Why I Quit My Job in my 30s to Move to Thailand

Time seems to fly in Bangkok Thailand It's already been four years for me in this bustling city I've had so many experiences thatI can't even recognize myself anymore So what made me move here and why would a 31 year old quit the successful career he's built for over

a decade for a simple life in Asia So I'd say I'm your typical immigrant kid Aside from growing up briefly in Africa I was your average law-abiding dorky Asian kid who had a less than desirable social life So join the army they said Well I did and I

made some friends and had new experiences It was all good until we got into a war with this country and my twenty-something year old went through a brief phase of disillusionment well that's only until I finally found the answer to all my problems from the place your typical

American Kidgets their spiritual guidance from Hollywood If you'd like to work here as a broker Would you like that Chris? Yes sir Thank you This part of my life, this little part is called happiness but fast-forward to over a decade ofhitting all my sales goals putting my head

down and staying loyal to one company and I wasn't any happier Although I was making the six figures and doing what I thought would make me happy I was living in a constant state of fear I feared losing my job, missing a mortgage payment, being a loser, and

ultimately dying a lonely miserable death no matter how hard I pursued happiness I needed a break but first I had to confront my biggest fear Four years ago on October 1st 2014 I decided to sell my home My connection to my friends, my career, my tax deduction, and

safety net against inflation I literally put my own sweat and all thedollars I saved eating the one dollar spicy chicken sandwich into this condo but you see this wasn't just a condo It represented the cornerstone of my American Dream A dream I wanted so bad that I chased

after it like a madman eating value meals at McDonald's After seeing Ally that day, something inside Noah snapped Some called it a labor of love Others called it something else But in fact, Noah had gone a little mad But this madness is quintessentially the American Dream Buy a

starter home, buy some tools, make it nice, and everything will work out Hello Hell, maybe even Rachel McAdamswill show up at my doorstep Maybe this was the case for our parent's generation but for me, it felt like the greatest lie ever created A lie designed to enslave me

into an endless cycle of work, debt, and an insatiable appetite to consume more The American dream I had truly was madness Now as much as I wanted to make a u-turn from this American lie I had a career that was just too good to give up but

also I wasn't in a situation financially to retire I felt like I was just too old to start new but also too young to see out the rest of my days so trust me when I say quitting was thelast thing I wanted and I didn't even know how

to explain it to my friends who would consider it an impulsive and irresponsible decision at my age but regardless of what my friends or family thought I knew I had to get out and it's been the happiest 4 years of my life I got to travel to all

the places I onlydreamt about I discovered amazing countries and people Tried interesting foods and tasted delicious cuisines Visited crowded cities filled withpeople and activity and ancient ruins filled with history and culture of course I saw breathtaking natural sites and even sites that no longer exist but what made

all of this even betterwas being able to experience it with my new girlfriend, travel buddy, and biggest supporter in all my endeavors Mayu I even eventually found a small condo to purchase so I never have to worry about another mortgage payment and pursued all the hobbies that I

never had the time for including my passion for photographyand videography but best of all, I finally experienced freedom getting to choose the dream I want to live instead of being surrounded by a culture that isconstantly bombarded with media of only Hollywood's version of an ideal life so should

you also live and travel in Asia? That's honestly a question you'll have to answer for yourself everyone circumstances are unique and even if you know it's the right decision I'm fully aware how hard that decision is to quit on something you work so hard at There are no

guarantees that everything will work out and you're going to have to earn everything out here Just like you do back home but what I do want to do however Is share my experiences living and traveling in Asiaso that you can see a side of living in Asia That

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I sincerely thank each and every one of you for taking the valuable time out of your hectic lives to watch this video and then see you again next week for more vlogs about living and traveling in Asia This is not an any tour guides obviously there aren't people

crowding this area for selfies but we're the only ones here we just are followed by this scent of incense It's so Chinese! I feel like I'm in a movie right now let's make a movie walk

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