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hey I'm Laura, I'm a group leader inThailand and we are here on Koh Phangan and this is the beautiful Sarana Bungalows I'm just going to show you guysaround.

You all enjoying your breakfast Up here in the little octagonyou can just sit here and chill we've got these little lay down cushionsthat you can sit on which are really great and then just behind us we've gotreception area so if you need your laundry done if you need to book anyonward travel or if you just wanted to jump on the computer for anythingreception is happy to help Another important part is the bar area we've got amazing happy hours here and the cocktails are insane so you can get myfavorite is a strawberry daiquiri you can either sit here and drink it or evenbetter I'll show you another spot over here and have it whilst you're sat swimming in our infinity pool you can see the view out across the sea, that's Koh Samuiin the background, you can chill on the Sun loungers or you could just chillon the steps in here there's a great little spot for Instagram photos whichis over on that wall so you could stand up and have a little pic with yourcoconut drink over there So from here we are able to see some of our accommodations we've got we've got acouple of different style bungalows we've got these beautiful white onesjust over here you can see they've got their hammocks just chillin on the frontand then you've got the poolside view but as well as those you've got some inthe garden a bit further down so now here we are on the beach we've gotcabanas this side and that side if you wanted to grab a massage while you'rehere you can have it done right on the beach and then there are twogreat rooms right on the front which you can wake up and you literally have thebeachfront view so you can wake up and see this there's so much space and what'sgreat about them is that you can have it basically laid out any way that you want so we've got the quad room right now you can have it as a triple a double or atwin so depending on how many people want to come and stay we can accommodate you there, there is full air conditioning in here so when you've been out on thebeach in the morning and it's been super hot you can come back in there and cooland then it also has its own ensuite private ensuite for each of therooms with a huge shower, perfect Thai style bathroom sometimes in the morning, you might wake up or in the afternoon there'll be people just jumping around playing onthe volleyball nets there's loads of activities here to keep you interestedand keep you busy and of course we have an Instagram swing you've got abeautiful amazing little jungly tropical garden down the back so in that areawe've got some more bungalows where you can stay we've got a yoga studio whereyou can chill and have a little session in there we've got a gym with someweights and different equipment and some table tennis for anyone that's good atthat out there we are really trying to improve how we are with the environmentwe're trying to reduce our use of single use plastics so if you have a reusablebottle that's great we've got three different refill stations across theresort that you can use and we have also got bamboo straws so we aren't gonna behiring any turtles which is great Sarana Bungalows on Koh Phangan is anamazing place to come and stay I really hope that you get to come and see it hello I'm Kayden it is very beautifulbut we do have amazing accommodation throughout the whole of Thailand as wellin Bangkok, we have this guesthouse it's kind of in a really good location roundthe corner from Khao San Road surrounded by these bars and restaurants, it's apretty cool place and it has a pool as well, coming up to Khao Sok this is apretty special one it's pretty much surrounded by these limestone cliffs abeautiful location you can just jump out of your room in the morning and diveinto the water.

In Chiang Mai air-conditioned rooms it's next to theoldest temple in Chiang Mai as well so there's a lot to do there a lot ofmarkets and stores all in all the accommodation in the whole of Thailandis pretty wicked and we trying to accommodate you guys as much as possibleso hopefully at some point you guys can come out here and experience it foryourself.

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