another person who wants to go somewhere andnot talk on the journey there.

Find that person and go with them.

Oh, this person wants to know if they should go by themselves, because a travel group is too expensive.

It's cheaper to go on your own.

Definitely possible tonavigate Bangkok alone, Chiang Mai alone.

Yes, there are gonna be some difficulties with the language barrier, but you will figure it out.

Again, I'm comparing mytravels to Lagos, Nigera.

Lagos, Nigeria is a chaos that I don't, that I just have not gotten a handle of.

Just get data.

You're gonna have to talk to people, so I think the more you're by yourself the more you have to talk topeople to get information, to get from point A to point B.

And low key, if a travelclub experience group travel is too expensive, you can just meet up with them there.

(Little Einsteins Trap Remix) You know what I'm saying? I'm part of the Badu Brigade, you know what I'm saying? Pack light.

I would pack pack as light as possible, but check your airline'srestrictions for the baggage size.

So, because the Asian airline I was using, their carry on policy waslike, “It gotta be this big.

” I had to check a bag.

I don't know what youshould leave at home, because I don't know yourlife, your lifestyle, you know what I'm saying? But the one thing you should remember if you're going to Thailand, you should bring something to cover your body for modesty reasons.

So in Thailand, everybody Buddhist, and if you go to a temple tovisit and you are a woman, you cannot have your legs all out.

You cannot be walking around the monks with thigh meat, okay? Bring you a little sarong, you know what I'm saying, a little just ka-wrappa, and just wrap it up, or wear pants.

“What's the best way tovlog while traveling, “and how do you backup save “all your videos andpictures on long trips?” Best way to vlog is to hold the camera up in front of your face and vlog.

Vlogging is hard.

I don't back up anything.

I could lose it all at any moment.

I bring as few, as little, technology as possible.

In my mind, if you bring it you have to be okay with it getting lost, damaged, or stolen.

So, I don't bring my computer.

I try not to bring a hard drive.

I just bring my camera, a battery.

Sometimes I don't bring a camera.

I just use my phone and makesure I got enough memory.

It is what it is, okay? I ain't no Casey Neistat, okay? (Little Einsteins Trap Remix) I'm not much help, becauseI am a plane sleeper.

I sleep in planes, trains, automobiles, buses.

So, the flight wasAustin, Texas, here, home, to Seattle, Seattle to Taiwan, Taiwan to Bangkok, Thailand.

That flight from Seattle toTaiwan I think was 13 hours.

I have a cycle, a system, a strategy, of sleep for 2 1/2 hours, wake up, watch two movies.

So what's that, fourhours, four to five hours, depending on how long the movie is? Sleep for another 2 1/2 hours, wake up and watch two movies, go back to sleep, do it again, go back to sleep, do itagain, and you're in Asia.

If you cannot sleep on planes you might have to get you a melatonin if you want to go the natural route.

You can find a medication ifthat's what your body requires.

I would be careful with those medications especially if you're traveling alone.

On the flight back home fromKorea a couple years ago, the guy next to me had takensomething and he was a rock.

I had to climb over himto go to the bathroom.

Like he was just dead weight, and I'm like, “Ah, I feel likeI don't feel safe in that.

” But hey, he did not wakeup for the whole flight from Korea to the United States, so I guess it worked.

Traveling from Bangkok toChiang Mai was really simple.

I mean it's a flight, and it's on one of themore local airlines, not like a huge plane, but a small plane, like the plane I wouldtake from Austin to Dallas.

That's comparatively what it's like to fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

I went through security.

They didn't know what to do with my hair.

They were looking at me like, “I think we have to checkit but I don't want to ask.

“I don't know how to ask.

“Just go through, just go through.

” (Little Einsteins Trap Remix) So I got a lot of questionsabout being black, okay? “I know my black friends have traveled “to other parts of Asia “and have spoken about peoplewanting to take photos of them “or with them and touch their hair.

“Was that the case for you?” I did not experience anyweirdness being black.

Thailand, I call Thailand oneof the Black Asian countries, like they're brown over there.

That's not to say thatcolorism is not prevalent.

We touched down in theairport and the big billboard was this white, white girlpromoting like lotions, lotions.

There were no weird glances other than the fact that I'm a foreigner.

South Korea is one of therun around with an umbrella because you don't want to bein the sun Asian countries.

People were asking me to take pictures.

People were takingpictures without asking me.

People wanted to be in the picture.

People didn't want, they justwanted the picture of me.

I was on the train with Doyin and this woman literallypushed her children to us and was like, “Speak English to them!” Also, in Bangkok specifically, there are a lot of immigrants.

So, one time we were onthe bus going to our next, like a charter bus, goingto our next destination, and I saw a Nigerian manwalked down the street with his full, I don't know what that long clothing is called, and you could see his face.

The bus full of blackwomen and some dudes, He was just like, “What is that?” In Bangkok, I saw lotsof East African people, so Somali, Ethiopian, I don't know.

I was like, “Ay, we out here! “Ay, we out here!” (Little Einsteins Trap Remix) I don't know what you like.

So, there are people who like nature.

There are people who likebuildings and architecture.

There are people wholike physical activity.

There are people who just want to eat, and that's all they want to do.

Don't ask them to go nowhere, pay an admission fee for nothing.

I think part of the fun oftraveling is figuring out what you shouldn't havedone after the fact.

We went to the White Temple.

I'll put the name, the real name of it.

We went to the White Temple, and I knew ahead of timethat it wasn't a real temple, but it's literally just a photo op.

You can skip that one.

Also, it's a far journey.

It is a journey.

Just walk around, see what's around you, and don't be scared ofdoing touristy stuff.

You are a tourist, youknow what I'm saying? So suck it up.

(Little Einsteins Trap Remix) “Did the massages hurt? “It looked like what wouldhappen if I stepped on a crack, “but it would be my own back.

” Girl.

(shouting) The massages did hurt, okay.

They hurt so good, okay.

2 1/2 hours.

You get naked, you get naked.

And then you lay on yourchest, which kind of hurts, and then they scrub you down, like they scrubbed me down to my DNA.

I felt like they took allthe years off my life.

I felt like an embryo, you know? Lift my butt up, scrubbed underneath the butt flap, put the butt down, and just like pa-pa-pa-pa-pa, slapping your boobs to and fro.

Woo! But, when you get out, hey! You feel like a new human.

You feel reborn.

You feel as if you can forget all of your life up until this point.

Just throw it away.

It's useless to me at this point, and you can begin anew.

If I haven't sold y'all ona Thai massage in Thailand, I don't know what I'm here for.

(Little Einsteins Trap Remix) I was saying that the food wasn't, it didn't hit like on a level.

I remember one time having, like gesturing like, “I'm black.

“It's different.

“Give me the spice.

” I did eat crickets.

Wasn't the best thing I ate, but it was an experience Iwanted to have to eat a bug, so I ate the bug.

– [Woman] Go ahead.

– I can't look at it.

Are you ready? – [Woman] Ah! – It tastes like uh — – Oh God! – It's like fried stuff.

– It tastes good? – You want some? – No, nigga!.

(laughing) – I don't eat meat, so you know.

“Do you think someone with nut, seafood, “and some tropical fruitallergies could survive?” I mean, if the allergyis like life threatening, I'm gonna err on the side of caution and say no, you can't survive, because why would I tell you, “Yeah!” and then you die.

The thing of it is is likeyou can't make requests.

Some places you go theymight be accommodating and then all the good spots, all the super local spots, all the spots where don'tnobody speak your language, trying to communicate to them.

You could ask, “Does it have seafood?” and they're like, “No.

” They look at you like, “It don't.

” And then you die becauseit was cooked in fish oil.

(Little Einsteins Trap Remix) Woo, it's a familychannel, a family channel.

I was ready to get a tattoo in Thailand.

Yes, it was gonna be in Thai, shut up.

This is already culturalappropriation as it is.

Let's keep the ball rolling.

So the whole like stick and poke tattoo situation done by a monk isn't really possible for women because monks cannot touch women, right? So, how is he going to, you know? How is he going to? Okay, I'm just gonna go to a tattoo place.

Get a regular degular tattoo, or I would get like thebamboo stick and poke tattoo, it's just not gonna be blessed.

It's not gonna be holy.

Of course, I don't speak Thai, he don't speak English, and I don't know how to say what I want in Thai.

I only know the English pronunciation, or the English, what's itcalled, transliteration? You can see Thai lettersand they say something, but I didn't know how to say the thing.

He thought I said Africa.

And I was like, “Oh, oh no, that's not what I said.

” Okay.

I kind of freaked out, got a little shook.

He said, “Put it in Google Translate.

” I said, “What I want to do “is have a Google translated tattoo.

“That's what I won't to do, sir.

” So, I just gave up and I went home, and my body is naked.

But a lot of people onthe trip got tattoos.

A lot of people got their first tattoo.

I'm like, “Your first tattoo “is a stick and poke down your rib?” Girl! Hopefully I helped you out, or you have some insight into what it was liketo travel to Thailand.

I'll keep you posted on if I'm going anywhereelse anytime soon.

Alright, so comments below, tell me stuff.

Where are you going? Where have you been? What the deal is, and I will see you onthe Internet somewhere.


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