Why You Should Visit KOH CHANG: Thailand's UNDERRATED Island | Travel Guide

Hello guys Ryan here and welcome back to the One Shot Adventures channel.

In this episode we are on the beautiful island of Koh Chang letting you know the best reasons why this should be the next Thai island thatyou visit.

Secret boardwalks, stunning waterfalls andepic coastlines, there is a lot to like about Ko Chang.

I spent 4 days here with Emma and my Mum whocame out to visit us and we explored the entire island.

Touring everything from the most popular sightsto the more hidden gems.

But before all that, let’s talk about thelocation which is a massive part of the island’s appeal.

Koh Chang is in the gulf of Thailand 350kmeast of Bangkok.

Right here.

And most of Thailand’s more popular islandslike Phuket and Samui are all the way down here.

So being relatively alone in this area ofthe country, Koh Chang attracts far fewer tourists and it makes for a much more chilledout atmosphere in pretty much every area of the island.

The entirety of the island is considered anational park so beautiful nature is here in abundance.

We are going to cover all of the beaches indetail later on in this video.

But I want to start off by showing you oneof my favourite spots in the national park which is technically not open to the public.

I’ve heard quite a lot about this place.

It’s a wooden boardwalk through a mangroveforest that is pretty much completely abandoned.

Be careful every step.

After a short walk on some pretty sketchywooden planks and through some very overgrown sections, it all opens up into this incredible view over the mangroves.

Pretty awesome.

We’re the only people here as well.

For me another great reason to visit Koh Changis the stunning waterfalls.

I’ve been told that in less than ten minutesyou can drive from Khlong Prao beach to a very cool waterfall.

The girls are staying relaxing at the beachwhich I can’t do for more than 20 minutes so this is more my cup of tea.

You have to pay 200 baht for entry to thewaterfall which is a little bit more expensive than some other ones we’ve paid for butit’s not bad at all.

Here we are and this is pretty cool.

Worth 200 baht.

If you fancy a bit more of a challenge youcan check out the waterfall at Kai Bae beach.

You can take a short walk from Kai Bae beachto a secret waterfall and by secret I mean it’s on google maps.

This route is very tough, it’s uphill mostof the way and the jungle is very dense.

I’m the last man standing.

This route is very very difficult.

Whichever blog said this was easy.

You’re wrong.

And the trail isn’t clearly signposted atall.

The only way to know that you’re headingin the right direction is these blue pipes that obviously lead towards the waterfall.

Here we go.

Was it worth it? Maybe.

I’ve been bitten by every single bug imaginablebut it’s quite a cool waterfall.

Obviously one of Koh Chang’s biggest drawsis it’s amazing beaches.

There are 4 main beaches around the island, each with a very different vibe.

First up, you’ve got the main tourist townat White Beach.

Restaurants and nightlife on the seafront, tacky souvenir markets and lots of western food options.

People come here for your classic holidayatmosphere.

Heading south down the coast you hit the muchquieter and more unspoilt Khlong Prao beach.

We’re actually staying at a resort herewhich is a very different change of pace for us.

You’ve got beach, pool and you’ve gotthis amazing lake as well.

This is a great place to come for familiesor couples who just want to unwind and I think this is the most beautiful beach on the island.

Just a quick interlude while me and my Mumtry Durian for the first time.

Open it? It doesn’t smell that bad.

It ends up tasting a bit like mango but.

Oh god.

I know first of all it’s savoury! It’s not that bad.

Heading south again you hit Kai Bae beach.

Which is a little hideaway that is probablymost famous for the guys who ride elephants up and down the oceanfront but I’ve gotto say please don’t pay for any sort of experience where you can ride or bathe withelephants it’s just not good for them.

Kai Bae beach is a little bit on the smallerside and it can seem a little bit crowded at the top end but if you walk further downthe beach you will very quickly find some quieter spots.

Finally even further down you’ll find backpacker party vibes at lonely beach.

This is definitely the liveliest ploce tostay on the island with a much younger crowd.

So if you want cocktails on the beach andpartying all night long then this is the place for you and it’s a very beautiful stretchof sand.

No matter which beach you choose, you’reguaranteed to have some amazing sunsets in the evening.

What Ko Chang has a lot of the touristy islandsnow lack, is a real authentic side.

We booked a driver for a day.

He was a complete nutter in the best way.

Big grouper! And he took us on a complete circuit of theisland which is do-able in a single day.

We stopped at some touristy viewpoints andsome big souvenir markets.

But he also showed us some of the local fishingvillages and a few of the lesser known natural spots where we barely ran into any other tourists.

And it gave us a real intimate look into thelocal life that still exists the island.

You really dont have to go far from the maintourist beaches of Koh Chang until you get to some really proper authentic local placeswhich is just something you dont find on the islands of the south anymore.

Overall I think Ko Chang is a really goodalternative to the busy islands of the south.

Its more chilled out, less obnoxious and extremelybeautiful.

Next time we head to a city in Thailand thatis famous for all of the wrong reasons.

This is Pattaya.


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