Why Peru Should Be Your Next Adventure Travel Destination

hey everyone Angela here I'm excited to be here today we're gonna be talking about Peru this month we're featuring all sorts of different adventure travel destinations to inspire you to get out and see the world a little bit differently and Peru is obviously one of the number one

destinations for adventure travel and we're gonna get into why that is so why should you consider Peru for your next vacation well the obvious answer is to see one of the world wonders in the world one of the world wonders which is of course Machu Picchu everybody knows

Machu Picchu they've seen the picture a thousand times on Instagram and social media and it is absolutely as rough taking as those pictures make it seem however that's not the only reason you should consider Peru Peru is amazing it's got so much history being the cradle of the

Incan Emperor Empire hundreds of years ago it's got fantastic food it's considered the capital of cuisine for South America the people are fantastic it's got great cities it's got great places to explore you have beaches you have the Amazon rainforest you have the second world's second largest mountain

range in the Andes so you are just surrounded by breathtaking landscapes everywhere you look and by fascinating culture and fascinating people so that is why you should consider Peru not just for Machu Picchu you absolutely have to get there and see Machu Picchu when you're there however there's

so many other things and ways to spend your time so I want to talk to you a little bit about what that looks like so I travel to Peru with G Adventures they are a company that we love they focus on small group adventure travel it's fantastic they're

all about immersing you into the destination and getting you closer to the people the places and the culture in which you're visiting and they really do a fantastic job of giving you unique experiences that you're not going to get with another outfitter they are getting you right into

the heart of the destination and they are giving you amazing guides and amazing tours teaching you everything you want to know and definitely giving you opportunity to interact with the local communities they also are all about supporting the local communities so my particular tour we had several opportunities

to support local community projects where G adventurers through their plant planet era foundation is supporting local communities through commerce through restaurants and all sorts of other things one of two of the coolest things we did was go to this potato park if 15,000 feet above sea level it

was really really high and it was fabulous the people there are dressed in traditional peruvian clothing they are so grateful they speak Quechua the local language they do not speak English but they're so grateful to have travelers visit them so the potato park works tirelessly to to grow

and develop a portion of those 3,000 plus potatoes and save the seeds and really protect the species for future generations it's really amazing work but on top of that the people in this village they also do traditional weaving and sell incredible products so we were able to witness

the women actually doing the traditional weaving and the dying of the llama and alpaca fibers which was absolutely fascinating they do this all using natural natural methods that they find in nature so if they want to make a certain type of green they combine it with you know

all different elements or all you know the whole red spectrum they showed us how they got from the dark red to the lighter pinky color and that was just absolutely fascinating using nothing but water and ingredients that they find in nature so absolutely you know fascinating to watch

and to learn about and then when you watch them actually do the weaving it's just amazing what they can do and the amazing designs that they come up with then they sell their products right there which is great because that's another way to support the community they make

everything from scarves and sweaters and these awesome hats to blankets headbands you name it and you can find a really amazing traditional Peruvian piece in in that and so of course I couldn't resist this hat everything improve is super colorful so this is an amazing memory that I

have from my time there the second cool thing that we did with G Adventures through the planetary foundation was visit the parwa restaurant which is literally sits in the valley surrounded by the Andes Mountains and everywhere you look is just breathtaking beauty that was it was one of

my favorite experiences the food was fantastic all the proceeds from the travelers that dine there go to support projects in the local community which for example computers for the kids to work on their homework etc so it's really great it employs local villagers they get all their products

and ingredients from local farmers so it was a really really neat experience and of course the food was fantastic so that is another reason to consider G adventures for your travels because they're definitely out there thinking of creative ways to help support the destinations that they're in so

it's definitely sustainable and responsible tourism alright so now let's talk about what we did in Peru so of course there's everywhere you look in Peru there's Incan history and there's Incan architecture and and amazing finds to be discovered we did the moray ruins which is all about agriculture

and how amazingly smart the Incas were in developing techniques to farm and produce food then we went to the salt pans which was also fascinating and certainly the Owenton combo runes so many of these things are just absolutely worth the stop and worth the time however of course

the highlight is definitely Machu Picchu the lost city of the Incas it is everything you think it's gonna be and way more lived up to surpass I should say all of my expectations and every level and we were lucky enough to do the one-day Trek there's also a

4-day Inca Trail Trek which is definitely more strenuous and involves overnight camping the one-day Trek is about an eight-hour trek go up 2,000 feet of elevation and you still get to cross the Sun gate and see that first glimpse of Machu Picchu when you get there which is

absolutely moving and extremely emotionally intense and it just awesome so it was fantastic because we got I got to track with some of my other you know eight of my other friends that were traveling on the small group tour that I was on and it was just a

really great bonding experience we were in nature together enjoying the tranquility and the peace that is involved in you know trucking through the mountains just being surrounded by unbelievable beauty and nature and you can't even believe where you are and what your eyes are seeing so that alone

was worth its weight in gold I mean it was hard it was steep we sweated we didn't know if we were gonna make it sometimes but we did and it was worth everything to have that experience at the end and what was even better as we actually arrived

in Machu Picchu a little later in the day so the crowds were dissipated and we had it almost all to ourselves which I would highly recommend if you're planning on traveling so I love to talk to you more about it there's so many things to consider when we're

talking about trucking in Peru and what's gonna be the right truck for you how many days which one there's hundreds and discovering what you want to see and really what you want to do so the other thing that was a favorite of mine was Cusco the city of

Cusco is incredible it is a colonial town built on Incan foundations as it used to be the capital of the Incan Empire before the Spanish came over and made it theirs it's built in the shape of a puma it's absolutely gorgeous it's got such a cool vibe with

restaurants and bars and cute little shops and traditional you know traditional festivals were going on when we were there so much fun and really really an approachable approachable city and you need do you should really have a couple days to explore it because there's lots to lots to

discover so cusco was definitely a favorite now how can I help you if you're thinking about Peru well like I mentioned you know per is so diverse it's a land of mysticism it's a land of ocean of rainforests of mountains of 82 I believe climate climate changes so

there's a lot to consider if you're thinking about getting to Peru and really digesting you know what are the top things you want to see and want to do because I just scratch the surface while I was there and yet it does take you know quite a bit

of time and logistics to see a lot of these sites so I'm here to help you dig deep and discover what you want to see and what's gonna make your perfect Peru trip and walk you through all that I'm here to tell you how to pack and what

to wear everyone thinks South America is really warm but you know you're in the Andes and Union you definitely need to layer so I'll be coming out with a blog post soon that gives some tips and tricks on what to think about when planning a trip to Peru

but I definitely hope you'll give me a call as I am super passionate about it and I'd love for you to get there and experience it yourself

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