When is the best time to visit Thailand – Low & High season comparison #livelovethailand

Visiting Thailand in the wrong season canturn your tropical dream vacation in to a nightmare, and after paying a fortune forthe air ticket your accommodation and arranging a long schedule, between your tours and shopping, you might be surprised by the weather man that will spoil your vacation and make youstay at your hotel or in closed malls, and you might be counting your days to go backhome.

To avoid disappointing scenarios and makethe best of your trip, in this vlog we are going to give you an idea about the high andlow seasons in Thailand, and what to expect from each season so that you won’t be surprisedonce you arrive the land of smiles.

June July & August are considered low seasonwhich is among the monsoon season in Thailand, where the weather would be humid & rainy.

In these three months visiting Thailand isnot a bad idea due to many facts.

Although its monsoon season and can be rainybut not like September since you can have many sunny days or sunny breaks even if itrains, so you can stay on schedule visit the temples, do your street shopping’s, haveyour street food and enjoy the capital of Thailand without any bad weather obstacles.

when it rains heavily you have many alternativesto escape the rain like visiting the closed malls shopping or even watching a movie tillthe weather gets well again.

Many will ask what about the south like Phuketis it possible to visit the islands, yes absolutely.

You can visit the islands in the Andaman seabut there are some disadvantages and beside some advantages.

In low season the prices of tours are muchcheaper than high season so your saving, but the waves in the Andaman sea are high so youcan experience some rough speed boat rides till you arrive your destined island.

For backpacker’s low season is more preferablethan the high season after all they like to save money and enjoy a lot and the hotelswill give much more affordable rates.

All in all, these three months are good tosave money and enjoy Thailand every time or day the weather gives you a break.

November December and January are consideredthe high season in Thailand and December till mid-January are considered the pick seasonfor tourist where many travel to Thailand for new year and Christmas celebrations.

The weather is dry and cool the atmosphereis great and the beaches are wonderful to swim.

The island tours are perfect every day andthe waves are so smooth so that you can barely feel the speed boat ride.

Your schedule can go very smoothly in thesemonths and you can enjoy almost everything in Thailand in this season.

I guess after you heard all these you arepreparing your trip to Thailand among these three months.

Well don’t rush let me finish the vlog anddecide later.

Although all these advantages we have mentionedin November December and January but what about the prices.

Everything will be in higher rates, the hotelsyou may pay double rates and most of them will be booked due to the high season.

The shopping will be so crowded and bargainingwill not give you too much result like the low season.

The night life it’s another story high pricescrowded bars and walking streets, sometimes even you cannot find a sit to drink a beer.

All in all, it is the perfect weather to bein Thailand, but beware you are paying much higher prices for everything and it’s themost crowded time of the year so if you like private bars or calm beaches than it’s notyour season.

March April and may are the hottest seasonin Thailand where in April the temperature can reach to 40 degrees.

So all in all if you like hot humid weather, this is the time and if you wanna participate in Thai new year’s festival that held almostfor 3 days which is called Songkran the water festival, where due to the hot weather peopleplay with watering each other, it’s a fun time to be in Thailand.

September till Mid-October is the real heavyrainy season most of the day’s thunderstorms monsoon winds and crazy weather.

That’s why I call these the bad season, where you will barely do a thing in Thailand it’s the lowest season where a heavy raincan cause a bad traffic that can kill your day and let you stay in your hotel.

After all its not recommended to experienceThailand in these months unless you like spending most of your time in your hotel room or closedmalls.

As a conclusion you can visit Thailand inhigh or low season and it’s up to you which one you like but I assure you will enjoy both.

I hope this vlog was helpful for you and gaveyou an idea to know when is it best for you to visit Thailand.

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